Monday, December 27, 2010

What's Your Book Resolution?

So, it's almost January. 2011! Can you believe that shizz? It feels like just yesterday it was January 2010. But no. We've already gone through 12 whole months. We've gotten through countless holidays & other celebratory hoopla. & now we're back to square one. 
Good ol' January. The do-over month. The month we can take all of last years failures, condense them into one month of good intentions, invariably decide to scrap the whole "master plan" & instead go back to our lives of extreme leisure usually starting around February 2nd. 
Well not this year!
Ok. Maybe this year. But only with the BiG-every-year-unrealistic resolutions like losing weight, getting a better job & finding "the one."
Fuck those resolutions! 
What's your book resolution?
Maybe there's a particular book you've been meaning to get to? A series you thought sounded interesting? Perhaps a massive re-read you'd like to undertake? Maybe you'd like to substitute your usual YA for another genre for a while?
Well i've given some serious thought to my book resolutions. & i've come up with three to challenge myself with in 2011:

The Classics Challenge.
As a book whore i'm slightly embarrassed/ashamed of how few of "the classics" i've actually read. So this year i'm gonna challenge myself to read at least five books that are thought of as literary classics. It'll be a challenge because i find the classics to be SOOO BORING with their thees, & thous, & tis' & the fortnights! My God the fortnights! But i'm gonna give it a shot. & at five, i think i'll be able to manage. That really is the key when making resolutions, you see. Don't try to overextend yourself. Just do your best. & my best, this year at least, will be five for this particular challenge.

The Super Nostalgic Book Flashback Challenge.
Ah, the books of yesteryear! They're calling to me, bloggermuffins. & this year, i'm gonna answer! This challenge is all about reconnecting with the books of my youth. i'm gonna try to read four books a month from these blast-from-the-past-oldie-but-goodies:
The Baby Sitters Club.
Sweet Valley High.
The Baby Sitters Club: Little Sister.
Fear Street.
& any other wonderful nuggets i can find! i'm really excited about this challenge! It'll be fun to sit & reminisce about simpler times, back before i became Evil. *sigh*

The TBR Back Burner Challenge.
For those not in the know, TBR stands for To Be Read. & i have a pile that's so high it's threatening to topple over & kill me in my sleep. These are all books that i've really wanted to read & then some other book comes along that i really wanna read so the previously really-wanted-to-read book gets placed on the teetering TBR pile & doesn't get read & then doesn't get read again because now i really wanna read this other book! It's a vicious cycle, really. This year i'm hoping to break it though. So the challenge is to whittle down the TBR pile by reading two TBR books a month.

So. Those are my three book resolutions for 2011.
i will of course post all throughout the year on how i'm doing with them. 
What will your book resolutions be? Dish the shizz in the comments section. 

&, of course, have a Happy & Booky New Year!

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