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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 6 OR How To Put The "Crazy" In Crazy Cat Lady

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #6: You Can't Handle The Truth 
Previously on Supernatural...
Dean went all Salvatore-y. Gramps helped out & cured Dean's vamposis. Twilight jokes abounded. & we can't trust Sam.
Yeah, we can't trust him.
Or can we?

Some desperate waitress chicky in a restaurant complaining to her friend on the phone. All she wants is the truth. Oh come on now, waitress chicky, NO ONE really wants to hear the truth. That's why lying is a thing. Uh duh!
Wow now all of these peeps are being super rude and mean to waitress chicky. See, i told you. You don't really wanna hear the truth. As they say- it hurts.
She's calling her sister trying to get some sympathy for this wretched day that she's having. Yeah. Sister ain't giving her sympathy but a whole buttload of the awful truth instead. 
& now waitress chicky shoots herself. Her blood splatters all over a sign that, ironically, says The Happy Place. 
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime.
Dean is talking to Bobby on the phone. Doesn't know if Sam is Sam. Very worried about the sitch.
Sam comes in. 
Lies lies. Dean is lying to Sammy. Telling him he was trying to reach Lisa.
We're gonna be working the dead waitress chicky case.  
We're now at dead waitress chicky's sister's house. She's trying to lie to Handsome Suit Sammy. He's not buying what she's trying to sell him though. Totally calls out insensitive sis's tell. She admits to saying really horrible things to dead waitress chicky right before she shot herself. But she couldn't stop herself from saying them. It's like she was possessed or something.
Ok, now we're at a dentist's office. This probably won't be a good place to air out your truthyness. 
Dental patient being a little too honest with his dentist. About his dirty thoughts (& perhaps actions) directed at dentist dude's daughter. Yeah this isn't gonna end well. 
Dentist dude is, of course, pissed. So now he's gonna drill the ever loving shit outta this guy's mouth. 
Blood everywhere. Screaming dental hygienist. Hope that guy had insurance. 
Time for our first commercial, y'all.

Dean talking to Bobby again. He finds Sam super creepy. Wishes he knew what in the fuck Sam is. Bobby says worst case scenario, maybe it's just Sam. Watch your mouth, Bobby!
Sam's back in his sexy suit. (Where the fuck does he keep going long enough for Dean to make these sneaky phone calls?) He's got the dentist case for them to work on now.
Dean says Sam can go check out the dentist. He'll stay back & do research. Wha? Dean wants to do research? You know something is up.
Sam finds out that the dentist hung himself. So now he's gonna take a trip to the morgue. Deano can be helpful & go check out the yuck dentist office.
Dean's connected the dots between dead waitress chicky & the dentist. It's some horn store. Wait. Horn store? 
Kooky horn store owner is no real help as far as dead waitress chicky & dentist are concerned.  But he tells Dean that he's now missing a one in a billion horn that was stolen from his store. 
Dean thinks it could be one of those missing angelic weapons we learned about a few eps back. Calling to Cass.
Cass is back.
Dean's mad because he's apparently been calling for Cass for a while to see if he maybe knows what in the hell is wrong with Sammy. Cass says he doesn't know what's wrong with Sam. But that this horn might be Gabriel's Horn of Truth. He'll go check.
Cass is gone. 
Cass is back. It's not the Horn of Truth. 
Because Dean is still pissed at him, Cass will ask his fellow angelic peeps about Sam. 
Cass is gone.
Sam is at the morgue wanting to see all the suicide bodies. But only the dentist's body is there. The rest are gone gone.
Uh oh. Dean's at a bar. Drowning his sorrows. Tells the bartender girl that he just wants the freakin truth. Big mistake. She tells him about her baby-having-problems & snorting-Oxy ways. Dean goes all Rut Row Scooby Doo face. 
& now here's a word from our sponsors.
Deathly Hallows commercial!!!!  -Squeeeeeeeeeeal-

