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EvilEva reviews... The Replacement

EvilEva reviews...... The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

Mackie Doyle isn't your average teenager. He's not a real teenager at all. He's a Replacement. Literally plucked from the bottom of the heap to take the place of a real baby in the real world. But with allergies to blood, iron and consecrated ground, Mackie has a hard enough time fitting in. Now add to that a pissed off girl named Tate hounding him to help her find her baby sister and his recent discovery of an underground world full of ugly things from which he hails, and Mackie's life goes from complicated to even more so. Now time is running out. Tate's sister will be sacrificed for the good of the town. And Mackie may be the only one able to stop it.

Ok, i'm gonna start off by saying DAMMIT! I really wanted to like this book. I mean, just look at the cover! But I guess that's why you're not supposed to judge books by them. Because, as it turns out, I didn't like this one.
I felt like, as the designated "hero" of the story, Mackie was never very heroic. He kinda wallowed in self pity throughout the entire book. I mean, I get that he's the odd duck and that's what the story is about but I found myself being drawn more to Tate and Roswell. I think the book would've been much more interesting from either of their perspectives. I just didn't really connect with Mackie's voice.
There were certain parts too that I didn't get. Like at one point, Mackie is concerned about Tate's sister and her impending murder and how he should really try and stop it and then he's flirting with school hottie Alice, asking her to be his date to a party to make Tate jealous. It's like, HELLO!, a baby's life is at stake here! I think Jaeger bombs and copping a feel can probably take a backseat to the more pressing matters at hand, don't you?
Plus there were a few throwaway plot lines. His mother and her whole deal. Mackie having to play bass for Rasputin Sings the Blues. Alice's role in the story at all. I felt like all of these were introduced and then quickly pushed aside. That really bugged me. 
I did like the descriptions of the House of Mayhem and its many uglies though. It was very Tim Burton-esque. And I wish the Morrigan, Carlina and Luther had gotten more page time. Basically if the book had been less about Mackie and more about everyone else I might have liked it more. That's kind of a weird statement to make about the protagonist but that's my opinion. 
I thought the pacing was too slow &, more often than not, the story meandered. It never really held my interest. 
I do think there's a fan base for it though because I've seen some positive reviews throughout the blogosphere. Just not here. 

The Scale of Judgment says...... 2 and a half.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter And The Awesome Ending

i'm almost too excited for words. But here are some anyway. i FINALLY went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows today!!!! Yes, i know that the movie has only been out for 3 days & that by using the word FINALLY (& in all caps to boot) may seem a little overly dramatic but come on! It's Harry Potter for God's sake! & not just any Harry Potter but the beginning of the end of Harry Potter! So if you look at it that way, then having to wait 2 whole days to see it really is a special kind of torture. All my fellow Pott-heads out there know what i'm saying & for me, that's all that really matter. 
In case you're at all wondering, (which if you're any kind of awesome you should be) it was so fucking awesome!!!  Even though it wasn't in 3-D. Which i don't even really mind because i kinda hate 3-D & think it's stupid & that it's crazy that people are acting like it was just invented when there were tons of super lame 80's movies that were in 3-D so it's been around a long time & no one was really impressed with it back then so why should we be impressed with it now! Plus you have to pay like $5 extra just so you can have those ugly plastic glasses which you don't even get to keep! Anyhoozle, my point, before i went off on that tangent, was that i'm not a huge fan of 3-D anyway so when i heard that they weren't gonna make part 1 all 3-D i wasn't particularly bummed. However, when i was watching the movie there were a few moments when i thought "now that would have looked cool in 3-D!" 
& i think by now we all know that all the real ass fighting will be going down next summer. So i may have to rethink my position on 3-D because i do believe that the epic fight scenes next year are gonna be totes awesome & maybe something that i'll wanna see in a different dimension;)
i'll leave you guys with this, if you haven't gone to see Deathly Hallows yet- GO SEE IT! It was awesome & sad & amazing & beautiful & terrifying & Oh Dobby why?!?!? That part had me near tears. GO SEE IT!!!!! 
P.S. Just for fun here is a parody of the trailer that i thought was pretty funny! Enjoy! (& then go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!) 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 9 OR Fight the Fairies!

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #9: Clap Your Hands If You Believe
Previously on Supernatural...
Sam is still soulless. Dean still doesn't trust Sam. & i am seconds away from making up the first ever (possibly?) Supernatural Drinking Game! (more on that later.)

