Monday, January 2, 2012

Nancy Drew Is Getting A Facelift!

Hey guys. Sorry i've been neglecting my bloggy duties. i know it seems like i've only been Fangirling and Top Tenning lately. i haven't done a book review in awhile and i have yet to shake down the last two episodes of Supernatural. My bad.
i've been completely sabotaged by that infamous Year End Chaos that always sneaks in around Thanksgiving. My brain has been running on buying gifts and making cookies, wrapping gifts and eating cookies. Well now it's 2012 and i've got multiple paper cuts and a bellyache. So it's time for a little changy-change!
That's right! i'm about to get super focused up in this bitch!

i've decided to revamp Nancy Drew Is My Homegirl (hence the title of this post) so things will start to look a little different around here. But never fear. i'm still the same smart-mouthed, sassy-pantsed, book-loving, Supernatural-watching, cray cray fangirl i've always been.

The biggest change you'll notice is that the format for my book reviews will be different in this new year. It'll look a little reminiscent of my Super Nostalgic Book Flashback Challenge reviews. i'll be Dissecting The Cover, i'll have Bonus Shizz, and i'll be dishing about Swoony Times (as well as Sexy Times if the book calls for it.) i'll still give my honest opinion about whether i loved, hated or felt nothing for the book and my Scale of Judgment will still be in use too.
So, like i said, that'll be the biggest change.

There may be a few other changes here and there. Even i don't know all the ways i wanna spruce up my blog yet. So just know that this will kinda be a construction site from here on out. But a pretty construction site.

i'm still gonna recap all the new episodes of Supernatural. i'm still gonna dish about books and books into movies and books into TV news. i'm still gonna participate in Top Ten Tuesday and i'm still gonna host Fangirl Five Friday.

So i'll change a little but i'll stay the same a little too.
i want your feedback though so dish those comments up, y'all.
And i hope that you guys have an amazing, prosperous and booktastical New Year!

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