Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Check Out The Avalon High TV Movie Trailer

Here is the trailer for Avalon High. Which just so happens to be a book by the awesome Meg Cabot.

It's been a while since i read the book (which also has a manga series to go along with it if you didn't know) but i remember really liking it. Don't know what i think about this trailer though. First off it's a Disney Channel Original Movie which can't be good. i mean, that's like saying it's a Lifetime Original Movie or a SyFy Original Movie or an ABCFamily Original Movie. Really nothing good can come from that.  Secondly, the armor that the dudes are wearing looks super cheesy.
i'll try to keep an open mind though as it is Meg Cabot-y. Although in her blog she says that she hasn't really had anything to do with the whole process. 
Who knows though. It could turn out to be a good Disney Channel Original Movie. No, i am not smirking as i write that. ;)

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