Monday, December 31, 2012

Book Resolutions For 2013!

January is probably one of my favorite months. Second only to October which has the unfair advantage of not only being my birth month but also being home to Halloween AND having pretty much the best weather of the year here in South Georgia (it's not so stiflingly hot as it is during the summer and it's still at least two months away from actual cold weather.)
Anyhoo, i like January because it's all about change and resolving to better yourself and straight up renewing your shizz. So yay for January!!!  
Since it's a brand new year, it's time for brand new resolutions!
So here are my Book Resolutions For 2013!!!

*My first resolution is ALWAYS on my rezzy list. Every year i try my damnedest to read at least 100 books. And i'll be trying again in 2013. Wish me luck with this one, y'all.  

*My second is to read more non-fiction books. i feel that this might make me feel smarter. Memoirs count as non-fiction, right?    

*Numero tres resolution is to start up The Super Nostalgic Book Flashback Challenge again this year! i did it in 2011 and i really enjoyed myself. So i've decided to dive back into my book-nerdy childhood this year too! 

*Fourthly i resolve to post more reviews and post them more frequently. Last year was a big ol' clustereff so i got quite slacky posting my reviews in a timely manner. Well no more, my friends! 2013 will be the year of prompt posts!

*Rezzy number five is to read more "adult" fiction. Recently (whilst i reorganized my bookshelves over Christmas break) i noticed that i almost solely drink from the cup of YA. Even though i'm An Old! And should totally NOT be reading about teens and their love affairs with vampires, werewolves, angels or whathaveya! So i've decided that this year i'll try to read like an actual adult. (There are decent grown up books out there, right? RIGHT!?!?!)

*And my last resolution is one that i have struggled with for quite some time. But this year, hopefully i'll master it. i want to try to read more of "The Classics." For some reason *cough*they're boring*cough* i just can't seem to make myself read them. i'd rather see what supernatural so-n-so is trending right now. But i think it's about time that i stop with the Ciffs Notes-ing and START actually reading! Wish me luck on this one too. 

So those are my Book Resolutions for this year. 
What about you? Are there any bookish things you'd like to try out this year? Ones you wanna quit? Books you for sure, without a doubt, totally wanna read? Ways you wanna challenge yourself? Dish it up in the comments section or you can share your Book Resolutions with me on Twitter. Just find me @girlsleuth and use the hashtag #BookResolution!

Have A Super Bookish New Year!!!