Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Divergent & Veronica Mars Lookie-Loos! Plus A Visit To Middle Earth & Wonderland!

Hola my lil' bloggermuffins! i know, it's been awhile since i posted anything. That's my bad. i've been supes busy and i unfortunately haven't had a lot of time to blog (Or read. Boo, you whore!) And it seems in my Internetal absence A LOT of Books-Into-Movies/TV news has been a-swirlin'! But fear not, for i have Favorited it all and now i will Cut & Paste the shizz out of it here for your enjoyment!
So let's play a game of catch-up, shall we?

Not too long ago, I shared the first look pic of the Divergent movie. Well now there are even more pics to squee/swoon/have sads over!
Behold Tris' first moments at the Dauntless compound: 


And here's our first for reals look at Theo James as Four:

So? What do you guys think? Do these stills (from EW, obvs.) make you excited to see the Divergent universe come to life? Or are you still grumbling over certain casting decisions?

While we're on the topic of first looks, get ready to lose ya damn mind... it's the very first sneak peek at the Veronica Mars movie!!!!!!
*loses damn mind* 
V. Mars herself, Miss Kristen Bell tweeted a pic of her first day on set!

(Is that a Veronica Mars Trapper Keeper!?!?! I want a Veronica Mars Trapper Keeper!!!!)
And if that wasn't exciting enough, a whole slew of Neptune's finest have been confirmed for parts and/or cameos in the movie! Here's the video-graphic proof from Enrico Colantoni (aka Keith Mars,) Percy Daggs III (aka Wallace Fennel,) Chris Lowell (aka Piz,) Francis Capra (aka Weevil,) Daran Norris (aka Cliff McCormack,) and Ryan Hansen (aka Dick Casablancas.)
And word around the girls bathroom is that these peeps are also a go for the movie version (just no video confirmation.):
Tina Majorino will reprise her role as Mac. (Yay!) Krysten Ritter will be back as Gia Goodman. Brandon Hillock will once again don his mustache and uniform as Deputy Sacks. Amanda Noret is back for her role as total bitchface Madison Sinclair. And Jonathan Chesner is on board as Corny.
Plus there are a lot of "rumored" appearances from the likes of Parker, Leo, Troy, and one of my personal faves Vinnie Van Lowe!
So get psyched, Marshmallows!!!

In amazeballs news for LotR fans, the trailer for the sequel to The Hobbit, The Desolation  of Smaug, was recently unleashed on the fandom. i haven't seen the first movie yet but this one looks pretty awesome.

Like i said, the trailer looks awesome. What some people might take away from it is: "hey, it's Legolas!" or maybe "ooh, cool dragon!"
My very first thought, however, was: "wait. wait a second. is that? is that... Lee Pace?!?!?"

And imdb was all like "yeah, girl. he's playing Thranduil." And then i totally lost my shit!
i'll end this post with a new fall show that i'm already super excited about! It's a kinda sorta spin-off of ABC's Once Upon A Time, which i don't watch but my mom is totally obsessed with. It's called Wonderland and centers around the character Alice, obviously. It looks really cool and the graphics look pretty phenom. Check it out: 

It's set for Thursdays this fall which could conflict with my Vampire Diaries habit. But there's always online watching. Or hell, maybe this will be the year that this homegirl finally gets a damn DVR and all her TV obsessions will be a simple record button away. (Like in olden times when i had a VCR!)  

That's all i've got for you now. So now it's your turn. Head downtown to the comments section and deliver all your rants and raves!