Cornfield. That's never good. Children of the Corn? Not good. Village of the Damned? Not good. Never trust a kid in a cornfield. 
Teens kissing in a cornfield. God! Teens are so stupid. Hello!, have you never seen the two movies that i just mentioned?!?! Plus, uh, who finds a cornfield sexy? Take it from someone that grew up in the country, next to a cornfield, they are not hot or awesome, they are freaky & usually full of snakes or demonic children! Not sexy times, y'all. Oh, hey there's a creepy shadow creeping over the teens. Of course the Big Man on Campus with his letterjacket has to check this shizz out. What a dumbass. & now his girlfriend is following him into the corn. This is not a smart idea, teens. You never go into the corn! Especially at night! 
BMOC is now in the middle of a crop circle. See, BMOC, i told you. Now there's a bright light. & now BMOC is gone. His girlfriend is in the crop circle screaming for him. Yeah uh, he's not there, girlfriend. 
Ha! Differentness! This week we've got an X-Files-esque title sequence. Supernatural logo. Showtime! 
Now people are being interviewed about the whole alien deal-y. BMOC's girlfriend is one of them. 
Sam & Dean are there, of course, listening to these cray-cray folks tell their stories. 
A chunky lady is telling them that it wasn't aliens that took BMOC but fairies. Sam goes off on her ass for being totally wackadoodle. 
Dean lectures Sam on showing empathy. He needs to start showing some. 
Now we're at a clock-fixers shop? Oh ok, he's the father of BMOC. The bros are trying to pump him for info on BMOC. But the clock-fixer says he was taken. & he sounds pretty sure but won't tell us why he sounds so sure. & now Sam is getting all non-empathetic again so it's time for us to split. Dean tells BMOC's dad to call them if anything comes to him. He gives him "their card." i wonder what "their card" says. "Dean & Sam Winchester: Demon Hunters Extraordinaire" & then their cell number? 
Sam & Dean leave the clock shop. 
The clockmaker guy looks all nervous. He looks at a pocket watch & asks "was that ok?" The pocket watch actually looks at him! Wait a minute, are we dealing with aliens here or demonic timepieces? 
The boys think that clockmaker is hiding something. Yeah, apparently that he can talk to watches & they can talk back. Or at least understand him when he talks to them. 
Dean goes to the cornfield to check out the place where BMOC got abducted. & Sam stays to follow clockmaker. 
Huh. Apparently clockmaker is a drinker. Sam has followed him to a bar while talking on the phone to Dean.
Dean is wandering around the creepy cornfield. Uh oh! Bright lights! Dean is having a close encounter! Dean is telling Sam all of this whilst he runs from the UFO. Sam is acting all non-empathetic again. Soulless Sammy is just no good. (i'm sorry Sam. You know i still love you but we need to find your soul & shove it back into you like pronto. i can't take much more of RoboSam. Although he can be kinda funny.)
Oh no! Dean has been straight up abducted!
Sam orders another beer. 
Commercial time.

Dean's cell is ringing out int the cornfield. But there is no Dean attached to it. Sam was calling the cell to find Dean. But he hasn't found Dean! Only his cell. So Sam picks the cell up & walks through the cornfield. 
He runs into a bunch of Winnebagos parked in i guess the cornfield. Whoever owns that field is probably gonna be pretty cheesed. i mean, first the crop circle & now all these UFO-loving nuts. They are totes ruining his corn.
Sam asks some elder gentleman about aliens. Elder gentleman fancies himself a alien hunter. Sam asks elder gentleman how exactly he's been "hunting" these aliens. All elder gentleman has are like maps & eyewitness accounts. Sam thinks that's hardly "hunting." Now he's being non-empathetic to elder gentleman. No one is safe from Sam's non-empathetic wrath.
Eww. A skanky girl UFO lover comes up to Sam. She wants to help him find his brother. 
Dean reappears in the cornfield. He's shooting his gun. At no one. 
Dean walks into the hotel room. Eww! He walks in on Sam doing it with that skanky girl UFO lover! Gross!
Ok good. Skanky girl UFO lover has been dismissed. Yeah, get outta here, skanky girl UFO lover!
Dean is upset that he has been gone & Sam has been macking on some hippie chick instead of trying to get him back from wherever it is that he was.
Dean thinks that he's only been gone for like an hour. But Sam tells him he's been gone all night. It's 4 am for pete's sake! 
Time slip!
Sam asked Dean what happened.
Dean was in a different place. There were shiny beings pulling him to a table. So Dean started hacking & slashing & shooting & apparently that surprised the aliens & they dumped his ass back where they found him.
Sam makes comments about probing. Dean wants to punch Sam's non-empathetic face.
Now we're in a bar. 
Sam nods to some skanky waitress. Sam, for the love of God, quit hitting on skanks!
The boys are discussing why Sam shouldn't have banged skanky girl UFO lover while Dean was missing. (or, HELLO!, at all)
There's some dude in a red cap at the window. Dean thinks he's giving him the stink eye. Sam can't see red cap. 
Sam goes to the library to do some researching. Dean is at the hotel doing internet research. Uh oh. The lights go out. The door busts open. A little light thingy (fairy?) comes in. It's flitting through the air bothering Dean. He traps it in the microwave & microwaves its shiny ass. Dean look victorious. The microwave dings. Fairy's done. 
Time for a commercial.

