Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's New! It's Improved! It's...The Same?

I actually started this blog a few years ago but it never fully became what i wanted it to be. So i decided to scrap it, delete all previous posts & start fresh. This is the first post of the new & improved (& yes, kinda the same) Nancy Drew is My Homegirl booktastical blog!
i guess i'll start off by telling you a little about myself...

My real name isn't EvilEva, obvs.i like to think of EvilEva as my alter ego. She's me only sassier, ballsier, & more EViL! However, for the purposes of this blog, we're one & the same.
The purposes of this blog being book reviews, book news, talk of TV, movies, music & life in general. But mainly books. Because i love books! i love pretty much EVERYTHING having to do with books! i love to read! i love bookstores & libraries & bookmarks & bookshelves! i love book review sites & books being turned into movies & TV shows! i love other people that are super passionate about books & want to discuss them ad nausium!   i just really, truly, deeply LOVE LOVE LOVE anything & everything about books & reading.

My second love in life, which i will undoubtedly discuss quite a bit in this blog, is Supernatural! i've been a fan (or fanatic, whatever!) of this show since the pilot episode. i've watched EVERY SINGLE episode since (even tho this year they're changing it to Friday at 9. i find this particularly blasphemous as Supernatural's rightful home is Thursday at 9! Uh, DUH!!!!!) i have all 5 seasons on DVD, i have every book thus far in the series, i have every magazine issue to date, i have a Supernatural themed playlist on my iPod, i even have the friggin' widget at the bottom of this page! In short, i love the show (& Jared Padalecki! i soooo wanted to become Mrs. Padalecki but he had to go & marry Ruby!)
So, much like books, Supernatural is something that i'll be talking about A LOT in this blog.
As far as TV goes, i also love me some Dexter, Big Bang Theory, Psych, Vampire Diaries, & True Blood. So these will probably get a mention from time to time too.

i do have other interests besides books & TV tho. 
i love music! i love to sing! If i weren't such an unbelievable chicken shit i'd love to be a singer. But currently i'm pretty much terrified to sing in front of anyone. Really hoping that'll change one day. i write songs. & i'd really love to learn to play the acoustic guitar (i was very much a Jewel-head in the mid 90's! Hated it when she went all pseudo-poptart in the 00's. What happened to Foolish Games, man? Bring that chick back!) i like making up "soundtracks" for pretty much EVERY occasion. Basically, i'm the mix tape queen!

It has just occurred to me that "a little about myself" has kinda spiraled outta control! i also wanted to explain what you can come to expect from this new & improved blog.
Basically "Nancy Drew is My Homegirl" is a book review site. i'll be reading books, obvs. Reviewing the crap out of 'em & rating them from Suckish to Awesomeness. (i'll explain more about the rating system in my next post.)
i'll also be keeping you up to date with any & all book related news. Plus, i'll introduce you to The Big Ass Read, The Mini Ass Read, & The Nancy Drew Files. (These are all book challenges that i'll get into further later on.)
So, that's who i am & what this blog will be. Interested? Intrigued? Then check in each week for a new post.
Thanks for letting me ramble! 

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