Saturday, May 11, 2013

There Will Be Blood!

Ok, well there won't technically be blood. That's just me being super dramatic with my post title in order to get your attention.
So. There won't be blood but there will be CHANGES!
Perhaps y'all have noticed that lately I've been quite slacky with my posting and my reviewing and my various other bloggy responsibilities. Well the reason is this:

I wanna revamp my blog!!!   
Yes, I know I've done this before. But sometimes you just get the urge to shake things up. And I've recently been daydreaming about backgrounds and fonts and features! So I definitely think the time to shake these things up is NOW!
So here's a list of shizz that I'll be changing/adding/what-have-you in the coming weeks:

*Nancy Drew Is My Homegirl will have a whole new look!

*I'll be introducing a new feature called Honest To Blog in which I'll be revealing 5 random facts about myself!

*Fangirl Five Fridays will NO LONGER be EVERY Friday. I'll be changing it to a monthly feature. The first Friday of every month, I'll be fangirling about what I'm the most excited about that's happening in said month. (And you can still fangirl right along with me!)

*I'll be adding a Tab called Homegirl Vocab. So if you ever come across a word or phrase that you've never heard and you're sure I either made it up or it's simply a reference to something you've never seen, just hit up this new Tab and you'll be able to find the definition and finally know what the fuck I'm talking about!

*I plan on resurrecting The Super Nostalgic Book Flashback Challenge! I'm hoping to make that a monthly thing too.

*I'm also kicking around the idea of having a weekly TV roundup post of sorts in which I'll dissect all the WTFery that's gone down on my favorite shows for that week. I like this idea and I think it could be really fun but I sometimes have a little problem with follow-through. So this one is just an idea at this stage. (But if Evil Eva can actually get her shit together, this feature will be a definite go!)

So, as you can see, I'm planning a bit of an overhaul. You might come back and see what, at first, might appear to be a completely different blog. But don't worry, y'all. It'll still be the same ol' Nancy Drew Is My Homegirl here! Just with 100% more awesomeness!

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  1. Love the new look! It suits the blog very nicely. Looking forward to seeing the changes you have coming!