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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 6 OR How To Put The "Crazy" In Crazy Cat Lady

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #6: You Can't Handle The Truth 
Previously on Supernatural...
Dean went all Salvatore-y. Gramps helped out & cured Dean's vamposis. Twilight jokes abounded. & we can't trust Sam.
Yeah, we can't trust him.
Or can we?

Some desperate waitress chicky in a restaurant complaining to her friend on the phone. All she wants is the truth. Oh come on now, waitress chicky, NO ONE really wants to hear the truth. That's why lying is a thing. Uh duh!
Wow now all of these peeps are being super rude and mean to waitress chicky. See, i told you. You don't really wanna hear the truth. As they say- it hurts.
She's calling her sister trying to get some sympathy for this wretched day that she's having. Yeah. Sister ain't giving her sympathy but a whole buttload of the awful truth instead. 
& now waitress chicky shoots herself. Her blood splatters all over a sign that, ironically, says The Happy Place. 
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime.
Dean is talking to Bobby on the phone. Doesn't know if Sam is Sam. Very worried about the sitch.
Sam comes in. 
Lies lies. Dean is lying to Sammy. Telling him he was trying to reach Lisa.
We're gonna be working the dead waitress chicky case.  
We're now at dead waitress chicky's sister's house. She's trying to lie to Handsome Suit Sammy. He's not buying what she's trying to sell him though. Totally calls out insensitive sis's tell. She admits to saying really horrible things to dead waitress chicky right before she shot herself. But she couldn't stop herself from saying them. It's like she was possessed or something.
Ok, now we're at a dentist's office. This probably won't be a good place to air out your truthyness. 
Dental patient being a little too honest with his dentist. About his dirty thoughts (& perhaps actions) directed at dentist dude's daughter. Yeah this isn't gonna end well. 
Dentist dude is, of course, pissed. So now he's gonna drill the ever loving shit outta this guy's mouth. 
Blood everywhere. Screaming dental hygienist. Hope that guy had insurance. 
Time for our first commercial, y'all.

Dean talking to Bobby again. He finds Sam super creepy. Wishes he knew what in the fuck Sam is. Bobby says worst case scenario, maybe it's just Sam. Watch your mouth, Bobby!
Sam's back in his sexy suit. (Where the fuck does he keep going long enough for Dean to make these sneaky phone calls?) He's got the dentist case for them to work on now.
Dean says Sam can go check out the dentist. He'll stay back & do research. Wha? Dean wants to do research? You know something is up.
Sam finds out that the dentist hung himself. So now he's gonna take a trip to the morgue. Deano can be helpful & go check out the yuck dentist office.
Dean's connected the dots between dead waitress chicky & the dentist. It's some horn store. Wait. Horn store? 
Kooky horn store owner is no real help as far as dead waitress chicky & dentist are concerned.  But he tells Dean that he's now missing a one in a billion horn that was stolen from his store. 
Dean thinks it could be one of those missing angelic weapons we learned about a few eps back. Calling to Cass.
Cass is back.
Dean's mad because he's apparently been calling for Cass for a while to see if he maybe knows what in the hell is wrong with Sammy. Cass says he doesn't know what's wrong with Sam. But that this horn might be Gabriel's Horn of Truth. He'll go check.
Cass is gone. 
Cass is back. It's not the Horn of Truth. 
Because Dean is still pissed at him, Cass will ask his fellow angelic peeps about Sam. 
Cass is gone.
Sam is at the morgue wanting to see all the suicide bodies. But only the dentist's body is there. The rest are gone gone.
Uh oh. Dean's at a bar. Drowning his sorrows. Tells the bartender girl that he just wants the freakin truth. Big mistake. She tells him about her baby-having-problems & snorting-Oxy ways. Dean goes all Rut Row Scooby Doo face. 
& now here's a word from our sponsors.
Deathly Hallows commercial!!!!  -Squeeeeeeeeeeal-

Dean starts to leave the bar but some chick is talking to him about her boobs. Be quiet stupid boob lady! You are derailing Dean from his mission!
Dean calling Bobby. AGAIN. Bobby is watching Tori & Dean! & talking about how sometimes he likes to get pedicures. Turns out the truth curse works over the phone. Oh Bobby! You are so busted.
Turns out there was a Patient Zero of sorts. Sam tracks down the place where this all started.
He's talking to Patient Zero's, wait, is she her sister or her roommate? Anyhoo, she says PZ had been having a rough time. Her cat went missing. & she thought that her boyfriend was cheating on her & became obsessed with finding out the truth. 
Dean calls Lisa. Wow he has used his cell a lot in this episode. i hope he has a good phone plan. Anyway, Lisa is unloading on his ass because of the truth curse. She's saying Dean won't be happy while Sam is in his life. What a shitty thing to say to a dude about his brother that just miraculously came back from the dead, Lisa. & now she's breaking up with him. Not cool, Lisa. Not cool.
Sam is investigating PZ'z room. Found a box with a cat skull in it. Also known as Ewww!
Dean tries using his truthyness on Sam. He asks him about pausing when the vamp attacked. Sam says he thinks that he was in shock. That he couldn't move. Does Dean believe him since supposedly Sam can only tell the truth? i gotta say, i don't. Oh man. i wanna trust you, Sammy, really i do. But lately you've just been so untrustworthy. But i still love you boo.
Commercial time.