Dean starts to leave the bar but some chick is talking to him about her boobs. Be quiet stupid boob lady! You are derailing Dean from his mission!
Dean calling Bobby. AGAIN. Bobby is watching Tori & Dean! & talking about how sometimes he likes to get pedicures. Turns out the truth curse works over the phone. Oh Bobby! You are so busted.
Turns out there was a Patient Zero of sorts. Sam tracks down the place where this all started.
He's talking to Patient Zero's, wait, is she her sister or her roommate? Anyhoo, she says PZ had been having a rough time. Her cat went missing. & she thought that her boyfriend was cheating on her & became obsessed with finding out the truth. 
Dean calls Lisa. Wow he has used his cell a lot in this episode. i hope he has a good phone plan. Anyway, Lisa is unloading on his ass because of the truth curse. She's saying Dean won't be happy while Sam is in his life. What a shitty thing to say to a dude about his brother that just miraculously came back from the dead, Lisa. & now she's breaking up with him. Not cool, Lisa. Not cool.
Sam is investigating PZ'z room. Found a box with a cat skull in it. Also known as Ewww!
Dean tries using his truthyness on Sam. He asks him about pausing when the vamp attacked. Sam says he thinks that he was in shock. That he couldn't move. Does Dean believe him since supposedly Sam can only tell the truth? i gotta say, i don't. Oh man. i wanna trust you, Sammy, really i do. But lately you've just been so untrustworthy. But i still love you boo.
Commercial time.

Ok, so apparently the culprit is Veritas. The goddess of truth. Who is afraid of dogs. Weird.
They think it's the chick from the nightly news? 
Sam's watching footage for clues whilst Dean eats. Wants to do research, my ass! Dean, you fool no one.
A segment where there's a dog barking in the background. Nightly news lady looks a little unnerved. Closeup on her eyes, Sammy.
Yep! Nightly news lady got the demon eyes, y'all. Lets go get her crazy ass.
Wow. Nice digs creepy nightly news lady.
We got dog's blood & big ass knives! Now lets break into this bitch's house! 
Ok, we're in. There's a cat. Cat's are always creepy. So superior. What a bitch. Yeah, i'm talking about the cat at this point not the murdering news lady.
There's a pic of the Veritas thingy. Hey, why don't you be a little more obvious that you're the baddie, Nightly News Lady? Lets look at her desk. Maybe there will be some stationary that says From The Desk Of That News Lady That Murdered Those People.
Eww. & now there's a whole bunch of dead body parts just lying around. & cats. A truly yucky combo. She may be a goddess or some shit but she is a lousy housekeeper.
Nightly news creep lady knocks the bros out & ties them to a pole. i guess NNCL is pretty strong. What with the whooshy arms & all. 
Eww! She ate that dude's tongue. You are so gross, NNCL!
Uh oh. it's truth telling time. 
Dean admits that he thought about killing Sam in his sleep & about how Sam is sooo a monster. But now he thinks that Sam was just trying to be like Dean. A badass hunter with little to no remorse. He's also confessing to know the whole Lisa/Ben/family thing couldn't work. He's not a father. He's a killer. Aw, Dean don't think that way. Also, shame on you, NNCL for dredging up all that shit. 
Now she turns her truth-loving on Sam. 
Sam's talking but she thinks that he's lying! & now she's pissed because he won't tell her the truth. She says he's not human. Dean's all "Wha?" Sam has managed to cut himself free though & throws the knife to Dean to do the same. Sam attacks NNCL.
She's choking Sam! No!!! Bitch, you better get your hands off my man! 
Things get all stabby.
Sam kills NNCL but now Dean has his knife trained on Sam.
Ugh! Damn you, commercial break!

Sam's saying he's Sam. Dean ain't buying it.
Sam says he knows that there is something wrong with him. He did let Dean get bitten. Aw, Sammy can't feel anymore. Let me help you, Sam. i can help you feel again.
Dean drops the knife but starts fucking whaling on Sam's beautiful face. P.S. is that how you spell whaling? is there another way? i don't know. i've never actually had to spell it before, now that i think about it. Hmmm. 

Next time on Supernatural...
Gasp! Oh No! Someone has stolen Sammy's soul! Lets find that bastard (or bitch) and kick his (or her) ass!


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