Monday, May 13, 2013

Dystopian Books-Into-Movies News That Is A Go And A No (Plus Find Out Who Will Play Augustus Waters!)

There's been quite a bit of Books-Into news floating about the Internets while I've been M.I.Bloggy.A lately. But I'm back, bloggerbabies! So let's get right to this business!  

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it seems our Ricky-centric (ok, ok MY Ricky-centric) freak out may have been for naught. What I mean is, the Delirium pilot was not picked up by Fox. Which, if I'm being honest, I'm kinda happy about because now I won't have to witness that toolbox Ricky from Secret Life playing my sweet Alex. On the other hand, I'm a little bummed because this project could have been really awesome what with Emma Roberts (my homegirl!) attached to it. But, alas, it was not meant to be.
Although, if you were really looking forward to the project and have a dogged determination AND a Twitter account, you can search Twitter for peeps lobbying to get the show up picked up by another network and join in the crusade.

Cursed with a similar fate, The Selection won't be making it's way to the CW either. If you remember, a pilot had already been filmed once and was passed over. It then got a complete redo with a completely different cast. But, this pilot, once again, wasn't picked up.
I guess maybe networks are scared that dystopians have been doing so well that they're bound to be on their way out pretty soon much like the witches of the 90s and the vampires of the 00s. Maybe their lifespan just seems better suited for movie trilogies.

A show that totally IS happening is The Originals! The spinoff of the CW's The Vampire Diaries is set to premiere this fall! You can check out the back-door pilot (and totally squeal over that part where Klaus leaves a message for Caroline!) here. (But it's only for a limited time so hurry and watch, k?)

Now, here's the big movie news of the week, kiddos. The One Who Would Be Augustus Waters has finally been revealed! And the part goes to......
Ansel Elgort!
I thought the name sounded kind of familiar and then it dawned on me why. He's the actor that will play Caleb Prior in the film adaptation of Divergent. So he'll be in two really big Books-Into -Movies. One in which he'll play Shailene Woodley's brother and the other he'll be playing her lover. That's..... weird. But congrats, Ansel (even though this is starting to get into some V.C. Andrews type of weird territory.)

Speaking of Divergent, a while back Entertainment Weekly gave us a first look at the movie. 
Behold the knife-throwing scene:

I'm still totally NOT into Shailene Woodley playing Tris but this is a pretty cool still to share right out of the gate. So, well played, EW.

And in even MORE Divergent news, the title and the cover art for Veronica Roth's third and final book in this series was recently released! It will be called Allegiant and will hit stores October 22nd. And I'm too friggin' excited! Like, Jessica Spano on caffeine pills excited!

I'll end this post with two new trailers. The first is the international trailer for The Mortal Instruments. This one seems a little more in-depth than previous trailers, plus it includes a sneak peek at baddie Valentine!
City of Bones will be in theaters August 23rd.

The other trailer is for Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes. Surprisingly, this is the first of Judy's many books to ever be turned into a movie. I've never read this one but based on the trailer, it looks pretty emo. It's all death-talk and pill-popping and crying-jags, hospitals, the desert, and what I'm just assuming is a dead father story.  
It stars Willa Holland from Arrow and, unless my eyes are deceiving me, the Pink Power Ranger. Huh.
Anyway, you can catch Tiger Eyes in theaters starting June 7th.

Well guys, I think we are sufficiently caught up with our Books-Into news. But, as you well know, new shizz is being reported EVERYDAY.
So I'll try to stay super vigilant with the latest.
Now I'll turn it over to your rants, raves, comments, and concerns. Leave 'em in the section below.

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