Monday, May 12, 2014

The Game Of Thrones Drinking Game

Recently I not only got into Game of Thrones, I got ALL UP INTO Game of Thrones!  I marathoned the entire series thus far which consists of 3 complete seasons and a half of a season.
All in all I consumed 36 episodes in a little under a week.  (And that's all while also watching my regularly scheduled programs.)  So, yeah, I became slightly obsessed.  
So, of course, I totally had to make a drinking game for my latest obsession!  Thus: 

The Game of Thrones Drinking Game

This one goes out to all my homies.
Take a shot of your drink of choice whenever any of the following happens...... 

*A main character dies. (Take another shot if it was someone you actually liked.)
*This just in: "Winter is coming."
*Daenerys says "my dragons."
*Someone makes fun of Tyrion's stature.
*Someone makes fun of Brienne's stature.
*You want to punch Joffrey in the face.
*Anytime Jon Snow "knows nothing."
*Bran has that goddamn 3-eyed raven dream.
*Hodor says "Hodor."
*Sword fight!
*Prostitute sighting!
*Someone refers to Jon Show as a "bastard."
*Someone refers to Daenerys as "Khaleesi."
*Someone refers to Jaime as "Kingslayer."
*Arya recites her shit list.
*Jorah gets friend-zoned. 
*Someone loses a body part.
*Someone takes a drink.
*"A Lannister always pays his debt."

Brace yourselves a hangover is coming, so, as always, drink responsibly. 


  1. I think I'm not fit enough for that. :P

  2. This is amazing! Now you need to read the books if you haven't already! Drinking games for books are infinitely harder though.