Friday, September 10, 2010

The Scale of Judgment

So you're probably thinking, "Uh, what the F is The Scale of Judgment?" Well i'm glad you're so inquisitive & thus i will tell you. The Scale of Judgment will be the rating system by which all books will be judged in this blog.
i just thought i'd go ahead & mention it & explain it a little.

The Scale of Judgment
5= Complete Awesomeness
4= Almost Awesome
2=Borderline Sucky
1=Hugely Suckish

i think The Scale pretty much speaks for itself. it's idiot-proof, really. After every book review there will be an accompanying score (1-5, idiot!) But worry not bloggermuffins! i'll be transferring a copy of it over to the side. So if you forget what 3 means you can just look to the right & see that, Oh this book was Slightly Amusing. it's that simple!

i've also decided the first book that i'm gonna review! For right now though i'm gonna keep it my little secret. Keep checking back here & on Twitter (i'm @girlsleuth) 
All will be revealed SOON!

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