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EvilEva reviews... The Lying Game

EvilEva reviews...... The Lying Game by Sara Shepard.  

Emma Paxton has been bounced around from various foster homes most of her life. That all changes one day when she finds out that she has a long-lost twin sister, Sutton. The girls plan on meeting up but Sutton doesn't show. Emma finds out that Sutton has been murdered. And everyone is a suspect. Emma must pretend to be the sister she never knew so she can get the dirt on the person that wanted Sutton dead. Or else she could be next.

Can I just say that I totally heart Sara Shepard? I gobbled up the Pretty Little Liars series with such fervor and now I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in this series. (Never Have I Ever out July 26th!)

This book is told from both Emma and Sutton's points of view. That can be a little confusing at times because there's no break between the two. But it's not so jarring that it turned me off of the book.

I thought the premise of the book was interesting, although if I had been murdered and my long-lost twin suddenly took my place I would kinda hope that someone would notice even a slight difference. I do get it though. I mean, even if you told the family, the boyfriend, the BFFs, it's just so outlandish why would they believe you? Especially if you were such a lying liarface like Sutton apparently was. 

But anyhoozle, the actual lying game is this insane game that Sutton and her friends play wherein they pull really harsh mean-spirited pranks on people. Finding out this info leads Emma to believe that The Lying Game could be the motive for Sutton's murder.
So it seems that this series, much like Pretty Little Liars, will be a twisty turny whodunit. Which I love. I love a good mystery & that is one thing that has been surprisingly lacking in YA recently. But I for one enjoy getting my Nancy Drew on! That being said, you know I gotta give my theory on this bitch! 

So, mild SPOILER ALERT!, except not really because this happens within the first few chapters:
I think Sutton's killer is..... Charlotte's dad, Mr. Chamberlain! Why? Well for one thing there's all that weirdness when he first sees Emma thinking that she's Sutton as if he can't believe she's alive since, you know, HE KILLED HER AND ALL!!! Plus there's the part where Charlotte says that her dad has been in Tokyo for the past month, even though Emma just saw him! So he's lying and sneaking around. Plus, the business with the alarm system being on when Emma is strangled. Mr Chamberlain would obviously know the code to the alarm because he lives there! He could easily turn it off and then reset it. PLUS, he was never really mentioned after those first two times. And it's always the one that the main character NEVER SUSPECTS! 
(Sorry about all the exclamation points. I got all sleuth-y excited there for a minute.)
As for a motive, well I think perhaps he and Sutton were partaking in a little Lily Kane/Aaron Echolls scenario. So that is my guess. After reading the first book anyway.
Who knows who I'll accuse after the second. (Again, Never Have I Ever. Out July 26th!) I hope not Ethan. I really liked him. I mean, HELLO!, I tagged this post with "Book Boyfriend" expressly for him. Although he'll have to quit with that smoking bullshit. 

The Scale of Judgment says...... 4.

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  1. Hi ! I agree with you about the murderer. For the same reasons, I found Mr Chamberlain is dodgy.
    Anyway, I hate mystery book with unsolved crime at the end. So I decided Mr Chamberlain is the murderer until other events make me change my mind !