Ok, so apparently the culprit is Veritas. The goddess of truth. Who is afraid of dogs. Weird.
They think it's the chick from the nightly news? 
Sam's watching footage for clues whilst Dean eats. Wants to do research, my ass! Dean, you fool no one.
A segment where there's a dog barking in the background. Nightly news lady looks a little unnerved. Closeup on her eyes, Sammy.
Yep! Nightly news lady got the demon eyes, y'all. Lets go get her crazy ass.
Wow. Nice digs creepy nightly news lady.
We got dog's blood & big ass knives! Now lets break into this bitch's house! 
Ok, we're in. There's a cat. Cat's are always creepy. So superior. What a bitch. Yeah, i'm talking about the cat at this point not the murdering news lady.
There's a pic of the Veritas thingy. Hey, why don't you be a little more obvious that you're the baddie, Nightly News Lady? Lets look at her desk. Maybe there will be some stationary that says From The Desk Of That News Lady That Murdered Those People.
Eww. & now there's a whole bunch of dead body parts just lying around. & cats. A truly yucky combo. She may be a goddess or some shit but she is a lousy housekeeper.
Nightly news creep lady knocks the bros out & ties them to a pole. i guess NNCL is pretty strong. What with the whooshy arms & all. 
Eww! She ate that dude's tongue. You are so gross, NNCL!
Uh oh. it's truth telling time. 
Dean admits that he thought about killing Sam in his sleep & about how Sam is sooo a monster. But now he thinks that Sam was just trying to be like Dean. A badass hunter with little to no remorse. He's also confessing to know the whole Lisa/Ben/family thing couldn't work. He's not a father. He's a killer. Aw, Dean don't think that way. Also, shame on you, NNCL for dredging up all that shit. 
Now she turns her truth-loving on Sam. 
Sam's talking but she thinks that he's lying! & now she's pissed because he won't tell her the truth. She says he's not human. Dean's all "Wha?" Sam has managed to cut himself free though & throws the knife to Dean to do the same. Sam attacks NNCL.
She's choking Sam! No!!! Bitch, you better get your hands off my man! 
Things get all stabby.
Sam kills NNCL but now Dean has his knife trained on Sam.
Ugh! Damn you, commercial break!

Sam's saying he's Sam. Dean ain't buying it.
Sam says he knows that there is something wrong with him. He did let Dean get bitten. Aw, Sammy can't feel anymore. Let me help you, Sam. i can help you feel again.
Dean drops the knife but starts fucking whaling on Sam's beautiful face. P.S. is that how you spell whaling? is there another way? i don't know. i've never actually had to spell it before, now that i think about it. Hmmm. 

Next time on Supernatural...
Gasp! Oh No! Someone has stolen Sammy's soul! Lets find that bastard (or bitch) and kick his (or her) ass!


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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 5 OR Don't Date A Boy That Sparkles

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #5: Live Free or Twi-Hard 
Previously on Supernatural...
A day in the life of Bobby Singer & his many phones. Bobby got his soul back from Crowley, said "Balls" a lot, totally screwed romantical things up with a neighbor lady & had a heart to heart with the Winchester boys. Oh, & Jensen Ackles made his directorial debut! You go Jensen Ackles!

Par-tay!!! It's some kinda Goth party. i'm thinking we'll be dealing with vamps this ep.
Yep. Cute little teen girl. Broody teen guy. Talking about eternity & destiny & shit. It's Bella & Edward, y'all.
Ha! Their names are actually Kristen & Robert! HaHaHa! Supernatural you never cease to amaze me! 
Homeboy showing Bella his fangs. But, surprise surprise, she's fine with it. Stupid Kristen/Bella.
They've left the vamp club. Now Bella's getting attacked by a frizzy haired vamp dude. It was a setup! Poor naive stupid vamp lover.
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime.
Dean is calling Lisa. You guys gonna meet up soon? Nope we got us a case. Sorry.
We've got missing girls. 
At Kristen, or lets face it, Bella's house looking for clues. Her dad doesn't really seem all that distraught. Whatever, lets look in Bella's room.
Wow, ooooook. She apparently really likes vampires.
"These aren't vampires. These are douchebags." HeeHee!
Checking out the covers of the Twilight-esque books that are everywhere in Bella's room. Dean quips "Watching her sleep. How is that not rapey?" Oh Dean. i love your quippyness!
Done at Bella's. 
Uh oh, the blood donation mobile just got robbed. Security dude got killed.
& now it's time for our first commercial break.

