Meet EvilEva

EvilEva is a sassy lass who love, love, LOVES books!
She loves to read books, review books, buy books, borrow books, recommend books, discuss books, share books, blog about books.
In short, her whole world is books.  There is never a time when she's not reading something.
She's been to Wonderland and Oz. Narnia and Genovia.
She's solved mysteries in River Heights.  Was an alternate officer for The Baby-Sitters Club. Graduated from Sweet Valley High.  Resided on Fear Street.  And took classes at Hogwarts.
She got the Golden Ticket.  Fought the Capitol.  Laid claim to the Iron Throne.  And traveled with magical pants.
She's a proud nerd with an unbelievably tall TBR pile and a truly amazing collection of $1 reading glasses.

She also happens to be a Supernatural Superfangirl.  Her dream is to marry Sam Winchester and ride off into the sunset in a '67 Impala. 

EvilEva is also a huge music lover.  She aspires to be a singer/songwriter that rocks out with her acoustic guitar.  She's been writing songs in her trusty black and white marbled composition book since she was 15 years old.  Her absolute fave song is Everything by Lifehouse.  She hopes a boy will sing it to her one day.

Here are a few more random facts about Miss Evil:
Halloween is her favorite holiday.  She will ALWAYS dress up.  She will publicly humiliate you if you don't.  No one likes a party pooper!

She owns a book-loving sock monkey named Paige Turner who lords over EvilEva's bookshelves protecting them from dastardly villains that like to borrow without asking and of course from the dreaded dog-earers.

She is ridiculously organized and thus has a fondness for lists.  Once, she compiled a list of lists she should write.  She is also partial to drafts.

She loves TV!  Her top three fave shows of all time for which she would literally get in a fist fight over are: Supernatural, Alias and Roswell.

When she was little her Grandma would buy her Nancy Drews from the used bookstore. She would sit and read them cover to cover trying to solve the mystery, fancying herself an amateur sleuth. Because of those times, because of those books, EvilEva is the girl you read before you today. And that's how this blog got its name.