Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Hunger Games Soundtrack And Other Books Into Movies News

Let's face it, it wouldn't be Books Into Movies news without a little Hunger Games. So here's your (seemingly) daily fix!
You can now check out what to expect from The Hunger Games soundtrack here.
There are 16 songs in total.
Some of the artists include, The Decemberists, Arcade Fire, Neko Case, Kid Cudi and Miranda Lambert. Plus you'll also find songs from The Civil Wars and Taylor Swift other than their collaboration "Safe and Sound."
The video for which you can see.....

It's actually a really pretty song and video. You can pick up the soundtrack March 20th. 

i've got more Beautiful Creatures casting news for ya. 
The main characters, Ethan and Lena, have been cast. They will be played by Jack O'Connell and Alice Englert, respectively. i've never heard of either of these actors but like i previously said, i don't really have any investment tied up in this movie because i wasn't a huge fan of the book so i'm not gonna go all Hunger Games madwoman crazy over this casting. 
Anyhoo, Emma Thompson, who i actually do know, as she played Professor Trelawney in the Harry Potter series plus she's starred in countless other movies, has also been cast in the Beautiful Creatures movie. She'll be playing the dual roles of Mrs. Lincoln and Sarafine.
After reading the articles that i linked, i find it a little odd that this movie, which is based on a book about a town in South Carolina, is, so far, starring two Brits and a New Zealander.
Well at least Viola Davis is not only Southern but she's actually from South Carolina too.

John Green's latest novel, The Fault in Our Stars, which just came out in January of this year, has already been optioned for movie-making by the movie-making folks over at Fox.
i think everything is in its early stages right now so the fact that it might be made into a movie is the only news i have for you. This book is currently TBRing it on my shelf and i can't wait to read it. i've heard many, many wonderful things about it. 
i also just discovered that i'm a nerdfighter. Are you? Check out the awesome sauce video below to see if you qualify. :)

DFTBA, y'all!

The last Books Into Movies news i have for you is kinda old Books Into Movies news.
So if you didn't already know, which i think there's no way you couldn't have already known because the TV in general has been playing the trailer for this movie pretty much nonstop for about a month, The Secret World of  Arrietty is out now in theaters. It's based on The Borrowers books written by Mary Norton. i actually wanna see it even though i'm not a fan of this particular kind of animation. i like when things that are usually used for one purpose are made into something new to use for a completely different, tiny purpose. That's why i love the Tinkerbell movies so much! Yes, i think we've already established that i'm a huge nerd. Anyhoosies, here's the trailer for The Secret World of Arrietty. 

Now it's your turn to tell me what you think of all this Books Into Movies news. Do you like the casting choices so far for Beautiful Creatures? Is Taylor Swift's song Hunger Games-y enough for you? Is there a song you thought would've been perfect for the soundtrack that was left off? Did you see The Secret World of Arrietty this weekend? Was it awesome? Are you a fellow nerdfighter?
Dish this shizz and more in the comments section below.

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