Ugh. Gramps is back. 
Now we're at The Black Rose. Having a couple of beers. Looking for pervy vamps. Just like old times. 
Found to "vamps" that fit the profile. Lets follow 'em.
"You go with Efron. i got Bieber." Oh Dean. How do you know these things!?
Sam's wandering through the basement-like area. Kills a vamp.
Dean following a faux vamp dude. Faux vamp dude is dressing/acting like a vamp to score chicks that have little to no self esteem. Dean tells him to Mmmbop his way outta here! HA! Dean you are soooo quippy in this episode!
Frizzy haired vamp again. Telling Dean he's pretty. Can't say the same about you, Frizzy haired vamp.
Oh hells no!!! Frizzy haired vamp is feeding Dean his vamp blood!
Oh hells no NO!!! Sam is just watching Frizzy haired vamp! Why are you standing idly by!?!? Why did you wait until the vamp put his blood in Dean's mouth to then yell "No!" What is going on with my Sammy?!?!? You best not be evil now! Is it Gramps? Is Gramps making you evil? Oh say it ain't so Sammy!!!
Damnit! Commercial.

Dean's vamping out. He's got the super sensitive hearing & the sensitivity to bright lights. 
Dean can hear your calm ass heartbeat. Why aren't you more freaked out, Sam?
Sam's just trying to stay calm. Yeah, trying to stay calm my ass! You watched him get poisoned Sam! What the fucking F is going on with you?!!?
Dean's gonna go wash his face & calm his ass down.
-gasp- Dean's got the baby vampire teeth!
Sam's gonna check up on him. 
Oh snap! Where has Dean gone? Besides out the window. 
Uh oh! Watch out Lisa! 
Ok, Dean doesn't want to hurt her. But he does wanna kinda drink her blood a little. Except not because that would be super wrong. "Oh God. i'm Pattinson." Dean has apparently been watching a lot of E! News lately what with his sudden pop culture quippyness.
Wait is Dean like "break" breaking up with her? 
Uh oh. Vamp teeth extendo! Dean don't bite Lisa. You'll def regret it later. & i'm sure you'll have a later i mean, be realistic boo, this is only the fifth episode. You've got 17 more eps to quip your way through. 
Ok, he didn't bite her but he's gotta get outta here pronto. 
Damn! Dean just pushed Ben's ass into a wall. i'm thinking your home life will be a little shaky when you finally do get back home, Dean-o. 
Gramps is at the hotel. Now Dean's back too. He actually wants Gramps to kill him.
Wait, what??? You can turn him back into a human? How you gonna do that Gramps? Except with your evil dark magic because i don't trust you & think that you're evil & hiding something & your voice kinda gets on my nerves.
So here's the rub. Dean can't drink any blood or he'll be a vamp 4evs. Plus he needs to get blood from the vamp that turned him. Yep. We're heading off to find Frizzy haired vamp.
Dean's gone to find the nest & thus FHV (Frizzy haired vamp. We'll now abbreviate his name because it's just easier.)
Gramps & Sam are now alone in the hotel room. Gramps says that Sam knew about the reversal. Sam's playing like Oh No He Didn't!
Gramps thinks Sam set Dean up to be able to get into the vamp nest to get at some Alpha vamp they've been after. Surely Sam wouldn't do that to his brother. But is this even Sam, y'all? i don't know. 
Now Dean's at the vamp nest. Stopped by Robert. Wow minus a vulnerable girl by his side, Robert is pretty douchetastic.
Robert's offering Dean some blood. Don't do it Dean! 
Ok, good. Dean lied & told Robert he just killed a whole bunch of peeps on his way over so he's pretty much set. Good job resisting peer pressure, Dean.
Ewww. Rob's drinking outta one of those blood bags. Is it kinda or really sick that i wonder what the blood tastes like? i mean, not real blood but the blood that actors like whoever the guy playing Robert is have to drink. i'm just curious is all.
So FHV is getting Kristen, who is apparently a vamp now, to write crappy vamp poetry to lure in other vamp lovin girls. What a tool. FVH, i mean. Not Kristen.
So real vamps are using Twi-hards to become like blood mules or something. Classy.
Dean's gonna try to kill FHV with a vial of dead mans blood. But damnit! he's dropped the vial.
Uh oh. there's some noise. Now all the vamps are dropping. Now Dean is dropping.
Dean's trippin or something. It's a weirdo montage of weirdness. Freaky shit. Creepy twins. Ok, when are twins not evil? Those Olsens? -shudder- P.S. Aren't these girls late for their shift at The Overlook Hotel? Shouldn't they be scaring the bejesus out of Danny right about now?
Dean's back. & so are the other vamps. So, of course, it's on now, futhermuckers! 
Huh. Turns out vampires are kinda pussy fighter. Dean is totally kicking their asses!
Robert's head got cut completely off. Also known as... AWESOME!
Commercial time.

