Thursday, February 27, 2014

Always Be Prepared For Fangirling

A fangirl's motto, much like that of the Boy Scouts of America and Scar from The Lion King, is to always Be Prepared. 

After all, what if Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles just so happened to be grocery shopping at your local supermarket?  Well, if you were a fangirl, you'd definitely have a pen at the ready for autographing purposes.  (You'd also have at least two backups just in case the first one unexpectedly ran out of ink.)
And what if your bus breaks down?  Or your train is behind schedule?  Or a layover has you stuck somewhere in Bumblefuck, Nebraska?  A fangirl wouldn't sweat that shit!  She's got a book handy!  Or a Sudoku puzzle!  Or some type of gaming device to keep her occupied!

In other words, a true fangirl is ALWAYS prepared for ANYTHING!

Now, you may be wondering why I'm harping on you to be prepared.  Well, I told you that to tell you this.

This year I plan on throwing a Super Epic Halloween Party!  How will it be both super and epic, you ask?  By being Harry Potter themed, of course!
Now you may be wondering why I'm talking to you about Halloween when it's only FEBRUARY!  Well here's how we tie everything together, so pay attention.  In order to throw an amazeballs Harry Potter Halloween party in October, you need to start early.  Like, say, in February!
So throughout this year I'll be posting lil' How To Fangirl posts in which I'll show and explain to you how exactly I'm preparing for my Harry Potter Halloween.  And after Halloween, I'll show you the entire finished product!   

I'm gonna kick things off next week with How To Make a Mandrake Baby!  So be sure to stay tuned, guys.
And if you've ever thrown a Harry Potter party and have awesome ideas to share, drop 'em off in the comments section.