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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 2 OR Why Monster Babies Make Lousy Pets

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #2: Two & A Half Men
Previously on Supernatural...
Sammy came back! We got the band back together, y'all! Hooray! But now Dean wants out of the monster huntin' business. He wants to be a family man. Boo! Grandpa Campbell is back from the dead. & hey, here's some relatives we didn't know about. (Don't Trust Them.)

Bloody hand! Make way, lady with a baby! Ok i don't like when babies are put in danger. Full grown people? Yeah, sure, fine. People are assholes. But babies aren't assholes. They're sweet defenseless little balls o' cuteness.
Dean & the family have moved into a new house. That's what happens i guess when you get Djinn yuck all over your previous home. 
Lisa is acting kinda bitchy to Dean. Like she's fed up with this monster business. You knew what you were signing up for, lady! This isn't Happy Days! This is Supernatural. So buck up Joanie!
Sammy in a suit! Super dreamy!!!
This ep someone is snatching babies. EvilEva is NOT ok with this. EvilEva HATES baby-messin-with!
Ooh, Ben's messing with Dean's gun. Now Dean's getting all bad cop yell-y on his ass. Go to your room young man!
Lisa & Dean are arguing over the whole monster bid-ness. It takes down the strongest of marriages (or relationships? Again, what exactly are these two to each other?)
Ooh it's time to break & enter with my TV boyfriend! Parents are dead. So where is baby? Please don't let anything happen to baby!
Sam got knocked down by some security system worker dude/monster. You leave Sam's fine ass alone you jerk! Sammy shanks him! That's what happens when you fuck with the Winchesters, bitch! Eww, dude's skin made a sizzling sound when Sam shanked him. We must be dealing with a shifter.
Sam is calling Dean! Let's get the band back together again boys!!!
OMG, why is there a baby in Sam's car? 
"Welcome to the party, Guttenberg! HaHaHaHa! 
Commercial break time....

We're back. Dean's teaching Lisa to use a gun.
Sam leaning against his car= so super dreamy. -le sigh-
Aww, that baby is sooooo cute. There's just no way he could be a vehicle for EVIL.
The boys take on baby stuff buyin'! 
Aww, Bobby John!!!! So cute!
Oh my Gawd! That lady is trying to steal Bobby John! Get away from Bobby John, you evil old bitch!
Uh oh! Shifter got their license plate number. So apparently shifters are really old school when it comes to reporting a crime. 
Shifter's got a new body. It's some patrol dude. 
Dean is changing a diaper. Repeat. Dean is changing a diaper. 
"If i put you down are you gonna be a man about it?" Oh Dean, you so crazy!
Aww, feeling-sharing time! Dean feels like he's Ben's daddy. 
Man alive! Do the Winchester boys Google "hotels with ass ugly decor" before they make a decision on where to stay? Yikes!
Dean STOP giving Bobby John liquor! That's a bad daddy decision!
Sammy interviewing non-dead daddy. & apparently he's not the baby daddy. The baby's real father is a shifter. Say what?
OMG! Bobby John is now a black baby & he's covered in some kinda yucky goo. Apparently we're dealing with a shifter baby.
& damnit now a commercial...

& now back to the show.
Shifter cop coming to ruin things. 
Shifter cop talking about our father? What you talkin' bout shifter cop???
Sam shooting shifter cop= Extremely dreamy! Shoot him again, hotpants!
Sam wants to take baby shifter to Gramps & the fam. i. Don't. Trust. Them.
i really dislike girl cousin Campbell.
As well as Campbell cousin that doesn't talk much.
& i REALLY dislike redneck nimrod cousin. 
Oh, so Dean doesn't trust them either. Good to know i'm not the only one.
Wait, the answer is to raise the shifter baby? Wha? Gramps have you lost your marbles?
That's right, Dean, you can't just Angelina Jolie a shapeshifter!
Ok, did Gramps just give Redneck Nimrod Cousin (Which he will be known as from now on) the shifter baby to keep? What the what? & so nonchalantly to. What's your deal, Grandpa Campbell?
Ooh, shifter's dressed as Gramps now. & he wants his baby back, baby back, baby back! Remember those commercials? For Chili's baby back ribs? & Barbecue sauce! Whatever happened to those? 
Ponder that while we suffer through these commercials which DO NOT contain baby back ribs...

Girl Cousin i Hate just shot Grandpa shifter.
Wow this is like a super shifter!
Super shifter has tossed Girl Cousin i Hate aside & maybe (hopefully) killed Silent Cousin!
OMG the shifter has shifted into hotness. There are two Sams now! 
Oh, now the shifter is Dean.
This shifter is so shifty. 
Shifty shifters got baby shifter now.
If Scooby-Doo were here he'd be giving it a good ol fashioned "Rut-Ro" by now!
Wait a minute Gramps. So we don't know if we can kill the shifter? Well that's gonna be problematic.
Dean thinks Sam was using the baby as bait. Certainly NOT my Sammy. Plus i don't think Sam was in the room when then cop shifter said that about "our father." 
Dean is being really paranoid. Or is he?
i like that Starburst commercial with the zombie. "You're boring me back to death."

Ok, back to the shiftiness. 
The Campbell compound. Gramps is talking to someone on the phone. Being very shifty. Not shape shifty. Just regular shifty. One more time with feeling, class. We Don't Trust Him!!!
Dean's back with Lisa. 
Aww, Lisa is being very understanding of Dean's hunter tendencies. 
Ooh, she's asking him to leave. But telling him he can come back whenever he's not out ridding the world of demon a-holes. Well, it's been nice knowing you Lisa but somehow i don't think we're gonna see your ass anymore.
Yeah, get in the Impala, crank up that Smoke on the Water, & lets get outta here Dean-o!
Hey wait. it just occurred to me--- what's gonna happen with the shiftiest shifter that ever shifted? That didn't get resolved in this ep. Where is Bobby John? Will we ever see him again? Hmmm. 

Next time on Supernatural...
It's getting plague-y up in here. Start the Hallelujah chorus cuz Cas is back! Woo-Hoo shirtlessness! Someone's hot ass abs! & Heaven needs our help. Again! 

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