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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 8 OR Doing It Doggie Style

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #8: All Dogs Go To Heaven
Previously on Supernatural...
Gramps is a bitch. Crowley's bitch to be exact. Crowley is the one that raised Sam & Gramps. He's also the one that confiscated poor Sammy's soul. So now we've got to work for him in order to get it back. Stupid demons!

Some dude is talking on his cell. About a kid? Or a dog? It's not quite clear. Uh oh. Something is watching him from the bushes. That is never a good sign. 
& bush monster attacks cellphone dude. It's a werewolf. Right? That isn't quite clear either. 
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime!
Sam & Dean are at a BBQ joint. Dean is complaining to Bobby over the phone about Crowley. 
& there's Crowley. 
Dean refuses to work for Crowley. There's no way that he's gonna be some demons bitch. But Crowley touches Sam's hand & its burning & getting all red & gross & something only an extreme SamFangirl could love. So Dean agrees so that Crowley will stop hurting Sam. What a good brother Dean is. Aww.
Ok, Crowley tells the boys about the were. We're gonna be working the were case apparently. Or whatever kinda case it turns out to be because i'm still not quite sure if we're dealing with a were. It could be anything. Well anything that looks kinda small what with the camera angles & all when it attacks. Anyhoozle, Crowley vamooses. 
Sam & Dean are dressed up as feds. Handsome Suit Sammy makes another appearance!!!
They're checking out cellphone dude's accident site. 
& now we're back at the hotel. After doing some research, which Sam looks super sexy doing ALWAYS!, he discovers a common denominator linking the victims together. 
Handsome Suit Sammy again!!! The bros are at some dudes house. A lady & a kid answer the door. This lady seems real jittery, y'all. They want to question her about the guy that supposedly lives there. Oh, hey, there's the guy. Speak of the devil. Or is it the were? We're thinking he's the were, right? 
Oh this guy is the brother of cellphone dude that just got mauled by sources unknown. 
Turns out this guy called the cops on cellphone dude a while back for being douche-y & pushing his girlfriend.  
Seems their landlord got killed too. They were behind on their rent. Coinkydink? Sam thinks not. 
Leaving this guys house. Better watch your back, This Guy. We know what you may have done. Suck on that! 
Now we're gonna follow This Guy in the Impala. He's at a bar or grill or some combination of the two, drinking like a son of a bitch. The sun is coming up. Fuck this guy. Lets go back to the hotel. He's probably not the were.
This Guy is now leaving the bar or grill or some combination of the two. There's his German Shepard in the parking lot. 
Oh. Hey, he just got mauled by his own dog. & now the dog is turning into some blood splattered dude. So i guess that This Guy isn't the were then. 
Dude/German Shepard goes back to This Guy's house. He looks at This Guy's girlfriend asleep in the bed. He transforms back into a dog & gets in bed with her! OMG, you dirty dog! 
Still way better than having a cat though.
First commercial break.

The lady wakes up. The dogs all licking her face. This Guy (whose name was Cal apparently) hasn't come home. Well, obvs he hasn't come home, lady. He's dead. Oh wait. She doesn't know that yet. Nevermind, lady. Go on cursing Cal. Although, truthfully, you're probably gonna regret it in about....3....2.....1.
Well not quite that soon. But in a minute for sure. 
For right now though, lady goes into the bathroom & disrobes. While the dog is watching her! Ugh, what a pervy dog. She's gonna regret this moment in a few minutes too. 
Sam & Dean find Cal's dead body. We're guessing that Cal is not the droid we're looking for.
So now that Cal is dead the boys think that clearly Mandy the girlfriend is the werewolf. 
Mandy is gonna take pervy dog for a walk. Sam & Dean walk up to tell her about Cal. Mandy the girlfriend is acting all suspicious. But she tells them that she was home all night because her son has the flu. Well why you acting so fishy then? But Dean, being the family man for a hot second, believes her because he doesn't think she'd leave her sick kid behind to go tear up Cal's ass. Sam, on the other hand, doesn't believe this fishstick for a minute. 
So they decide to split up. Dean will go back to Cal's crime scene to look for clues & Sam will stay & stakeout Mandy the girlfriend. (Although because Sam has been so robotic with his feelings/emotions lately Dean doesn't really want him staying with Mandy for fear that he'll just deliver her to Crowley without consulting with him first.) 
Sam is looking through binoculars. Sexily. Spying on Mandy the girlfriend's house. He sees pervy German Shepard change into a dude through the window. 
Pervy German Shepard Dude is now on the move. PGSD (which stands for Pervy German Shepard Dude. i'll be writing it like this now because its just quicker.) meets up with someone. 
Sam draws his gun. Sexily. He's gonna put PGSD down. 
PGSD's meeting is over. He's sniffing the air. As dogs'll do. He smells Sammy, i think. Yep. He makes a break for it. Sam follows. PGSD turns back into a dog. Ah. He got hit by a car. i know he's a baddie & all but i don't wanna see any dog get hit by a car. 
The dumbass driver of the vehicle is all "Oh no! What have i done! i must pick this dog up, place him in my van & get him medical attention posthaste!" Dumbass! You're surely gonna get your face bitten off now. 
Here's a commercial.