Dean is showing Sam the inside of the microwave. 
Dean sees blood & guts. Sam sees nothing. 
Sam asks Dean what it was. Dean says it was a little naked lady. Sam asks if she had wings. Dean says yep she did.
So maybe we're not dealing with aliens here but fairies. Maybe chunky lady was onto something.
Sam & Dean go to see crazy chunky lady to talk fairies with her.
& crazy chunky fairy-loving lady looooooves to talk about fairies. 
She says only those that have been abducted by the fairies can see the fairies. & they only take first born sons. 
The bros are now asking crazy chunky fairy-loving lady how they can deal with fairies. She's got, of course, some crazy ideas. Cream, iron, spill sugar or salt & they'll have to stop whatever they're doing to count each & every grain. 
Leaving crazy chunky fairy-loving lady's house. Hey, there's the watchmaker. & he's buying buttloads of cream. (which we learned from CCF-LL that fairies love) Let's follow him! 
Sam stays in the car to watch the watchmaker. Dean goes to break into his shop. 
There are lil dude fairies EVERYWHERE! Fixing watchmakers shit & whatnot. Dean splits.
Sam is at the bar again following watchmaker. Dean calls Sam to tell him about the abundance of fairies in the watchmakers shop. He thinks that the watchmaker made some kind of deal with the fairies. 
Sam goes over to talk to the watchmaker. He not so subtly drops that he thinks the watchmaker has fairies working for him & that he may have traded his son for their services. 
Dean is walking down the street. He sees red cap again. 
Back to Sam talking to the watchmaker. Watchmaker's grandma told him stories about the fairies when he was young. She gave him a spell book that showed you how to summon them. He wanted to cure his Parkinsons. So he traded his first born for great watch making skills & non-shaky hands? Father of the year, ladies & gentlemen.
The guy that he made the deal with was actually a leprechaun. You shouldn't mess with a leprechaun either. Just ask Jennifer Aniston. 
Anyhoo, the book is in his safe in his shop but the fairies won't let him near it. But we're gonna try to get this book anyway cuz we ain't afraid of no fairies! 
Dean is still walking the streets but now he thinks he's being followed.
Dean jumps the guy & is yelling, calling the guy a fairy.
It's, of course, not red cap & now Dean looks like he's hate-criming it up. 
Sam is walking down the street with the watchmaker reassuring him that him & Dean will totally help him with his fairy problem. 
They come upon Dean getting arrested. 
Sam asks "what am i supposed to do?"
Dean is screaming "fight the fairies!" 
Time for more commercials.

Dean is in jail. Uh oh. Turns out the guy that Dean tackled was the DA. It's lights out. Dean starts pacing his cell. 
Sam & the watchmaker are back at the watch shop. The watchmaker left cream out. It is apparently like tequila to fairies. Good to know. 
The watchmaker gets the book of spells. He starts reading & gets shanked in the back! Oh, it's UFO hunting elder gentleman. Turns out, he's the leprechaun. 
Leprechaun says that Dean is theirs now. Sam is all hells no. He's totes gonna shoot this leprechaun.
But uh oh. Sam can only see the leprechaun if he lets him see him.
The leprechaun is popping up & out, chatting. The leprechaun notices that Sam is missing his soul. He says he can get it back for him. For a price. 
Sam doesn't believe the leprechaun's bullshit. After all if Cass can't get it how can a mere lame leprechaun get it. 
Leprechaun says he's got a way of getting in through back doors. But Sam ain't having it. He shoots the lep with an iron bullet. 
Dean is still in jail. Hey there's red cap!
Back to Sam getting whaled on by the lep. 
Back to Dean getting whaled on by red cap.
Back to Sam. He pours salt on the floor knowing the lep will have to start counting every grain of it cuz fairy folk is crazy like that. Sam starts reading the spell. 
Back to Dean & red cap. They're still scuffling. Red cap gets all vanquished. 
Commercial time.

