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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 10 OR Hell's Jail

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #10: Caged Heat 
Previously on Supernatural... 
So far we've dealt with djinn, skinwalkers, vampires & fairies. Now we're back to good ol' demons! Plus, Sam is still without a soul. Dean still doesn't completely trust Sam. & Crowley still has our balls in a vise. 

Crowley is chained to a chair. WTF??!?!? 
Now Crowley is being hit in the head with a bat by....... Crowley?!?!? WTFAgain!!!
So the first Crowley, the one tied to the chair, is an alpha shifter. 
Crowley is questioning the shifter about where purgatory is. Are we still on that, Crowley? What do you want with purgatory anyway? Hmmm.
Crowley The Actual stabs Crowley The Shifter with a knife & threatens the shifter by telling him that he's gonna kill all his little shifter babies. He's holding a baby monitor & you can hear babies crying on it. So i guess he's real serious. 
Crowley The Shifter says go ahead we'll just make more. Don't know how he plans on doing that. i mean, clearly Crowley The Actual is about to kill his ass. That kinda makes accomplishing things a little more difficult. The being dead & all.
Yep. Lookie there. Crowley The Actual sliced off Crowley The Shifter's head. That's gonna make for some hard baby-making. 
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime! 
Sam & Dean are outside a prison somewhere. They're delivering a Rugaroo to some demon dudes.  Hey, what's a Rugaroo? Am i spelling it right? According to spellcheck, no i'm not. But the alternatives are Kangaroo, Runaround & Sugarcoat. Yeah, it was none of those things, spellcheck. Plus, how do you get sugarcoat from Rugaroo??!?!!?Whatevs, back to the review.
So the bros delivered the whatever to some demons, their work being done they have returned to their motel/cabin. Dean asks Sam "Do you even want your soul back?" Um duh Dean. We want no more of this RoboSam. We want sweet, kind, nerdy, research-loving Sam back. 
Dean turns to pour himself a drink. When he turns back around Sam has disappeared! *gasp* i think you hurt RoboSam's feelings. 
Dean grabs his gun. 
Sam is on the floor. 
& now Dean's lights are out.
Demon. Uh oh!
Now the bros are tied to chairs. & Meg's back. She wants to know where Crowley is. 
Meg is very flirty with Dean. 
Well except now. Now she's got a knife to Dean's throat. & Sam is......laughing? 
Sam says that Meg needs them to take her to Crowley to kill him. If she didn't then she would've killed them already. 
& Sam wants to work with Meg. Whaaaaaa??? 
He tells her that if she can help them get something back from Crowley (his soul. Shhh, don't tell Meg though) then they'll have no problem letting her kill his ass. 
Meg agrees & leaves. 
Dean's all "Why do you wanna work with demons again?" Sam's all "We're working with demons now."
Plus, he's got a plan. We're gonna outsmart 'em this time!
They're bringing insurance this time he says. Don't know what kind of insurance.
Oh. Cass. Sam is trying to contact him. But no Cass. 
Sam is baiting him with the plot to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Then he calls Cass dumb for falling for it. Sam is back to being all non-empathetic. But he wants Cass to help them. (Probably shouldn't call him dumb then. Just sayin.)
Cass & Sam are back at the motel/cabin. They're trying to find Crowley's whereabouts. 
Gramps busts in. 
Commercial time, y'all.

Sam & Dean want Gramps to tell them where Crowley is. 
Gramps says he can't. God Gramps you are sooooo useless!!!
Dean wants to know why their own (crappy) grandfather won't help them. What is Crowley hanging over Gramps?
Gramps slides over a pic of Mary Winchester. 
Crowley said he would bring her back to life.
Dean tells Gramps to stop trying. Whenever you try to bargain with demons it never really turns out how you want it to. Gramps needs to learn from the bros mistakes. 
Gramps is all fuck that. He still wants Mary back. 
He tells the boys to leave. Wait. Were they at the motel/cabin or did they break into Gramps compound & i just missed it? Because if they're at the motel/cabin then why is Gramps asking them to leave? Uh it's their room Gramps, you leave!
Well the boys leave. Now we're back at the motel/cabin. Guess they were at Gramps'. How did i miss that? 
Cass is watching porn. Hilariously. He doesn't understand why the pizza guy is spanking some girl. Dean tells him you don't watch porn in a room with other men & you certainly don't talk about it in a room with other men. 
Cass looks down.
Dean says "& now he's got a boner." 
HaHaHaHa!!! That shouldn't be that funny. But it is.
There is a knock at the door. It's Gramps. He asks why they're watching porn. Cass says he's not supposed to talk about it. HeeHee!
Gramps gives them a map with Crowley's location on it. Sam tells him to come with them. 
Gramps is all Hells No!
So Sam, Dean & Cass go to meet up with Meg & her demon posse.
Meg wants Crowley's location. They say no way sister. Sam wants her to give him the knife. He takes it from her & ganks one of her demons. He said that demon would have killed them so ganked he must be. Meg is pretty indifferent about being one demon down. She tells him to give her the knife back. Sam tells her no the knife belongs to them & so he's taking it back. He starts walking away.
Back at the motel/cabin.
Cass is talking to Dean about Sam's soul. He doesn't know if Sam should get his soul back. It's been in the hole with Michael & Lucifer for a year. He could be pretty fucked up if he gets it back. 
Dean's all nope. We're getting his soul back.
Sam has been listening to the conversation. Uh oh.
Now we're at a prison. This seems a little too easy. 
Ok, we're now walking the prison halls. Dead peeps are behind some of the bars. & some of them are alive. Some chick is pleading with Dean to get her out but Sam tells him to come on they have to go. So Dean leaves the girl/demon(?) 
Uh oh the guards are coming. & they're hellhounds, y'all. 
Dean doesn't like the sound of that. 
Another commercial break.