Gramps & Sam make it to the nest. 
Dean's beating the fool out of all the vamps. He's got a big ass knife & he knows how to use it!
FHV is talking smack. i wouldn't do that if i were you, FHV. i mean, just look at the size of Dean's knife. That's gonna hurt like a bitch!
Gramps & Sam have finally found Dean.
Dean chops off FHV's head. Well now they've got his blood. Time to cure Dean-o!
Back at the hotel a' mixin the cure.
Dean takes the cure. & ewwww! Dean's puking up yuck. 
Now Dean is having flashbacks. We're leading up to something here. But what?
Ah, Sam's smirk when FHV is feeding Dean the blood. What is going on with Sam, DAMNIT!?!?
& now we're going to commercials. Blah!

Dean's not a vamp anymore. Hooray! What did he learn being in the nest? Well Alpha's building an army of vamps &, Rut-Row, they aren't scared of hunters anymore.
Dean tries to call Lisa. Doesn't get through though. He tells Sam that at least he'll always have his back, right? RiGHT? Ugh! What is up with Sam? EvilEva does not care for demonic Sam even though you think she would since she's "Evil" & all but oh no! She is not that kind of evil girl.

Next time on Supernatural...
What the fuck? Dean is pretty sure that Sam isn't Sam. Right, Bobby? Cass? EvilEva? Yes, i'm pretty sure we're all in agreement. 

Well that's all for this week. Please join me in praying for Sammy's soul then i'll see you back here next Friday night!

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EvilEva reviews... Catching Fire

EvilEva reviews...... Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.  

The Hunger Games Trilogy.

Warning! Spoilers!

Warning. This is the sequel to The Hunger Games. There will be spoilers. If you haven't read the first book STOP HERE!

After winning the Hunger Games by publicly defying the Capitol, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark have started their new lives in District 12. Living in the Victor's Village, having plenty of food and money, being safe. Or so the Capitol would like them to think. But Katniss knows that she is not safe, that she will never be safe. Her fears are confirmed when President Snow himself shows up at her home. Katniss and Peeta's defiance could cause an uprising, something that P. Snow is not down with. He doesn't believe the whole tragic star crossed lovers bit, at least not on Katniss' end. So while she and Peeta tour the other Districts she is to play up the romance, convince people that it was not defiance but true love. But Katniss is sick of the Capitol and their games and secretly longs for an uprising. President Snow, however, has ways of making sure Katniss will comply. Like having Gale killed. So with Gale's life hanging in the balance, Katniss and Peeta embark on their Victory Tour.
Things don't quite go as planned. There are rumblings of a rebellion. When Katniss and Peeta return to District 12 they find a new, harsher Peacekeeper, the Hob has been destroyed and the fence separating District 12 from the woods has been activated. As if that's not bad enough, they find out that they will now be forced to participate in the Quarter Quell.
The Quarter Quell happens, appropriately, every 25 years between Hunger Games. Always with a twist, this year former victors compete in an island/jungle arena covered with many hidden dangers as well as force fields that'll fry your ass if you're not careful. The rules are the same though. Survive at all costs.

Unlike the first book, Katniss finds herself with a whole host of allies this time around. But can she really trust them? This is the question that plagues her throughout the book. 
Her newfound "friends" and former winners of the HG include, Finnick, the athletic, attractive, adored wonderboy; Johanna, the hard-shelled gladiator girl; Beetee, the techno whiz; Wiress, Beetee's slightly off often brilliant District counterpart; and Mags, the hard to understand yet selfless elder of the bunch. But who can she count on and who is she willing to kill to ensure that her plan, of Peeta winning and taking on the Capitol with his beautiful mind and insightful words, will come to fruition. 

This book, very much like the first, is so gut wrenching. I swear, with every page I read, Suzanne Collins just impresses me more and more. She has such an incredible way of making you care for these characters so deeply. I want Katniss to live. I want her to really fall in love with Peeta (Yep. I'm Team Peeta, y'all!) I want her to marry him and have adorable little baker babies. And I want those babies to grow up in a safe, Capitol-free world. And I want Gale and Prim and Katniss' mother to be ok. And Haymitch too! And I want him to lay off the sauce. And good Lord I hope Cinna is alright! See, this is why Suzanne Collins' books are so friggin fantastic! Long after the book is closed, long after the story is over, you're still thinking and worrying and yes, obsessing about these characters. Even right now as I'm sitting here writing this review I keep sliding glances over at my nightstand where Mockingjay is patiently waiting for me. 
Catching Fire was a wild ride from start to finish. And Holy God, what a finish!!! What a crazy, unexpected, awesome ending! Ok, I HAVE to go read Mockingjay now. I can't stand the suspense any longer!

The Scale of Judgment says...... 5!