Cornfield! The Impala is on the side of the road near the cornfield instead of in it like those hippie dippies & their Winnebagos. The boys are enjoying a brewsky. The DA dropped the charges against Dean. Hooray!
Dean is wondering why Sam said no to the leprechaun's deal of getting his soul back.
Sam is all "when is a deal ever good?" 
But we're still gonna try to get his soul back. Just not through leprechaun trickery. 

Next time on Supernatural...
Son of a bitch! To be continued December 3rd! Because of Thanksgiving. & it looks like it's gonna be demon-tastic! The next ep of Supernatural not Thanksgiving. 
Also stay tuned for my Supernatural Drinking Game!

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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 8 OR Doing It Doggie Style

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #8: All Dogs Go To Heaven
Previously on Supernatural...
Gramps is a bitch. Crowley's bitch to be exact. Crowley is the one that raised Sam & Gramps. He's also the one that confiscated poor Sammy's soul. So now we've got to work for him in order to get it back. Stupid demons!

Some dude is talking on his cell. About a kid? Or a dog? It's not quite clear. Uh oh. Something is watching him from the bushes. That is never a good sign. 
& bush monster attacks cellphone dude. It's a werewolf. Right? That isn't quite clear either. 
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime!
Sam & Dean are at a BBQ joint. Dean is complaining to Bobby over the phone about Crowley. 
& there's Crowley. 
Dean refuses to work for Crowley. There's no way that he's gonna be some demons bitch. But Crowley touches Sam's hand & its burning & getting all red & gross & something only an extreme SamFangirl could love. So Dean agrees so that Crowley will stop hurting Sam. What a good brother Dean is. Aww.
Ok, Crowley tells the boys about the were. We're gonna be working the were case apparently. Or whatever kinda case it turns out to be because i'm still not quite sure if we're dealing with a were. It could be anything. Well anything that looks kinda small what with the camera angles & all when it attacks. Anyhoozle, Crowley vamooses. 
Sam & Dean are dressed up as feds. Handsome Suit Sammy makes another appearance!!!
They're checking out cellphone dude's accident site. 
& now we're back at the hotel. After doing some research, which Sam looks super sexy doing ALWAYS!, he discovers a common denominator linking the victims together. 
Handsome Suit Sammy again!!! The bros are at some dudes house. A lady & a kid answer the door. This lady seems real jittery, y'all. They want to question her about the guy that supposedly lives there. Oh, hey, there's the guy. Speak of the devil. Or is it the were? We're thinking he's the were, right? 
Oh this guy is the brother of cellphone dude that just got mauled by sources unknown. 
Turns out this guy called the cops on cellphone dude a while back for being douche-y & pushing his girlfriend.  
Seems their landlord got killed too. They were behind on their rent. Coinkydink? Sam thinks not. 
Leaving this guys house. Better watch your back, This Guy. We know what you may have done. Suck on that! 
Now we're gonna follow This Guy in the Impala. He's at a bar or grill or some combination of the two, drinking like a son of a bitch. The sun is coming up. Fuck this guy. Lets go back to the hotel. He's probably not the were.
This Guy is now leaving the bar or grill or some combination of the two. There's his German Shepard in the parking lot. 
Oh. Hey, he just got mauled by his own dog. & now the dog is turning into some blood splattered dude. So i guess that This Guy isn't the were then. 
Dude/German Shepard goes back to This Guy's house. He looks at This Guy's girlfriend asleep in the bed. He transforms back into a dog & gets in bed with her! OMG, you dirty dog! 
Still way better than having a cat though.
First commercial break.

