Monday, May 20, 2013

Evil Eva Reviews... Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

EvilEva Reviews ...... Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling.
Dissecting The Cover:

Mindy looks adorbs in her ruffled pink top and thoughtful as if she truly is contemplating whether everyone is hanging out without her.
Sure, the cover is fairly simple; just Mindy in front of a fancifully-wallpapered wall. But this is a comedic actress/writer's memoir not some sweeping, serious, doom and destruction, robot-y, famine-y dystopia or some dramatic, love triangle-y, teens-on-a-tandem-bike-in-the-pouring-rain romance. So for me, the simpleness works.
And, because of the books you can usually find me reading, I'm just glad they let Mindy keep her head!

Let's Review:

You might know Mindy Kaling as a writer as well as the portrayer of Kelly Kapoor on The Office. Or maybe you know her from her hilarious new comedy The Mindy Project. Or perhaps you know her from simply being awesome.
However you've come to know Mindy, now you can know her even better!
Part memoir, part Girls-Guide-To, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is a fun, witty collection of essays on life, love, work, and friendship told in Mindy's signature self-deprecating, sassy, sage voice.

Here's What I Think:

Mindy's book reads like what I imagine a really long, scattered conversation with the woman herself would be like if we got together for a chat and cheese fries at Applebee's.
She would regal me with stories of her time at The Office and what it was like working for a television psychic, while peppering in her opinions on women in romantic comedies that most certainly don't exist in real life (which was my fave chapter!) and the rights and responsibilities one should uphold in order to be a dope best friend.
We would exchange childhood horror stories of being made fun of and living with the atrocity of having a bowl-cut.
We would talk fashion, gossip about boys, and I would badger her into dishing about what her famous friends are really like.
Then we would promptly order dessert!
Reading Mindy's book is like being granted access to your best friend's diary. If your best friend happens to be extremely complimentary about her coworkers, deeply loves her parents, and keeps a tight lid on her sexual exploits.
So, yeah, Mindy doesn't reveal anything too dishy and salacious, which is kinda what you want from a celebrity memoir (if you're me anyway!) 
There's no x is such a d-bag. Or y is a total monster. Or z really needs to get her shit together. Which I totally get. I mean, Mindy doesn't seem the type to talk trash about a person. In print. For the whole world to read. But maybe... over cheese fries? :)

Swoony Times:

While there is a chapter on guys and romance, Mindy doesn't really spill the tea on any of her previous or current romantic entanglements. 
However, she does share her views on one-night stands (not into them,) chest hair (totally into it,) and the vast differences between men and boys (too many to name, though all hilarious and totes true!)

Bonus Shizz:

Childhood Photos!
I love looking at old photos! Seriously. I can easily be lured into wasting the better part of an afternoon with the mere mention of these often times unflattering and embarrassing relics of days gone by. I mean, relatives, friends, boyfriends, enemies, even random celebrities. I'm a sucker for ANYONE in OshKosh overalls and terrible 80s hair!
Mindy has assembled pics of herself as a "chubby" baby and an adorably bespectacled little kid. There's also that one picture on page 19 in which I don't have the slightest clue what the fuck is going on. But in which Mindy appears to be bobbing for apples... in MIDAIR! While wearing some sort of Wonder Woman-esque outfit!  

Best Friends (In My Head) Status!
I totally stole this from Wendy Williams. Wendy is constantly declaring that people she's never met are her best friends IN HER HEAD. I get it, girl. There are tons of authors/celebrities/what-have-you that I think I would totally connect with if, you know, I ever actually met them. Wendy Williams is, in fact, one of them. (How you doin'!)
Mindy is also one of my best friends IN MY HEAD! I just totally dig her sense of humor and her sassypantsness. I also like that she's a girls girl who's not afraid to show her smarts AND unleash her inner nerd!


From page 83 (Part of Mindy's Best Friend Rights and Responsibilities)


I get it. You get it. We take forever getting off the phone anyway. This is a blessing.
This is probably one of my most favorite observations in the book because, literally the day before I read this passage I was on the phone with Bestie J and we got disconnected and just didn't bother calling each other back. It's friend code. We were basically just bullshitting around anyway, this wasn't a life or death convo so it was like, well, guess we're done talking. It really is a blessing though. Especially when you're long-winded and you've both just finished reading the same book and could quite literally stay on the phone for at least five more hours discussing imaginary characters that you kinda care more about than some of the actual people in your life. Some calling plans just can't take that kind of booknerd dedication, you know?
From page 155 (Mindy on one-night stands)

Eventually, my constant interruptions make her so irritated, she stops telling her sexy story. I guess nothing puts a damper on a one-night stand as much as your friend pointing out all the opportunities where you might have been killed.

From page 161 (Mindy's inner monologue after a conversation with her ex's new girlfriend who is both young and not a bitch)

Don't you dare, Chloe. Don't you dare make it impossible to hate you. Quit looking at me, all earnest, with those Bambi eyes.
Also, I'm your "hero"? What am I, ten thousand years old? I quickly said something weird like "Bless you, child," excused myself, and walked briskly away.

 If You Liked That, Try This:

Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According To Kathy Griffin by Kathy Griffin.
(Truth be told, I'm only suggesting this one because it's the only other memoir I've ever read. Plus, much like Mindy, Kathy is super hilarious. Although you would probably be alright trying Bossypants by Tina Fey or any of Chelsea Handler's books too.  

The Scale Of Judgment Says:

...... 3.
I'm normally not a nonfic chick but Mindy's book had me lol'ing, nodding my head in agreement, and wishing that I could in fact hang out with her!




  1. I really enjoyed this one too! I love The Mindy Project, I hope she's working on a new book that will encompass some of that time. I'd highly recommend Bossypants, I read that one before this and loved it.

  2. This is one of my favorite memoirs; it's fun, not forced, and inspirational without trying to be. Bossypants is pretty great, too.