Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Supernatural Drinking Game

The Supernatural Drinking Game!!!  

The rules are very simple. So simple, in fact, an actual drunkard wouldn't have any trouble following them. 

Take a shot whenever any of the following occurs........

*Dean yells "Sam!" in his special Dean-y way.
*Sam yells "Dean!" in his special Sam-y way.
*Bobby calls someone an idgit.
*Cass appears & disappears within a span of five minutes.
*A creature is mentioned by name (i.e. reaper, ghoul, vampire, vanir, etc.) 
*A past baddie comes back to play.
*Sam & Dean share a beer.
*Someone telephones Bobby.
*Oh look, it's a mysterious shadow!
*Dean makes a pop culture quip.
*Tree or bush camera angle.
*Here's the Impala!
*Vintage rock music plays.
*The boys check into an ugly motel. 
*An abandoned warehouse is entered.
*Taking a walk down Corridors of Doom!!!

So that's my list. Supernatural fans, if you think i've missed something please leave any suggestions in the comment section. & don't forget to play along when Supernatural returns January 28th! (Plus pick up this little nifty to get the fun started!)

P.S. Don't be a dumbass--- Drink responsibly & never EVER drink & drive! Otherwise the next ghost the Winchester boys exercise may very well be you.


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