The lady wakes up. The dogs all licking her face. This Guy (whose name was Cal apparently) hasn't come home. Well, obvs he hasn't come home, lady. He's dead. Oh wait. She doesn't know that yet. Nevermind, lady. Go on cursing Cal. Although, truthfully, you're probably gonna regret it in about....3....2.....1.
Well not quite that soon. But in a minute for sure. 
For right now though, lady goes into the bathroom & disrobes. While the dog is watching her! Ugh, what a pervy dog. She's gonna regret this moment in a few minutes too. 
Sam & Dean find Cal's dead body. We're guessing that Cal is not the droid we're looking for.
So now that Cal is dead the boys think that clearly Mandy the girlfriend is the werewolf. 
Mandy is gonna take pervy dog for a walk. Sam & Dean walk up to tell her about Cal. Mandy the girlfriend is acting all suspicious. But she tells them that she was home all night because her son has the flu. Well why you acting so fishy then? But Dean, being the family man for a hot second, believes her because he doesn't think she'd leave her sick kid behind to go tear up Cal's ass. Sam, on the other hand, doesn't believe this fishstick for a minute. 
So they decide to split up. Dean will go back to Cal's crime scene to look for clues & Sam will stay & stakeout Mandy the girlfriend. (Although because Sam has been so robotic with his feelings/emotions lately Dean doesn't really want him staying with Mandy for fear that he'll just deliver her to Crowley without consulting with him first.) 
Sam is looking through binoculars. Sexily. Spying on Mandy the girlfriend's house. He sees pervy German Shepard change into a dude through the window. 
Pervy German Shepard Dude is now on the move. PGSD (which stands for Pervy German Shepard Dude. i'll be writing it like this now because its just quicker.) meets up with someone. 
Sam draws his gun. Sexily. He's gonna put PGSD down. 
PGSD's meeting is over. He's sniffing the air. As dogs'll do. He smells Sammy, i think. Yep. He makes a break for it. Sam follows. PGSD turns back into a dog. Ah. He got hit by a car. i know he's a baddie & all but i don't wanna see any dog get hit by a car. 
The dumbass driver of the vehicle is all "Oh no! What have i done! i must pick this dog up, place him in my van & get him medical attention posthaste!" Dumbass! You're surely gonna get your face bitten off now. 
Here's a commercial.

Back at the hotel. Dean is thinking of calling Lisa. Decides "nah." His phone rings. Lisa?!?!? Nope it's Sam. He's got info to share. We're not dealing with a werewolf. We're dealing with a skinwalker. Sam tells Dean that he has a good idea of where said skinwalker probably is now.
We're at the pound. Or maybe a vets office. i'm not sure. i didn't really catch what that sign said. We're at a place that cares for sick/abandoned pups basically. Anyhoo, we found Lucky the dog. Dean is taunting PGSD. 
We've taken him back to the hotel. He's in dude form now & tied to a chair. PGSD confesses to meeting up with someone. It was another skinwalker. There's a whole bunch of them apparently. They turn into dogs, find a family to stay with, & then they're supposed to turn their families all on the same night. Sleeper cell Snoopy's. Well we can't have this bullshit. We must stop the skinwalkers! Gonna use PGSD as bait of sorts to draw out the alpha skinwalker.
Dean & Sam are under a bridge somewhere prepping for the mission. Dean still doesn't think that Sam is Sam & he's gonna tell him about it. We get it Dean. You don't trust Sammy anymore. Do you really have to say it to his face every chance you get? 
Now the bros are on the roof. Not cat-on-a-hot-tin, not fiddler, but sniper style. 
PGSD is helping them with this sting operation. 
There's a car full of skinwalkers. It's like a skinwalker mafia. 
Uh oh. The skinwalkers lead Mandy & her son out of the car. 
Dean is trying to shoot who they believe to be the alpha skinwalker. But Mandy's big ol head is in the way. Sam says "take the shot." Dean says "she's in the way." Sam says "take it anyway." That's cold, Sam. That doesn't sound like something the Sammy i love would say. What's with you, homeboy? 
The shot is blown. The skinwalkers are safe inside this weeks abandoned warehouse. We missed our chance to take out the alpha skin.
Commercial time.

The skinwalkers, Mandy the girlfriend & her son are in the warehouse along with PGSD. Apparently PGSD was killing people in order to protect his family. But he wasn't supposed to. That wasn't part of the whole "turn your owners into skinwalkers" plan. 
So Big Skin says to PGSD he can either turn Mandy the girlfriend & her son now or he's gonna kill all of them. Big Skin is a real douche. Just because PGSD loves his family you want to kill him. Truly douche-y behavior, Big Skin.
Sam comes in with guns blazing. Sexily.
PGSD tells Mandy the girlfriend to come with him. 
They hide in some office. 
The remaining members of the skinwalker mafia turn into dogs. 
One tries to attack Dean. He shoots it. The doggie turns into a dude. A dead dude. & Kinda chubby. 
Big Skin is pissed off at PGSD. He goes to attack him. PGSD turns into a dog so that he can better fight Big Skin. Mandy the girlfriend is all "Lucky?!?!?" She says it all disbelievingly. 
Aw. Big Skin just shot Lucky. 
Dean shoots Big Skin. 
Sam is looking for the actual alpha dog. Sexily. 
There's a big blood stain in front of the office door where Mandy the girlfriend & son are hiding. But there's no dog or dude in the big blood stain. Sam looks up & sees Mandy the girlfriend through the window in the door. She's making some weirdo crazy face. Why is she looking at Sam like that? 

