Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Books Into Movies And TV News: Lightning Round!

So recently i took a gander at my Favorites tab and noticed that i've favorited a butt ton of Books Into Movies and TV news that i haven't shared with you guys yet. Now i'm gonna super unload on y'all! So buckle up and let's do this thang!

Catching Fire Movie News:
*The role of Mags has been cast. It goes to Lynn Cohen who you might remember as Magda on Sex in the City. i actually like this casting decision. What do you guys think?
*Enobaria will be played by Meta Golding. i've never seen her in anything so i don't know about this one.
*Enobaria's District 2 counterpart, Brutus, will be played by Bruno Gunn. Never heard of him either.
*Hey, someone i actually recognize has been cast! Alan Ritchson (or as i know him: that guy that played Aquaman in those few episodes of Smallville) snagged the role of Gloss.
*Also from District 1, the role of Cashmere goes to Stephanie Leigh Schlund.
*The role of Chaff is now off the table. E. Roger Mitchell landed the role of one of District 11's victors.
*And finally, perhaps the BIGGEST Catching Fire news: Finnick has been cast. It seems the rumors were true and he'll be played by Sam Clafin. Thoughts? Feelings? i just don't know about this one. To me, Finnick's casting is to Catching Fire as Peeta's casting was to The Hunger Games: i.e. Super Ass Important. And i've never seen this Sam Clafin in anything. And, well, just think about how that whole Peeta (and Gale) thing turned out. i think Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth did ok but i don't think they were the perfect people for the job. And this Sam Clafin character, just isn't who i was expecting. i was really pulling for Ian Somerhalder. How awesome would that have been? Damon Salvatore as Finnick Odair? Although i think he's a little too old for the part, i still think it would've been pretty amazing!

Wouldn't you rather have Damon Salvatore?

Mortal Instruments Movie News:

*According to Cassandra Clare herself, Kevin Zegers has won the role of Alec Lightwood, Isabel's bro and Jace's bestie.
*Here's a two-fer: The part of Madame Dorothea goes to CCH Pounder, while Aidan Turner takes on the role of Luke Garroway.
*Brother Jeremiah of the Silent Brothers has been cast. This creepy role will be played by Stephen R. Hart.
*Apparently Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in talks to play series baddie, Valentine.

The Vampire Diaries TV News:

*Elena, Stefan and Damon confess about compulsion.
*Tyler talks taking on Klaus in Season 4.
*Amy from The Nine Lives of Chloe King (or Grace Phipps as she's actually known) will be playing the role of a girl named April that has some sort of connection with the Gilbert kids.
*Phoebe Tonkin (aka Faye from that shit bucket of a show The Secret Circle) will also be joining the cast this season as Hayley, a girl from Tyler's past. 
*Check out the season 4 promo which is mostly bits from season 3's finale and like 2 seconds of the new season but it's still very exciting!

Now i wanna know what you guys think. Are you liking these casting decisions so far? Is Sam Clafin your number one choice? If not, who would be your ideal Finnick? Are you excited about the Mortal Instruments movie? Who do you think would make a kick ass guest appearance on Vampire Diaries? Chat it up in the comments section and tell me what ya think.