Monday, February 11, 2013

Austenland Clips! A Vampire Diaries Spinoff! And Even More Books Into Movies And TV News!

It's been a hot minute since i shared any Books Into Movies and TV news with y'all but i've been storing it all up like a crazed squirrel and now i'm ready to unload these lil' nuts! 

First up, and perhaps most exciting (IF they get it right, that is. Although i won't even mind if they don't get it completely right as long as they don't get it so very very WRONG. Know what i mean?) i've got not one but TWO clips from the film adaptation of Shannon Hale's Austenland! It stars Keri Russell, Jane Seymour, and the always hilarious Jennifer Coolidge!
Here's clip numero uno in which Jane Seymour looks like Mother Goose but acts like a real mutha:

And the second clip in which Keri Russell looks more Holly Hobbie than Lizzie Bennet but bitch sure can shoot:

Mmkay, is it just me or does the dude (who, i'm guessing is supposed to be Mr. Nobley)that speaks at the very beginning of this clip sound exactly like Snape? And i gotta admit, i kinda like it. :)
Ok, so what do you guys think based on these two clips? Still looking forward to it? A little disappointed? Just ready for an actual trailer already? Let me know by heading on down to the comments and telling me what ya think.  

In super intriguing Vampire Diaries news, there are rumors out there that a spinoff might be in the works! A spinoff focused on The Originals! As i said, this is super, super intriguing news, y'all. i mean, even more Klaus!?!? Yes, please!
However, i don't see how they're going to incorporate Phoebe Tonkin, aka Hailey the Annoying Werewolf Girl, into the show as it is rumored that she's already been cast. i'd actually rather see my girl crush Candice Accola in the spinoff. They haven't really been utilizing homegirl's talents lately on TVD so if she headed on down to New Orleans with Klaus, i wouldn't be mad about it. Just think of all the horsey pics Klaus could draw for her! :) 
We'll get a lil' taste of this business during the April 25th episode of The Vampire Diaries which is being referred to as a "back-door pilot" for The Originals spinoff. So be sure to watch out for that.

Just glancing at it, it looks like it says Thank You For Your Horsey!

You might already be aware that Gayle Forman's a-mah-zing YA novel If I Stay is being made into a movie. But did you know that a leading lady has finally been chosen to play Mia? And that leading lady is.......
Chloe Moretz!!! Yes, y'all! HitGirl!!!! i'm all for this decision because i think Chloe is super talented especially to be so damn young.
Now, for the big question though: Who should play Adam? Any suggestions? Let me hear 'em. i suck at casting peeps so i don't know who i want to play him. Just someone hot, yet age appropriate enough for Ms. Moretz. :)   

Lauren Oliver's Delirium trilogy might be headed for the small screen. Yes. That's right. The SMALL screen. NOT the big screen. So Delirium is currently (and slowly, evidently) being made into a TV show for the Fox network. i don't exactly know how that's gonna work. i mean, there are only 3 books in this series. And one of them isn't even out yet. (Only 22 days until Requiem!!! *squeeeeeeeeees*) So with such a lack of material, i don't know how they're gonna squeeze more than a few seasons out of this story. But i know nothing of the TV writing process so who am i to say. i just hope that whoever is handling things will do so in a manner that all rabid Delirium fans such as myself will approve of.
And it seems, to me anyway, that they're on the road to doing it right. Because, this just in....... Emma Roberts has snagged the role of Lena Haloway! i heart Emma so hard. i mean, homegirl played MY homegirl Nancy Drew. And did a bang up job doing so to boot! Plus it's a known fact that Emma is a totes YA fan. So this pick is a-ok in my opinion. What do you guys think? And who do you think should play Alex? Again, i nominate someone hot. i don't know who but i do know that they'll have to be hot. And soulful. And sweet. But mostly hot. ;)  

Not too, too long ago we dished about the prospect of a TV version of The Selection by Kiera Cass headed to the CW. Well, it didn't. But it might be getting a second chance. There's been talk of a revamping. Apparently the show will still star Aimee Teegarden as America Singer but Ethan Peck and William Moseley might not be so lucky. Their characters might get recast. No definitive word as of yet though. i'll keep you posted if any new news on this one pops up.

And lastly, in how-did-i-not-know-this news, the ever popular novel by Markus Zusak (that i STILL haven't read) The Book Thief is being made into a movie. An actress by the name Sophie Nelisse will be playing the role of Liesel Meminger while Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson play her foster parents.   

That's all the Books Into TV and Movies news for now. So what do y'all think? Is there a particular Bookish Project that you're super ridiculously excited about? Are you a master caster that knows the perfect guys that should play Adam in If I Stay and Alex in Delirium? 
Dish it up in the comments and tell me what ya think.