PGSD is knocking on Mandy the girlfriend's door. In dude form. Guess they got outta that warehouse. Aw. PGSD is telling Mandy the girlfriend that they are the only family he's ever known & that he loves them. Mandy the girlfriend is a straight up bitch to him. She slams the door in his face.
Mandy the girlfriend looks out the window & sees PGSD's clothes on the ground. You're a real bitch, Mandy the girlfriend!
Aw. PGSD is wandering the streets alone. As a dog. Which makes it much sadder than if he were just wandering the streets as a stupid human.
Sam & Dean are having a talky talk. Sam is saying that he isn't Sam. That he doesn't care about Ben & Lisa. Or Dean really. He's killed innocent people. He's all not regret-y. He says being the old Sam was kinda harder than being this new RoboSam. But he thinks that he should go back to being Old Skool Sam. i agree. As does Dean. 

Next time on Supernatural...
It's fairies, motherfucker!!! Looks like it might be a funny one. Which is good because we really haven't had a funtastic ep this season. Plus i'm glad they're not trying to pull some "Supernatural will return December 3rd" bullshit like they are with The Vampire Diaries. i think i've already proven that i don't like when they skip weeks. ;)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 7 OR Who Will Saaa-e-ave Your Soul

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #7: Family Matters
Previously on Supernatural...
Truth was in the air. Dean got dumped by Lisa. Cass was back. Momentarily. Bobby enjoys watching Tori & Dean. & poor Sammy's soul is missing. Oh. Plus there was that whole crazy cat lady business. -shudders-

Sammy's groggy after getting the shit beaten out of him in the previous episode.
Cass is questioning him. We gots to figure out how Sam got outta hell.
Sam hasn't been sleeping since he returned from hell. 
Cass makes Sammy bite down on a belt. Oh this can't be good. What are you gonna do to my TV boyfriend, Cass?
Oh. He's just gonna push his hand... THROUGH SAM'S STOMACH!!! Ahhh! The things angels have to do in order to find information. Yeah, they don't look um, comfortable. To say the least. My poor Sammy-poo.
Physically he's fine. Uh hell yeah he is Cass! But no soul for Sammy. Boo!
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime.
Sam's soul is still in Lucifer's cage. That might present a few problems. The whole "getting it out" thing. It'll be a little trickier now. 
Dean won't untie Sam from his chair. But Sam just busted through the ropes on his own. & looked VERY hot doing so, i might add.
Cass heals Sam's lovely face. Cleaning up all that bloody mess Dean made. Bad Dean. Don't mess with Sam's moneymaker again!
After Cass's questioning, Sam reveals that he has no clue how he got raised. But he knows a place they can start from. The Campbell compound. Lets go have a little chat with Gramps, shall we?
Campbell compound. Ugh. Stupid Campbell cousins are back in this ep. 
Ha! That toolish cousin just walked in & Dean was all "Hello Newman." Oh Dean i heart your quippy ways! & much like you, i HATE that toolish cousin! 
Lets talk to Gramps & see if he knows how his ass got out. 
Gramps draws a blank. Or does he? Yeah, he does but i don't know if he for real is drawing a blank or if he's just pretending to draw a blank to keep up his sneaky charade. That Gramps is a tricky one.
Cass has to give Gramps a "hand" job. Ha! Get it? Cuz he pushes his hand through your gut to get info? Ha! i'm hilarious! 
Turns out, unlike Sam, Gramps hasn't been soul-jacked.
Cass has gotta go........ & he's gone. Those angels can really haul some ass.
Gramps has a lead on the alpha vamp. (Are we still looking for him? i thought we had moved on from that. Apparently alpha vamp may have some info we need. Lets go find him!)
Dean thinks Gramps doesn't trust him. But Gramps is all "no, i just don't know you." 
Dean's gonna let Gramps take the lead on the alpha vamp mission. To earn his trust, you know?
But he still doesn't trust Gramps. Me either, Deano.
Ugh! Stupid cousins again. Sharpening tools & such. So lame!
Dean's breaking into Gramps' locked office. But he's interrupted by toolish cousin. i hate you, toolish cousin!
Toolish cousin predictably acting toolish. Go away you tool so we can snoop on Gramps & find out what his deal is. 
But no. It's time to go. We can't snoop on Gramps. This is your fault, toolish cousin. 
The gang of Campbell cousins load up into various older vehicles.
Going after the alpha vamp. 
Parked a ways away from the vamp lair. Dean & girl cousin i can't stand are paired together to "hang back" & stake stragglers. Bo-Ring! Dean needs to be where the excitement is. But he's gotta prove himself trustworthy. So he stays while gang of Campbell cousins disperse. 
Girl cousin i can't stand gets attacked by a vamp! Dean pushes him & now the vamp is on him. Girl cousin i can't stand hacks his head off. 
Dean hears gunshots. Runs to the house that was in his weirdo flashback daydream thingy 2 episodes back when he got vamped. Evil twin stuff. Remember? But what does it mean? 
Eww. There are a bunch of headless folks in the yard. Vamps. Hopefully.
There's a chick at the window. She screams for Dean. Wait. Do we know her? Is it Lisa? i couldn't tell. 
Damnit! Commercial.