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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 4 OR Bobby's World

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #4: Weekend at Bobby's 
Previously on Supernatural...
i may have somewhat freaked the fuck out over the mere mention of the word "SOON." but look y'all, it's not "SOON" it's "NOW!" Also Cass came back then disappeared. We dealt with the plague & soul stealing a-hole angels. So on with the show! NOW! ;)

One year ago... Bobby summons Crowley. Hopefully not for another kiss though. ;)
Nope. Bobby wants no kiss from Crowley but he does want his soul back.
Hey! Get that hellhound off of Bobby's back, Crowley. 
Well, Crowley is outta the devils snare. Or is it a demons snare? Whichever. He's out is my point. That wasn't very well thought out, Bobby boy.
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime!
Bobby's friendly with the neighbors. How adorable. Hey cute neighbor lady.
Bobby keeps saying balls! Whilst Kenny Rogers sings The Gambler! 
Directed by Jensen Ackles! You go, Jensen Ackles! 
Uh Bobby. Why you got a woman locked in your basement? 
Oh she's not a woman. She's a dirty demon in a regular woman costume. i guess that's how hellish-y things dress for Halloween. As regular boring people. Very funny hellish-y things. i'm going as HitGirl. If you were at all curious. 
Hey! Don't talk about Bobby's dead wife you dirty demon! 
Ooh, Bobby's gonna blowtorch something. Her remains, i guess. 
Wait. Crowley is the King of Hell? What does that even mean, dirty demon woman? 
Ooh! Bobby's got a lady friend at the door! & with cobbler, no less! 
Aw, Bobby don't break Marcy's poor little heart. Clearly she wants you. Plus, white chocolate popcorn sounds pretty awesome! You go Marcy! Hope you don't end up being some kind of demon trying to lure Bobby away with your awesome sounding treats.
Well, Bobby has to go. Maybe next time Marcy.
So Crowley's real name is Fergus MacLeod.
& now Bobby's gonna burn the mother down.
Time for commercials.
Vampire Diaries commercial. Why does the moonstone look like a bar of soap from Bath & Body Works?  Plus have you noticed Damon using those "crazy eyes" as of late? it's really weird. 

Bobby's got many phones.
Apparently monsters from other countries are turning up round these parts. 
Bobby & his hunter buddy Rufus burying an okami in the backyard. P.S. what the fuck is an okami?
Sam & Dean calling to get Bobby's advice on how to get rid of a Lamia. Again, what the fuck is that?
Some douchedude copper wants to search Bobby's house. Someone apparently saw Rufus come to Bobby's house with a dead body. Hey, mind your own business, Someone!
But the mom from Suite Life of Zack & Cody (yes i'm ashamed i know that) told douchedude copper to wait outside. 
Uh oh. Douchedude copper has gone to the okami's burial site.
Double uh oh. The okami isn't there anymore. It's apparently not dead. 
Okami has an appetite for all the single ladies. You best watch your back Beyonce. Oh no & Marcy!
Bobby you DO NOT break into a ladies house like that. 
Okami on the ceiling! 
Now out the window! 
Now through the wood chipper! 
& yuck!
Poor Marcy's covered with Okami blood. & Bobby is trying to accept her invitation to dinner NOW?!?!? Oh B! You've got so much to learn about women. Plus Marcy probably won't be able to get the taste of Okami blood out of her mouth for weeks so i highly doubt she'll be wanting to eat, espeically with you bless your heart, anytime soon.
Think about that Bobby while we enjoy this commercial break.

My channel keeps flickering. You better quit playing, CW!
Ok it's better now.
Rufus & Bobby are talking on the phone. Rufus has news on Crowley. 
Crowley had a son. Bobby wants to summon the son to do a switcheroo for his soul. But he needs a ring so he can use it to call up the dead sons ghost. The ring is at a museum or something. Rufus will get it. Somehow. 
Dean's calling Bobby all concerned about Sam. He thinks Sam ain't right.
Bobby's trying to go back to his call with Rufus somewhat ignoring Dean's current problem.
Dean don't you call Bobby selfish! He does so much for you & he's trying to get his soul back & you should see how many phones Bobby has & he has to answer them all! 
Ooh, Bobby's in a full out rant y'all! 
Yeah Winchester bros, sack up & help B for once!
Oh. Turns out all you had to do was ask, Bobby. Uh Duh of course they'll help you. 
Well Rufus got caught by the police. He's in jail. With the ring!
Bobby's trying to convince Sheriff Suite Life to somehow get Rufus extradited. But Sheriff Suite Life says she can't & won't. It could mean her job. 
Wait a second. Somehow she got Rufus (& the ring) back to Bobby! Way to come through, Sheriff Suite Life!
Commercial time.

i wonder how much salt the Supernatural props department goes through in a season. Bobby is pouring it all over the floor that's why i ask this. 
Time to summon Crowley's son.
Speaking in Latin. i wanna learn Latin. i realize that it is a dead language & all but it would really help with my Supernatural watchin.
Ok, did we summon Crowley's sons ghost?
Yep. There's the ghost son. 
& there's Crowley.
So Crowley is not too jazzed about being The New Big Bad. 
Ok, i like Crowley's impression of Bobby! You idgit!
Uh oh. Bobby's bringing out the big guns. Ghost son!
But Crowley's not all that fond of Ghost Son.
Ghost Son's not all that fond of Crowley either.
So he's spilled all of Crowley's secrets. Including where Crowley's bones are buried!
Sam & Dean have hopped a flight to Scotland. They gonna burn some bones, baby!
Bones or soul, Crowley. Pick one.
Ah, bones. Good choice, Crowley. Now give Bobby his soul back, you idgit!
Yay, Bobby's got his soul!!!
Now Crowley's in Scotland with the Winchesters. Man he can really book it, can't he?
Hey Crowley, don't you call my stud puppy Sam a moose!
Crowley's got his bones & is off to raise some hell.
There's a castle.
More commercials.