Back at the hotel. Dean is thinking of calling Lisa. Decides "nah." His phone rings. Lisa?!?!? Nope it's Sam. He's got info to share. We're not dealing with a werewolf. We're dealing with a skinwalker. Sam tells Dean that he has a good idea of where said skinwalker probably is now.
We're at the pound. Or maybe a vets office. i'm not sure. i didn't really catch what that sign said. We're at a place that cares for sick/abandoned pups basically. Anyhoo, we found Lucky the dog. Dean is taunting PGSD. 
We've taken him back to the hotel. He's in dude form now & tied to a chair. PGSD confesses to meeting up with someone. It was another skinwalker. There's a whole bunch of them apparently. They turn into dogs, find a family to stay with, & then they're supposed to turn their families all on the same night. Sleeper cell Snoopy's. Well we can't have this bullshit. We must stop the skinwalkers! Gonna use PGSD as bait of sorts to draw out the alpha skinwalker.
Dean & Sam are under a bridge somewhere prepping for the mission. Dean still doesn't think that Sam is Sam & he's gonna tell him about it. We get it Dean. You don't trust Sammy anymore. Do you really have to say it to his face every chance you get? 
Now the bros are on the roof. Not cat-on-a-hot-tin, not fiddler, but sniper style. 
PGSD is helping them with this sting operation. 
There's a car full of skinwalkers. It's like a skinwalker mafia. 
Uh oh. The skinwalkers lead Mandy & her son out of the car. 
Dean is trying to shoot who they believe to be the alpha skinwalker. But Mandy's big ol head is in the way. Sam says "take the shot." Dean says "she's in the way." Sam says "take it anyway." That's cold, Sam. That doesn't sound like something the Sammy i love would say. What's with you, homeboy? 
The shot is blown. The skinwalkers are safe inside this weeks abandoned warehouse. We missed our chance to take out the alpha skin.
Commercial time.

The skinwalkers, Mandy the girlfriend & her son are in the warehouse along with PGSD. Apparently PGSD was killing people in order to protect his family. But he wasn't supposed to. That wasn't part of the whole "turn your owners into skinwalkers" plan. 
So Big Skin says to PGSD he can either turn Mandy the girlfriend & her son now or he's gonna kill all of them. Big Skin is a real douche. Just because PGSD loves his family you want to kill him. Truly douche-y behavior, Big Skin.
Sam comes in with guns blazing. Sexily.
PGSD tells Mandy the girlfriend to come with him. 
They hide in some office. 
The remaining members of the skinwalker mafia turn into dogs. 
One tries to attack Dean. He shoots it. The doggie turns into a dude. A dead dude. & Kinda chubby. 
Big Skin is pissed off at PGSD. He goes to attack him. PGSD turns into a dog so that he can better fight Big Skin. Mandy the girlfriend is all "Lucky?!?!?" She says it all disbelievingly. 
Aw. Big Skin just shot Lucky. 
Dean shoots Big Skin. 
Sam is looking for the actual alpha dog. Sexily. 
There's a big blood stain in front of the office door where Mandy the girlfriend & son are hiding. But there's no dog or dude in the big blood stain. Sam looks up & sees Mandy the girlfriend through the window in the door. She's making some weirdo crazy face. Why is she looking at Sam like that? 

PGSD is knocking on Mandy the girlfriend's door. In dude form. Guess they got outta that warehouse. Aw. PGSD is telling Mandy the girlfriend that they are the only family he's ever known & that he loves them. Mandy the girlfriend is a straight up bitch to him. She slams the door in his face.
Mandy the girlfriend looks out the window & sees PGSD's clothes on the ground. You're a real bitch, Mandy the girlfriend!
Aw. PGSD is wandering the streets alone. As a dog. Which makes it much sadder than if he were just wandering the streets as a stupid human.
Sam & Dean are having a talky talk. Sam is saying that he isn't Sam. That he doesn't care about Ben & Lisa. Or Dean really. He's killed innocent people. He's all not regret-y. He says being the old Sam was kinda harder than being this new RoboSam. But he thinks that he should go back to being Old Skool Sam. i agree. As does Dean. 

Next time on Supernatural...
It's fairies, motherfucker!!! Looks like it might be a funny one. Which is good because we really haven't had a funtastic ep this season. Plus i'm glad they're not trying to pull some "Supernatural will return December 3rd" bullshit like they are with The Vampire Diaries. i think i've already proven that i don't like when they skip weeks. ;)

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