Dean's creeping.
Another flashback. 
Dean spies the gang of Campbell cousins leading the alpha vamp (?) to a car. He's got a bag over his head though so you can't really tell who in the hell it is. 
Dean's gotta haul ass to get back to girl cousin i can't stand. You know, where he's SUPPOSED to be. Naughty Dean.
Gang of Campbell cousins are back. Ooh, Gramps lied about the alpha vamp. & now Sam's lying too. Y'all Dean totally just saw you escorting alpha vamp to one of your assorted vehicles. You are so busted. Stop with the lying already!
Dean's calling Sam out on his lies.
Apparently Gramps kidnaps monsters & other baddies & grills them for information. 
Dean REALLY doesn't trust Gramps. Neither do i, Dean. But what exactly is his deal? We must figure this out.
Dean's getting all harsh on Sam. Sam's giving him sad puppy dog eyes of doom. Aww. Those sad puppy dog eyes of doom may not work on Dean but they are totally working on me. i'm sorry Sammy. Get over here & i'll make it all better. (God! i am such a TV slut!) 
Dean is done. Gramps is too shifty for his taste & Sam's too trusting of Shifty Gramps McShifterPants. Dean....... left? It's not really clear. Surely he wouldn't just leave Sam in Gramps' shifty clutches when they just got the Scooby-Doo gang back together. 
Sam tells Gramps that he wants in on the interrogations of the baddies but Gramps says no. Sam walks to a truck & picks up a phone. 
Oh. Dean didn't leave. He & Sam are working together to figure out shifty Gramps angle. 
Sam is tracking the GPS on one of the cellphones used by some Campbell cousin. They can follow the coordinates & find where those tricky cousins are.
Following the GPS to an abandoned warehouse. Of course.
Dead mans blood on the door. Vamp repellent. We don't care. We're totally going into the creepy abandoned warehouse anyway.
Creeping around creepy abandoned warehouse. Oh shit! Toolish cousin almost busts the bros. But they hide. Take that, toolish cousin!
Now walking down creepy corridors. We found Gramps. He's interrogating the alpha vamp. 
They've got alpha vamp attached to an electric chair type dealy. & they're frying his ass every time he doesn't answer them. But alpha vamp could give a shit. He's being very sarcastic & awesome. i'm kinda liking alpha vamp actually.
Gramps is done with alpha vamp. For the time being. 
Oh! Alpha vamp knows the bros are hiding near, & that they were listening to the convo. He also has repulsively long fingernails. Yuck! He's scratching the arm of the chair with them for some reason. What you up to, alpha vamp?
Pee break!

Sam & Dean come out of hiding. We're gonna question alpha vamp for ourselves.
Alpha vamp knows Dean's name. Says that Dean was his child. For awhile. 
What the F is he doing with his fingernail???
Alpha vamp claims to be the very first vamp. 
AV tells Sam that he smells cold. Now he's talking about where souls go. Apparently non-humans souls go to purgatory. & Gramps is trying to fry the answers of where exactly purgatory is out of AV. Why? Oh. Turns out Gramps has a boss. Wait. What?
"If the old man's Kermit.... Who's hand's up his ass?" Oh Dean! The quippiness continues!
The Winchester bros try to confront Gramps on the whole boss havin' thing.
There's a Campbell/Winchester showdown. Team Winchester!!!! Wooooo! Aw man. Girl cousin i can't stand breaks it up..... with a gun!
While the Campbell/Winchesters were showdowning the AV took that opportunity to escape. In large part to doofus Campbell cousin. Way to go doofus Campbell cousin! P.S. how many fucking Campbell cousins are there? it seems like every week at least 3 new ones arrive to make my Supernatural viewing life miserable.
Now its time for another commercial.