Bobby having a heart to heart with the boys. Sorta.
Ha! Let's roll credits on this chick flick. Bobby, you are so uncomfortable with emotions.
Bobby's finally getting around to Marcy's cobbler. But the damn phone rings! A hunters job is never done. 
Poor Bobby. i really liked Marcy though. i hope that somehow some way after getting Okami blood all up in her face that she & Bobby can maybe get together in the future. Bobby deserves it. 

Next time on Supernatural...
(Yes, NEXT not SOON. Woo-Hoo!) Dean is apparently some kinda monster. Ugh, untrustworthy Gramps is back. & Dean's about to kill Lisa. But where is Sam? We were pretty Samless in this ep. i won't stand for the Samlessness, CW! i won't! Shirtless Sam, yes! Samlessness, NO!

P.S. i'm minutes away from completing the Supernatural ornament that i've been working on! Let me just say..... It. Looks. AWESOME!!!!! May include a photo of it soon so i can share the awesomeness with you guys!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Check Out The Avalon High TV Movie Trailer

Here is the trailer for Avalon High. Which just so happens to be a book by the awesome Meg Cabot.

It's been a while since i read the book (which also has a manga series to go along with it if you didn't know) but i remember really liking it. Don't know what i think about this trailer though. First off it's a Disney Channel Original Movie which can't be good. i mean, that's like saying it's a Lifetime Original Movie or a SyFy Original Movie or an ABCFamily Original Movie. Really nothing good can come from that.  Secondly, the armor that the dudes are wearing looks super cheesy.
i'll try to keep an open mind though as it is Meg Cabot-y. Although in her blog she says that she hasn't really had anything to do with the whole process. 
Who knows though. It could turn out to be a good Disney Channel Original Movie. No, i am not smirking as i write that. ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 3 OR It's Gettin' Plague-y In Here So Take Off All Your Clothes

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #3: The Third Man
Previously on Supernatural...
Shifty McShifter eludes the Winchester bros & spirits away to places unknown with Shifty McShifter Jr. Dean realizes that he's no good at that whole family havin' business. So he peaces out Lisa & Ben & rejoins Sammy in the Metallicar Mystery Machine. Now it's back to baddie huntin', boys!

Dude, what's up with your bloody/peely face? Eww, scratch that! Bloody/peely body. & eww, again! That dude just got, like, microwaved! What the what?!?!?
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime.
It's sexy time with Dean & Lisa. But wait a sexy second i thought we left Lisa & Co. behind last week. What's with the booty call? 
Oh, it's just a dream. To bad for you, Dean.
Ok, now it's sexy time with Sammy! Yes, keep your shirt off & continue doing chin-ups, sit-ups & any other ups you can do! 
Ewwwww, Sam! Who is that hooker???
Oh. Apparently she's an actual hooker. 
Come on Sam, you're waaaaaay better than that! Hell i'll screw you for free! That sounds so dirty. i'll make sweet sweet lovin' to you! For free! There, that's classier!
Ok, no more of Sam's abs. Damnit! Apparently we now need to move the story along.
Some cop guy hiding in the bushes trying to catch people speeding.
Cop guy is VERY lax at his job.
Creepster in the bushes. Well, looks like cop guys about to get it.
Yeah, now cop guy's got out of control boils. Yuck!
Enough of cop guy & his boily skin.
Ah, my lover in a suit! If he's not shirtless he should really be forced to wear suits. It's a very good look!
Morgue time.
Ha! Skidmark & Bubblewrap! That shouldn't be funny. But, damnit Dean, the way you say things sometimes. It's just poetry!
Come on fellas. Ditch your new speedster, Sam. Let's all ride in the Impala together.It's the way it's supposed to be. Plus at this point you're really just wasting gas.
Mmm, sexy Sammy kicking in the door! He's become so badass since he hasn't had Dean around to be badass for him. & i personally like it. i like it a lot!
Questioning some creepy new cop guy. 
Why is new cop guy scratching out the faces in all his family photos? That's not something a normal cop guy would do. 
"God will be satisfied." What the fuck are you talking about? & why is your head bleeding profusely, cop guy whose name we just learned is Ed? 
Aaaaand now Ed's dead.
& locusts are crawling out of his head. That rhymes! & also, Yuck! 
Yeah Dean, we should definitely call Cass now. 
Dean praying to Castiel. Hilariously!
Yay! Cass is back! But Sam is mad. Seems he's been trying to call Cass 4-evah and Cass has been incommunicado. Not cool Cass.
Commercial time.

