Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's A 50-Days-Til-The-Hunger-Games Celebration At EvilEva's Trailer Park!

It's only 50 days until The Hunger Games hits theaters! Which means it's only 50 days until i lose my shit!!! So in honor of the 50-day-mark the fans have been gifted with this new trailer. Which is pretty much just made up of all the other trailers we've already seen, plus like 20 seconds of new shizz. But let's face it. That's not gonna stop us from watching it like one billion times. We're gonna watch it and we're gonna like it, dammit! (Even if they got the whole Mockingjay pin thing COMPLETELY wrong.)

*squeals with fangirlish delight*
March 23rd, y'all. Don't forget. 
Now go back to fangirling like a maniac. :) 

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  1. I knwo they got the Mockingjay pin wrong! It says in the book that all it is is a Mockingjay in a gold ring. The arrow was added on the cover to represent Katniss's ability with a bow and arrow.