Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Divergent Movie News Plus TV News That Is Both Bookish And Not

As the title of this post suggests, i've got some Divergent casting news for ya, as well as a little Books-Into-TV news, AND i've also got some regular ol' non-bookish TV news to spill! So let's get started!

*i'll kick things off with what i'm fairly certain is the very last of the Divergent casting news.
Mekhi Phifer (who my mind REFUSES to see as anything other than this permanent mental image:

i don't even know why. In fact, i don't even think i've actually seen ALL of 8 mile. Apparently the mere trailer left a lasting impression on me as far as Mekhi Phifer's appearance is concerned. It's like i can't NOT imagine Mekhi without these hideous dreads. Even though he's been in a shit ton of stuff since 8 mile, and minus the dreads. So, i guess thanks a lot, 8 mile, for ruining Mekhi Phifer for me FOREVER) Anyhoo, what was i talking about? Oh yes, Mekhi Phifer will play the role of Max in the Divergent movie. Although, hopefully he won't be bringing those dreads and that puff jacket along for the Dauntless train ride.
The parentals of the Prior family have also been cast. Ashley Judd has nabbed the role of Tris' mom, while Tony Goldwyn will play Tris' dad. i don't mind Tony Goldwyn as he was a total kickass dad in The Last House on the Left. But Ashley Judd? Eh. She's not my fave for the role. Or for anything really. i'm not a huge Ashley Judd fan. Although i'm not a huge Shailene Woodley fan either. So... 
Oh Lord! Please don't let me hate this movie!

*Now for some Maze Runner movie news!
You know, i kinda thought The Maze Runner was a fairly popular series, but it seems like not that many people are keeping up with the movie news of it all. i keep coming across excited posts about the prospect of Delirium on the small screen and Divergent on the big screen, but i haven't really seen many peeps blogging about The Maze Runner film adaptation. Hmm. Well, if you're totally into the idea of James Dashner's dystopic vision coming to life, this news is for you! 
Thomas, the main character in the book, has finally been cast. The role goes to Dylan O'Brien, whom i've never heard of but am told plays on MTV's Teen Wolf. The role of Teresa, sole gal in the maze, will be played by Kaya Scodelario, another that i've never heard of but am told plays on the UK version of Skins. 
On a side note: i've gotta read this damn book! 

*Let's leave the silver screen behind and dive into some TV news that is truly awesome! 
Ok, so you remember how ABC totally unjustly canceled Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23 even though it was super hilarious and waaaaaay better than at least 4 of the comedies that are in their current lineup? Well, starting May 17th you'll be able to watch the unaired final 8 episodes of The B on ABC.com, iTunes, and Hulu! Yay! i've so missed Chloe, June, and, of course, James van der Beek! Which is kinda weird because i couldn't stand him as Dawson because, well: 

But as "James van der Beek" on Don't Trust the B, he's actually really brilliantly self deprecating. And i totally heart anyone that can make fun of themselves! So buck up, Dawson! You're gonna be alright!

*i'll end this post with the trailer for the pilot episode for the CW's Vampire Diaries spinoff, The Originals! 


*sqeeees over the sheer Klausiness of it all* 
Is it just me or has the Original family kinda become your new fave characters on TVD? i mean, i always liked Elijah, and Klaus's bad boy behavior has had me squealing and swooning for some time now, but lately Rebekah has started tugging at my ol' heartstrings with her desperate desire to be human and loved. Bless her little unbeating heart.  
So, obvs, i'm super excited for The Originals!
The pilot (which doubles as the first episode of The Originals and the 20th episode of The Vampire Diaries) airs this Thursday at 8 pm!
The only thing i'm bummed about is that with the Originals headed for New Orleans, there will be relatively no time for any Klaroline. :*(
i guess i'll just have to watch and see and find out how much of my love for Klaus is directly proportionate to his shippiness with Caroline and how much is just flat-out Klaus-luv. 

Ok guys, now it's your turn. Tell me what you think about all this new news.
Are you cool with Mom & Pop Prior? 
On the edge of your seat for some Originals Gone Wild? 
And how does Mekhi Phifer appear in your mind's eye?
Get your fingers at the ready and dish the shizz in the comments section.     

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