Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Arrow Drinking Game

Well hey there, friends and sloppy drunkards! It's time yet again for another Drinking Game!
Our inspiration this go round? The CW's amazeballs new show, Arrow! Which comes back TONIGHT after weeks of being on a stupid "winter hiatus" (which IS SO NOT A THING, DAMNIT!) 
So what better way to celebrate the return of our new favorite superhero than by introducing our newest Drinking Game and promptly getting sloshed! So. Here it is:

The Arrow Drinking Game: 

Did someone call for shots?

Take a shot of your drink of choice whenever any of the following happens......

*Training montage!
*Oliver is shirtless.
*A Starling City baddie's name is crossed off Oliver's list.
*Island flashback.
*Oliver abruptly leaves an event and/or conversation.
*Diggle "sets Oliver straight."
*Someone refers to the Green Arrow as "The Hood."
*You spy the giant Q on the Queens building.
*Laurel acts self-righteous, sanctimonious, or generally better than anyone amassed in whatever room she happens to be in at that moment.
*The name Diggle makes you giggle. :) 
*Detective Lance outwardly dislikes Oliver.
*Felicity awkwardly flirts with Oliver.
*Laurel mentions that she's a lawyer.
*Diggle brings up his tour in Afghanistan.
*Oliver gives us the ol' "you have failed this city" line.

So them's the rules, y'all. Now get your drink and get to it!
And don't forget, you better drink responsibly or you have failed this city!

1 comment:

  1. Are you trying to kill people?

    You left out the most obvious. I don't drink, but I roll my eyes whenever anyone refers to "this City." Which they do. Ad nauseam.

    LOVE the show! I just wish they would be a little more specific on the "crimes" of the baddies. They are sometimes so vague it almost sounds like you're on the "list" merely for being deemed a 1%er. The evil rich? Really?! I've had to learn to ignore the undertones of politics, which at times can reek of elitist, liberal BS.

    BTW - Why such a Laurel hater? I'm usually pretty tough on the females, but think she's great.