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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 4 OR Bobby's World

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #4: Weekend at Bobby's 
Previously on Supernatural...
i may have somewhat freaked the fuck out over the mere mention of the word "SOON." but look y'all, it's not "SOON" it's "NOW!" Also Cass came back then disappeared. We dealt with the plague & soul stealing a-hole angels. So on with the show! NOW! ;)

One year ago... Bobby summons Crowley. Hopefully not for another kiss though. ;)
Nope. Bobby wants no kiss from Crowley but he does want his soul back.
Hey! Get that hellhound off of Bobby's back, Crowley. 
Well, Crowley is outta the devils snare. Or is it a demons snare? Whichever. He's out is my point. That wasn't very well thought out, Bobby boy.
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime!
Bobby's friendly with the neighbors. How adorable. Hey cute neighbor lady.
Bobby keeps saying balls! Whilst Kenny Rogers sings The Gambler! 
Directed by Jensen Ackles! You go, Jensen Ackles! 
Uh Bobby. Why you got a woman locked in your basement? 
Oh she's not a woman. She's a dirty demon in a regular woman costume. i guess that's how hellish-y things dress for Halloween. As regular boring people. Very funny hellish-y things. i'm going as HitGirl. If you were at all curious. 
Hey! Don't talk about Bobby's dead wife you dirty demon! 
Ooh, Bobby's gonna blowtorch something. Her remains, i guess. 
Wait. Crowley is the King of Hell? What does that even mean, dirty demon woman? 
Ooh! Bobby's got a lady friend at the door! & with cobbler, no less! 
Aw, Bobby don't break Marcy's poor little heart. Clearly she wants you. Plus, white chocolate popcorn sounds pretty awesome! You go Marcy! Hope you don't end up being some kind of demon trying to lure Bobby away with your awesome sounding treats.
Well, Bobby has to go. Maybe next time Marcy.
So Crowley's real name is Fergus MacLeod.
& now Bobby's gonna burn the mother down.
Time for commercials.
Vampire Diaries commercial. Why does the moonstone look like a bar of soap from Bath & Body Works?  Plus have you noticed Damon using those "crazy eyes" as of late? it's really weird. 

Bobby's got many phones.
Apparently monsters from other countries are turning up round these parts. 
Bobby & his hunter buddy Rufus burying an okami in the backyard. P.S. what the fuck is an okami?
Sam & Dean calling to get Bobby's advice on how to get rid of a Lamia. Again, what the fuck is that?
Some douchedude copper wants to search Bobby's house. Someone apparently saw Rufus come to Bobby's house with a dead body. Hey, mind your own business, Someone!
But the mom from Suite Life of Zack & Cody (yes i'm ashamed i know that) told douchedude copper to wait outside. 
Uh oh. Douchedude copper has gone to the okami's burial site.
Double uh oh. The okami isn't there anymore. It's apparently not dead. 
Okami has an appetite for all the single ladies. You best watch your back Beyonce. Oh no & Marcy!
Bobby you DO NOT break into a ladies house like that. 
Okami on the ceiling! 
Now out the window! 
Now through the wood chipper! 
& yuck!
Poor Marcy's covered with Okami blood. & Bobby is trying to accept her invitation to dinner NOW?!?!? Oh B! You've got so much to learn about women. Plus Marcy probably won't be able to get the taste of Okami blood out of her mouth for weeks so i highly doubt she'll be wanting to eat, espeically with you bless your heart, anytime soon.
Think about that Bobby while we enjoy this commercial break.

My channel keeps flickering. You better quit playing, CW!
Ok it's better now.
Rufus & Bobby are talking on the phone. Rufus has news on Crowley. 
Crowley had a son. Bobby wants to summon the son to do a switcheroo for his soul. But he needs a ring so he can use it to call up the dead sons ghost. The ring is at a museum or something. Rufus will get it. Somehow. 
Dean's calling Bobby all concerned about Sam. He thinks Sam ain't right.
Bobby's trying to go back to his call with Rufus somewhat ignoring Dean's current problem.
Dean don't you call Bobby selfish! He does so much for you & he's trying to get his soul back & you should see how many phones Bobby has & he has to answer them all! 
Ooh, Bobby's in a full out rant y'all! 
Yeah Winchester bros, sack up & help B for once!
Oh. Turns out all you had to do was ask, Bobby. Uh Duh of course they'll help you. 
Well Rufus got caught by the police. He's in jail. With the ring!
Bobby's trying to convince Sheriff Suite Life to somehow get Rufus extradited. But Sheriff Suite Life says she can't & won't. It could mean her job. 
Wait a second. Somehow she got Rufus (& the ring) back to Bobby! Way to come through, Sheriff Suite Life!
Commercial time.

i wonder how much salt the Supernatural props department goes through in a season. Bobby is pouring it all over the floor that's why i ask this. 
Time to summon Crowley's son.
Speaking in Latin. i wanna learn Latin. i realize that it is a dead language & all but it would really help with my Supernatural watchin.
Ok, did we summon Crowley's sons ghost?
Yep. There's the ghost son. 
& there's Crowley.
So Crowley is not too jazzed about being The New Big Bad. 
Ok, i like Crowley's impression of Bobby! You idgit!
Uh oh. Bobby's bringing out the big guns. Ghost son!
But Crowley's not all that fond of Ghost Son.
Ghost Son's not all that fond of Crowley either.
So he's spilled all of Crowley's secrets. Including where Crowley's bones are buried!
Sam & Dean have hopped a flight to Scotland. They gonna burn some bones, baby!
Bones or soul, Crowley. Pick one.
Ah, bones. Good choice, Crowley. Now give Bobby his soul back, you idgit!
Yay, Bobby's got his soul!!!
Now Crowley's in Scotland with the Winchesters. Man he can really book it, can't he?
Hey Crowley, don't you call my stud puppy Sam a moose!
Crowley's got his bones & is off to raise some hell.
There's a castle.
More commercials.

Bobby having a heart to heart with the boys. Sorta.
Ha! Let's roll credits on this chick flick. Bobby, you are so uncomfortable with emotions.
Bobby's finally getting around to Marcy's cobbler. But the damn phone rings! A hunters job is never done. 
Poor Bobby. i really liked Marcy though. i hope that somehow some way after getting Okami blood all up in her face that she & Bobby can maybe get together in the future. Bobby deserves it. 

Next time on Supernatural...
(Yes, NEXT not SOON. Woo-Hoo!) Dean is apparently some kinda monster. Ugh, untrustworthy Gramps is back. & Dean's about to kill Lisa. But where is Sam? We were pretty Samless in this ep. i won't stand for the Samlessness, CW! i won't! Shirtless Sam, yes! Samlessness, NO!

P.S. i'm minutes away from completing the Supernatural ornament that i've been working on! Let me just say..... It. Looks. AWESOME!!!!! May include a photo of it soon so i can share the awesomeness with you guys!

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