Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How To Fangirl

If you're a loyal reader of this blog (thank you very much!) you already know that here at Nancy Drew Is My Homegirl, we like to fangirl about pretty much everything.
But if you're new 'round these parts and don't know what this whole "fangirl" business is all about, fear not because i'm here to explain.

Let's start with the basics.

What is a fangirl?
A fangirl is an extremely awesome gal that gets easily excited over random, usually geeky things.

But wait, isn't being geeky a bad thing?
HELL NO! Being a geek and/or a dork, nerd, or weirdo is one of the greatest things you can EVER be! So if anyone ever calls you by one of those names, take it as the compliment it is, for being a geek (and/or a dork, nerd, or weirdo) simply means that you really enjoy things and aren't afraid to show your love for them in a really big and often times public manner. What's wrong with that? Answer: Absolutely nothing! In fact, it makes geeks and the like pretty much the bravest people on the planet. Because even though what they love might seem "uncool" or "unpopular," they go right on loving it anyway. Bravest. People. EVER!  

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, that's a good point, Evil Eva. This fangirl stuff sure sounds like the bees knees. So what can i do to become a fangirl?
That's the best part! You don't have to do anything! It you want to be a fangirl, congratulations, you are a fangirl!
In fact, the only thing required of a fangirl is a deep, abiding love for anything that you already love deeply and abidingly.
It's. That. Simple!

However, all that being said, there may be times when you think: how can i properly fangirl over this particular moment?
Well don't you worry your pretty little head over that. Because that's what this feature is all about.
How To Fangirl is about taking something that is already totally awesome and completely fangirl-worthy and making it even more awesome and fangirl-worthy!
And since i fancy myself a fangirling expert, i'll be using this new feature to share all kinds of tips and tricks and pics to show you guys ways you can enhance any situation like a true fangirl!

Sound good? Ready to get your fangirl on?
Keep checking back to my blog for this brand spankin' new feature: How To Fangirl!

Coming Soon!   

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