Monday, October 4, 2010

Feast Your Eyes On The I Am Number Four Trailer

So, i feel like I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore (available now in hardback for $17.99) just came out & already they've made it into a movie. & yes i realize that there is a whole buttload of movies coming soon that started out as books (such as The Hunger Games, Wicked Lovely, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, & The Spellman Files. Just to name a few) but most or all of those are just now being developed. Some don't have a cast, some don't have a director, some don't even have a screenplay written yet. & I Am Number Four is already done. With a trailer even. i don't know if this is one of those things where the book was written specifically to go along with the movie or if there was just so much hype about the book that Hollywood jumped on writing a script for it & that's why the book (which came out in Aug.) & the movie have coincided so closely. It seems kinda odd to me but whatever. As far as the movie goes, it looks like it could be good (God knows i love me a good alien story. HELLO, obsessed with Roswell! The TV show, the books & the whole bid-ness that "never happened." Yeah, that's me! Totally obsessed!) Plus i've heard that Jake Abel, or faux-bro Adam from Supernatural as he is known to all of us, is in it. Not that that is necessarily a reason to see this movie. i mean, he's certainly no Jared Padalecki! But i guess we can show him some love. What do you think?

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