Not much dead mans blood left. Gramps wants to get the AV back & put him back in the cage. (Yeah cuz that worked out so good for you the first time.) But Dean's all Oh hells no! Kill AV!
Now searching the warehouse for AV. 
There he is! Wait a sec. Did AV just kill toolish cousin? If so, i suddenly like AV even more! 
AV pushes Gramps down. Oh no! Now he's got Sam by the neck! He's gonna bite Sammy! 
Toolish cousin is back & grabs AV. But toolish cousins eyes are all black! What the what! All the Campbell cousins & AV have disappeared! WHAT IN THE HELL?!?!?
The only Campbells left are Gramps & girl cousin i can't stand. Well at least toolish cousin is dead or not around anymore or..... whatever the fuck he is. i hate toolish cousin.
Holy crap! Now Crowley's here!
OMG! Turns out Gramps is Crowley's bitch. He wants to know where purgatory is. & he is the one that brought Gramps & Sam back. 
He is the new king of hell, after all.
Ponder that during this commercial break.

Oh yeah, now that we FINALLY have some answers, Gramps is all lets go. Girl cousin i can't stand is pissed at Gramps for being a big fat lying liarface! 
Seems everyone is disappointed in Gramps for bitchin' it up for a demon. 
Gramps says put a bullet in my head or let me go. 
Sam cocks his gun. Sexily.
But Dean tells him not to shoot. He tells Gramps to hit the skids. 
Gramps leaves.
Dean & Sam are gonna have to work for Crowley now in order to get Sammy's soul back. But they're gonna do it..... together! 

Next time on Supernatural...
i don't really know what's gonna happen next week. The bros are working for Crowley. He'll give Sam his soul back. Eventually. Dean still doesn't trust Sam but they're still gonna work together. & apparently Dean's gonna be a sniper of some sort. HUH?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

EvilEva reviews... Mockingjay

EvilEva reviews...... Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

The Hunger Games Trilogy. 

Warning! Spoilers!

Warning. This is the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy. There will be spoilers. If you haven't read the first two books stop here.

After Katniss is rescued from the Quarter Quell arena she is whisked off to a place she thought no longer existed. District 13. An underground community that was responsible for Katniss' exit from the Games. With the help of some District and Capitol insiders, they have planned a rebellion. It starts now. And Katniss is to be the symbol for the rebellion. Their very own Mockingjay. A sign of hope and freedom. The only problem is Katniss doesn't know if she can be everything they want her to be. And as someone that has been playing games for far too long, her trust has worn thin. Can she put her worry, her mistrust, and her anger away in time to save Peeta, her country and herself?

Well y'all, after 3 books, 9 parts, 81 chapters and 1155 pages I have finally finished The Hunger Games trilogy. And I must say, I loved every minute of it! The final book did not disappoint. In my opinion anyway. I've read a few blogs that weren't particularly thrilled with the end result. I, however, am not one of those bloggers. I thought that Mockingjay was just as amazing as Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I felt like it had the perfect mix of action, romance, uncertainty, thrills, chills, surprises and all of the other things needed to make a great book. I especially liked the amazing UNBELIEVABLE ending of chapter 26! (NO! Don't read ahead! Stop flipping pages! Get to it when you get to it and be as surprised as I was. I promise it'll be better if you don't peek!) I SO DID NOT see that coming! I thought it was a really good twist to the story though. And, obvs, I looooooved the ending! (KnowwhatI'msayin' teammates!) 
I felt that Mockingjay, on the whole, was a great way to wrap up the series. I think Suzanne Collins tied up all loose ends beautifully. I like when endings feel final, like there's no real need for another 8 million books to be written on the subject, but when there's also that little bit of lingering, like you can easily imagine that the characters are still there living, loving, moving forward. 
That being said, these three books are perfection. 
You should read them. Then get you friends to read them. Then get their friends to read them. Pull your own Oprah-BookClub-Magic with these books! 
They would be a great gift for the coming holiday season. And for anyone really. (I'm getting my 14 year old cousin started on them!) 
I'm a little bummed that my trip to Panem is over but hey, I've still got the movies to look forward to! 

The Scale of Judgment says...... 5!