Monday, January 2, 2012

Book Resolutions For 2012!

Do you remember way back when at the end of 2010 when i posted this about my book resolutions for the coming year?
i did pretty well in 2011. (Except for that whole Classics Challenge thing. Erg. i did not excel at that one at all.)
But now it's 2012 which means it's time for new resolutions!!!

So here are my New Year Book Resolutions for 2012!!!

My first Book Resolution is to try to read at least 100 books.
i have a notebook in which i've been keeping track of the number of books i read in a year since 2008. In 2011 i read a total of 74 books. Which is pretty good but this year i'd like to read even more! i've come very close in the past few years but i've never actually been able to do it. i'm hoping 2012 will finally be the year in which i crack 100!

My second Book Resolution is to read more adult fiction.
As my little bloggermuffins know, i love me some YA. It's almost all i read. So this year i thought i would broaden my horizons and actually try to be a grownup.

My third Book Resolution is to try to do what i couldn't last year.
That's right y'all, i'm gonna try The Classics Challenge again. This year i'm gonna aim a little lower. Maybe i can read at least 3 classics in 2012.

So those are my Book Resolutions for 2012. What about you guys? What ways are you looking to challenge yourself this year? Comment it up, y'all! Or tweet me @girlsleuth with the hashtag #BookResolutions.

Happy 2012 And Good Luck With Your Reading Resolutions!!!

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