So Cass doesn't know how Sam got out of hell. The angels of Supernatural seem to be slightly good for nothin'.
The staff of Moses is the culprit. That's why it's so plague-y all of a sudden.
Apparently some "heavenly weapons" got jacked after the apocalypse. That can't be good.
So the father of the "kid without a face" may have done it? What the hell does that mean?
Cass transports the boys to kid without a face's house. Turns out it's not the dad but the younger brother of kid without a face. 
An angel gave this kid the staff of Moses? 
Oh no!!! Little bro sold his soul to an angel for a piece of the staff. Not even the whole staff. Man, little bro of kid without a face is horrible at negotiations. 
So Cass is gonna have to torture little bro with his angel-y ways to find out who bought his soul. 
Hey, who is this dude in the suit?
Cass & dude in suit are free... free fallin'! Sorry. 
Yay, they demolished Sam's car by falling on it! 
Let's go to a commercial now...

Dude in suit has flown the coop.
Raphael wants to fast track the apocalypse. Because it was supposed to happen, the Winchester bros kept it from happening, & in Raphael's mind that ain't what's happening. Hey hey hey!
Hey, Balthazar's got a disco room in his pad. Groovy.
Eww, that dude had a frog hop out of him mouth. 
Soooo, Balthazar stole the staff. Um-kay, why?
& he's gonna help Cass.
Oh, so Balthazar is a douchenugget. 
What's up with all the dudes in suits?
Damnit, commercial!

It's all about knife fights tonight. It's like Supernatural has gone all Outsiders on our asses. Be careful, Soda!
OMG Raphael almost stabbed Cass!
Balthazar just iced or salted or what have you Raphael. 
Holy fire! Balthazar, give that little bro his soul back.
Cass released B from the holy fire. But why? 
Dean wanted to smoke the hipster while they had the chance.
Now both angels have peaced out. Oh, angels! 

Aw, Dean has Ben's Halloween costume in the trunk. He wanted to be a Wendigo this year. How very unique of you, Ben.
Dean's giving Sam the ol what-for about his behavior when Cass was torturing little bro. 
Sam claims he's ok. HA! You're ok? No you are not, Sam! You are screwing some dirty hooker! That is the very definition of NOT ok!
Ah damnit! You mean the episode is already over?!?!? 

Soon? What the fuck do you mean soon, CW?!?!? When will the next new episode be? There have only been three eps so far, for God's sake!!! How is that an "ok time for a break" moment!?!? i call shenanigans, CW! SHENANIGANS! 
Also if you're gonna go all shenanigansy on me then i INSIST on more shirtless Sam! It's only fair.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Feast Your Eyes On The I Am Number Four Trailer

So, i feel like I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore (available now in hardback for $17.99) just came out & already they've made it into a movie. & yes i realize that there is a whole buttload of movies coming soon that started out as books (such as The Hunger Games, Wicked Lovely, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, & The Spellman Files. Just to name a few) but most or all of those are just now being developed. Some don't have a cast, some don't have a director, some don't even have a screenplay written yet. & I Am Number Four is already done. With a trailer even. i don't know if this is one of those things where the book was written specifically to go along with the movie or if there was just so much hype about the book that Hollywood jumped on writing a script for it & that's why the book (which came out in Aug.) & the movie have coincided so closely. It seems kinda odd to me but whatever. As far as the movie goes, it looks like it could be good (God knows i love me a good alien story. HELLO, obsessed with Roswell! The TV show, the books & the whole bid-ness that "never happened." Yeah, that's me! Totally obsessed!) Plus i've heard that Jake Abel, or faux-bro Adam from Supernatural as he is known to all of us, is in it. Not that that is necessarily a reason to see this movie. i mean, he's certainly no Jared Padalecki! But i guess we can show him some love. What do you think?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 2 OR Why Monster Babies Make Lousy Pets

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #2: Two & A Half Men
Previously on Supernatural...
Sammy came back! We got the band back together, y'all! Hooray! But now Dean wants out of the monster huntin' business. He wants to be a family man. Boo! Grandpa Campbell is back from the dead. & hey, here's some relatives we didn't know about. (Don't Trust Them.)

Bloody hand! Make way, lady with a baby! Ok i don't like when babies are put in danger. Full grown people? Yeah, sure, fine. People are assholes. But babies aren't assholes. They're sweet defenseless little balls o' cuteness.
Dean & the family have moved into a new house. That's what happens i guess when you get Djinn yuck all over your previous home. 
Lisa is acting kinda bitchy to Dean. Like she's fed up with this monster business. You knew what you were signing up for, lady! This isn't Happy Days! This is Supernatural. So buck up Joanie!
Sammy in a suit! Super dreamy!!!
This ep someone is snatching babies. EvilEva is NOT ok with this. EvilEva HATES baby-messin-with!
Ooh, Ben's messing with Dean's gun. Now Dean's getting all bad cop yell-y on his ass. Go to your room young man!
Lisa & Dean are arguing over the whole monster bid-ness. It takes down the strongest of marriages (or relationships? Again, what exactly are these two to each other?)
Ooh it's time to break & enter with my TV boyfriend! Parents are dead. So where is baby? Please don't let anything happen to baby!
Sam got knocked down by some security system worker dude/monster. You leave Sam's fine ass alone you jerk! Sammy shanks him! That's what happens when you fuck with the Winchesters, bitch! Eww, dude's skin made a sizzling sound when Sam shanked him. We must be dealing with a shifter.
Sam is calling Dean! Let's get the band back together again boys!!!
OMG, why is there a baby in Sam's car? 
"Welcome to the party, Guttenberg! HaHaHaHa! 
Commercial break time....

