Monday, March 18, 2013

And Then There Was Four!

Well bloggermuffins, that casting decision of Peeta-sized proportions has finally been made!
i am, of course, talking about who will be playing Four in the upcoming Divergent movie. 

And the role goes to... Theo James. Which is actually kinda funny because recently, after seeing a commercial for Golden Boy, i was trying to determine whether i found him attractive. My verdict? Well, he is quite handsome. i mean, obvs. But i think that might be the problem. Maybe he's a little TOO handsome. And, truth be told, i'm not that big a fan of guys with pouty lips. i mean, i'm not into thin-lipped guys either. Typically i go for the Goldilocks of lips: aka just right. ;) 
Anyhoo, i think that's my main problem with Theo. He's a little too pouty for me. And i think that's the problem i have with him playing Four. Four is in no way, shape, or form pouty or modelesque. Four is gritty and badass and rough around the edges. And i don't know if Theo has what it takes to pull that off. Although, i've never actually seen him act. So maybe he's really the perfect Four and i just don't know it because, based solely on my Google Image search, he looks too GQ.     

i just don't know, guys. For the moment, i'm totes on the fence about this one.
What do y'all think? Did the movie casting peeps get it right? If not, who would be your ideal Four? Dish it in the comments.  

Oh, and in less-important-because-it-isn't-about-Four Divergent movie news, the part of douchebag Eric has also been cast. He will be played by Jai Courtney.
Also, that rumor about Kate Winslet being somehow involved with this movie still persists. Although it's still unclear who she'll play. My money would be on Jeanine. 
And i recently heard an AMAZING rumor which i REALLY hope is true: Aaron Eckhart is perhaps, possibly vying for a role in the movie! My guess is that he might play Tris' dad. i don't care if he wins the part of Garbage Man #2, i LOVE me some Aaron Eckhart!!! Just the possibility that he MIGHT be in this movie is enough for me. 

Well guys, it seems like Divergent movie news is coming fast and furious these days so whenever someone else is for sure cast (Will! Al! Uriah!) i'll be sure to report it. So be sure to check back for more Books Into Movies news soon.


  1. I also think his face is quite strange, like the male counterpart to Angelina Jolie. More like fantasy art than a real person. Perfect for a movie! I also just found out he is the guy from season 1 of Downton Abbey who causes a scandal in the household (no spoilers!) I had no idea this was the same guy from the Golden Boy ads. Looking forward to the Divergent movie.

    1. Yes! Excellent comparison! i totally get what you're saying with the Angelina Jolie thing.
      And even though i haven't been completely jazzed with the casting decisions so far, i mean, come on, who am i kidding? i'm still totally gonna see this movie, opening weekend, and probably fangirl like crazy over it! :)