The gangs a' running. 
The hounds got Meg's demon posse. But who cares. Clearly not Meg.
We're behind a closed door now but the hounds are gonna tear it down soon. 
Meg is gonna shed her meatsuit & get the fuck outta there all blacksmoke-like. 
She tries but can't. Crowley has put some kind of spell on the prison. Demons ain't getting out. 
Meg tells the boys to go & she'll take care of the hounds. Ok, well have fun with that.
OMG! She kisses Cass. 
Then she's all what was that. & Cass says "i learned that from the pizza boy." Oh Cass.
So the guys leave & Meg stays. 
Cass disappears. 
Sam & Dean see Gramps. He sold them out. Stupid Gramps!
They're put in different cells. 
Back to Meg. She has killed all the hellhounds & starts to walk down the hall to rejoin the bros. But a demon knocks her out. 
Back to the boys. Gramps is at Dean's cell. Dean can't believe that Gramps choose a demon over his own blood. Gramps tells Dean that Mary is his blood. Dean says you sold out your grandsons to a demon. Gramps says he doesn't even know what Sam is anymore (Boo! Stupid Gramps!) & that Dean is practically a stranger to him (Boo! Stupid Gramps yet again!) Dean says that Mary wouldn't have approved of Gramps' decision. Yeah! Suck on that, Gramps!
A demon comes to get Dean & take him off somewhere. Presumably to Crowley. 
Ok now we're back to Meg. The demon has her tied down naked to a table. He's gonna cut her until he gets answers. 
Sam is in his cell. He bites his arm & starts drinking his own blood. 
Now back to Dean. He's in a new cell. A bloody one. Two dudes are brought in. Dude 1 says "Look. Breakfast." Dean gets a not-happy look on his face. 
& we're going to another commercial.

Demons have come for Sam. They say he's about to join Dean. But Sam used his blood to make a demon snare on the ceiling. (How did he reach it? Is J. Pad that tall?)
Anyhoo, so now those demons are stuck & Sam is free to roam the premises. 
Dean is getting his ass kicked by ghouls. Sam busts in to help. 
Back to Meg again. She is getting all cut up. Now she's laughing. The demon is all what are you laughing at. Dean shivs him through the back. & Meg says "Because Dean Winchester is behind you." 
Sam says lets go. But Dean unties Meg instead of just leaving her there all helpless for Crowley to find. Dean is getting soft. While Sam remains hard & unmoving. We've gotta get his soul back STAT, guys. EvilEva no like-y this non-feeling Sam.
Crowley is with the girl that the bros saw when they first infiltrated the prison. He's asking about her daddy. Wait, who is her daddy? Alarm goes off. i guess we'll never know. Or at least not until the next ep maybe.
Crowley goes to check why the alarm has sounded. He sees that his demons are down. Then he sees Dean. Sam knocks Crowley up side his evil head. They've got him in the snare now. Meg begins torturing him. She tells him that Sam has something he wants to ask. Sam tells Crowley he wants his soul back. 
Crowley says he can't get it for him. 
Sam looks very defeated & is all well fuck it he can't get my soul back.
So he gives the knife to Meg. Meg goes into the snare but Crowley knocks her on her ass & takes the knife. He chucks it through the blood snare & walks out, tossing the bros against the wall. 
Yay! Now Cass is here! & he's got Crowley's bones. He asks Crowley if there is any way that he can get Sam's soul back. Crowley says no, he can't. So Cass torches the bones & Crowley goes up in smoke. 
Dammit! Commercial!

Sam goes to Crowley's ashes & picks up the knife. 
Meg hits the skids now that the spell is broken. Too bad. i kinda liked Meg's mojo with the bros in this episode. Maybe she'll return & be awesome again. 
Dean says he was gonna kill her but first he would've let Cass have her for an hour. Cass is all "why would i want that?"
The boys are outside the prison now. Cass is sorry because he thinks that Crowley might be right, that they can't get Sam's soul back. Cass vamooses.
Now Sam & Dean are arguing. Sam says that when angels & demons actually agree on something that it's probably time to pack it in. He doesn't even know if he wants his soul back. 
Dean says "you don't mean that." Sam says "No, it's just something that you don't wanna hear." Sam starts to walk off. Dean yells for Sam to come back. Yeah come back Sam. We can't not try to get your soul back. We want Good Ol' Sammy back! 

Next time on Supernatural...
Dean's dead? Or a reaper? Sam's going after Bobby with an ax? What the what?
P.S. Supernatural Drinking Game coming soon!

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