We're back. Dean's teaching Lisa to use a gun.
Sam leaning against his car= so super dreamy. -le sigh-
Aww, that baby is sooooo cute. There's just no way he could be a vehicle for EVIL.
The boys take on baby stuff buyin'! 
Aww, Bobby John!!!! So cute!
Oh my Gawd! That lady is trying to steal Bobby John! Get away from Bobby John, you evil old bitch!
Uh oh! Shifter got their license plate number. So apparently shifters are really old school when it comes to reporting a crime. 
Shifter's got a new body. It's some patrol dude. 
Dean is changing a diaper. Repeat. Dean is changing a diaper. 
"If i put you down are you gonna be a man about it?" Oh Dean, you so crazy!
Aww, feeling-sharing time! Dean feels like he's Ben's daddy. 
Man alive! Do the Winchester boys Google "hotels with ass ugly decor" before they make a decision on where to stay? Yikes!
Dean STOP giving Bobby John liquor! That's a bad daddy decision!
Sammy interviewing non-dead daddy. & apparently he's not the baby daddy. The baby's real father is a shifter. Say what?
OMG! Bobby John is now a black baby & he's covered in some kinda yucky goo. Apparently we're dealing with a shifter baby.
& damnit now a commercial...

& now back to the show.
Shifter cop coming to ruin things. 
Shifter cop talking about our father? What you talkin' bout shifter cop???
Sam shooting shifter cop= Extremely dreamy! Shoot him again, hotpants!
Sam wants to take baby shifter to Gramps & the fam. i. Don't. Trust. Them.
i really dislike girl cousin Campbell.
As well as Campbell cousin that doesn't talk much.
& i REALLY dislike redneck nimrod cousin. 
Oh, so Dean doesn't trust them either. Good to know i'm not the only one.
Wait, the answer is to raise the shifter baby? Wha? Gramps have you lost your marbles?
That's right, Dean, you can't just Angelina Jolie a shapeshifter!
Ok, did Gramps just give Redneck Nimrod Cousin (Which he will be known as from now on) the shifter baby to keep? What the what? & so nonchalantly to. What's your deal, Grandpa Campbell?
Ooh, shifter's dressed as Gramps now. & he wants his baby back, baby back, baby back! Remember those commercials? For Chili's baby back ribs? & Barbecue sauce! Whatever happened to those? 
Ponder that while we suffer through these commercials which DO NOT contain baby back ribs...

Girl Cousin i Hate just shot Grandpa shifter.
Wow this is like a super shifter!
Super shifter has tossed Girl Cousin i Hate aside & maybe (hopefully) killed Silent Cousin!
OMG the shifter has shifted into hotness. There are two Sams now! 
Oh, now the shifter is Dean.
This shifter is so shifty. 
Shifty shifters got baby shifter now.
If Scooby-Doo were here he'd be giving it a good ol fashioned "Rut-Ro" by now!
Wait a minute Gramps. So we don't know if we can kill the shifter? Well that's gonna be problematic.
Dean thinks Sam was using the baby as bait. Certainly NOT my Sammy. Plus i don't think Sam was in the room when then cop shifter said that about "our father." 
Dean is being really paranoid. Or is he?
i like that Starburst commercial with the zombie. "You're boring me back to death."

Ok, back to the shiftiness. 
The Campbell compound. Gramps is talking to someone on the phone. Being very shifty. Not shape shifty. Just regular shifty. One more time with feeling, class. We Don't Trust Him!!!
Dean's back with Lisa. 
Aww, Lisa is being very understanding of Dean's hunter tendencies. 
Ooh, she's asking him to leave. But telling him he can come back whenever he's not out ridding the world of demon a-holes. Well, it's been nice knowing you Lisa but somehow i don't think we're gonna see your ass anymore.
Yeah, get in the Impala, crank up that Smoke on the Water, & lets get outta here Dean-o!
Hey wait. it just occurred to me--- what's gonna happen with the shiftiest shifter that ever shifted? That didn't get resolved in this ep. Where is Bobby John? Will we ever see him again? Hmmm. 

Next time on Supernatural...
It's getting plague-y up in here. Start the Hallelujah chorus cuz Cas is back! Woo-Hoo shirtlessness! Someone's hot ass abs! & Heaven needs our help. Again!