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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 11 OR Death Takes A Holiday

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down & lets watch some Supernatural! 

Episode #11: Appointment in Samarra (Yeah ep 11. That means we're now halfway through the season, fanboys & girls.) 
Previously on Supernatural...
Sam is soulless & discouraged as he may never be able to get his soul back. Gramps was Crowley's bitch because he wanted Crowley to bring Mary back from the dead. Cass found Crowley's bones & smoked his ass. So now we're no longer indebted to a demon but we still have no idea how to get Sam's soul back. 

Dean is exiting the Impala in........ Chinatown???
Ok now he's going into some Asian butcher shop. The butcher tells Dean to go to the back. 
Dean climbs the stairs & HOLY SHIT is that Freddy Krueger?!?!?!? OMG it is!!! Apparently he's some kind of doctor. It would be kinda cooler though if he were on here as Freddy. 
There is some chick with harsh bangs filling up needles with something. i guess she's Freddy's nurse? 
Ok so i guess Dean is getting something medical done. But what? & why from Freddy Krueger? 
Wow. Harsh Bangs is a real bitch. 
Freddy tells Dean that he's got 3 minutes & he injects something into the IV that Harsh Bangs hooked up to Dean. Wait, what's in the IV? What are you doing Dean?
& now Dean is dead. Dean is dead?!?!? 
His spirit or essence or whatnot goes back down to the butcher shop, recites some Latin & calls upon the reaper girl from many episodes back. (Remember she played Hailey's sister on One Tree Hill too.) 
Oh & Death has come with her. Ok, exactly what are you up to, Dean?
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime!
Dean is asking Death for a favor. Well this should go swimmingly. He wants Death to get Sam's soul & Adam's body outta the box. 
Death tells him that he's gonna have to choose one. 
Dean picks Sam, obvs. Yeah, fuck Adam. We hardly knew ye. 
Death tells Dean that Sam's soul has been flayed. 
Freddy & Harsh Bangs are trying to resuscitate Dean.
Dean asks if Death can erase all the hellish memories that Sam will have if he frees his soul. But Death is all uh i haven't officially agreed to help you yet, bitch. 
He will help Dean though if Dean puts on his ring & agrees to become Death for a day. If he does so (& doesn't do the completely Dean-y thing & break the rules) then Death will get Sam's soul & put a wall around it to protect Sam from all the soul rape that it got down in the box with Michael & Lucifer. 
Death was about to tell him something else but Freddy brought him back to life at that moment. 
Now Dean is back at Bobby's telling Sam that Death can get him his soul back. But after listening to Crowley & Cass, Sam isn't so sure that he wants his fucked up soul back. 
Sam finally agrees to let Dean become Death. But he doesn't much like the idea. 
Dean tells Bobby to watch Sam. 
Sam asks Bobby if he's gonna lock him in the panic room again & Bobby asks Sam if he needs to. Come on y'all, hasn't Sammy suffered enough? 
Dean puts on Death's ring. 
There's Reaper Girl. She tells Dean the rules of the game. She apparently has no faith in Dean's deathin' skills. 
Now Sam's at a warehouse somewhere. Way to watch him, Bobby. He summons Balthazar. 
& now it's commercial time. 

Sam tells Balthazar that he needs his help. He wants some angel advice but he doesn't want to ask Cass. He asks Balthazar if there is a spell that can keep a soul out forever. Sam doesn't want his soul back. 
Balthazar tells Sam that he'll help him for free. Sam's all wha......? Balthazar delights in the fact that his helping Sam in this endeavor will undoubtedly piss Dean off, which he likes, plus he wants Sam to be indebted to him for perhaps all of eternity. 
Sam wants to know what he'll need for this spell.
Balty says that he needs a specific ingredient. Patricide. 
Sam tells Balty that his dad has been dead for years so uh that ingredient is kinda out. 
But Balty tells him that he just needs the blood of someone that has been father-like to him. Uh oh. i don't like the sound of that. Watch your back, Bobby!
Back to Deathly Dean. He & Reaper Girl are at a convenience store. It's being robbed by some douche. Dean wants to know who he's supposed to kill. There's the douche-robber, the convenience store worker & his young son. Douche is pointing a gun at convenience store worker & his son but then the clerk gets a gun out from behind the counter & shoots the douche-robber. So douche-robber is Dean's first "kill." But Dean isn't all that torn up about this dude dying because he was such a dick. So first kill goes easy-peasy.  
Now Dean & Reaper Girl are outside. There is a guy stuffing his face with pizza. Dean guesses that this dude is about to have a heart attack. & what do ya know, the dude does. Dude asks Dean what it all means. Dean tells him "Everything is dust in the wind." Dude responses, "a Kansas song?" Dude please forgive Dean. He's new. As well as a sucker for old time rock & roll. 
Now we're back to Sammy. He's back with Bobby. Bobby's like where were you. Well Bobby you should really know where he was as you were the one that was supposed to be watching him. Bad babysitter Bobby! Sam tells him that he went out to clear his head.
Back to Dean & Reaper Girl. Now they're in a hospital. This one is gonna be harder. Yep. Now Dean has to take a 12 year old girl. But Dean doesn't want to take her. 
The little girl & her dad go down the hall for a treatment.
Back to Sam & Bobby. Jeez, we're flip-flopping between the bros tonight. 
Anyhoodle, Bobby & Sam are sitting at the table playing cards. Sam looks at Bobby like he's a piece of useful meat. 
& now back to Dean & Reaper Girl. Dean refuses to take the little girl. 
The doctor tells the dad that it's a miracle, the little girl is fine & she doesn't need the surgery anymore. 
& back we go to Sam & Bobby. Sam attacks Bobby but Bobby so saw it coming & he knocks Sam upside the head. Sam goes down. 
Bobby says "i may have been born at night but it wasn't last night." Then he turns around. *gasp* Sam is gone, y'all. Uh oh for Bobby.
& now this commercial break.

Bobby is sneaking around his own house, carrying a gun & trying to find Sam.
Bobby goes into what looks like a pantry & locks himself in the room. 
Sam hacks at the door with an ax. He tells Bobby that he shouldn't have cornered himself in like that. 
Bobby says that he didn't, then pulls a lever & Sam falls through the floor. That Bobby Singer is a crafty one.
Bobby & Sam have a heart to heart about this soul business. Sam says that Dean doesn't care about him, he cares about his little brother Sammy who he'd give anything to get back. 
Bobby calls out to Sam. Sam doesn't answer. Bobby says "Balls!" He goes down to the basement to investigate. Oh there's blood on the panic room door. Sammy are you ok?
Dean & Reaper Girl are still at the hospital. Because Dean let the little girl live when she wasn't supposed to a nurse dies in her place & Dean has to take her instead. 
Reaper Girl tells the nurse that she should have lived for many decades & had children & grandchildren but because Dean screwed up she's now dead. That was a pretty bitch move, Reaper Girl. 
Now dead nurse's husband is at the hospital looking for his wife. He cries over her body. 
Dean & Reaper Girl are back at the 12 year old's room. Reaper Girl tells Dean to kill her. 
Dean sees dead nurse's husband out the window. He's stumbling to his car. He looks like he's drunk. But where do you get alcohol in a hospital? Hmm. 
Dean tells Reaper Girl to wait a minute. 
Back to Bobby & Sam. Bobby is outside looking in a barn. Sam comes up behind him & hits him over the head with a rod & drags Bobby's body away.
Dean is in the car with dead nurse's husband. He's trying to talk some sense into him. You know, like how he shouldn't be drinking & driving. But dead nurse's husband can't hear him. & holy balls there's another car coming right for us!!! 
Dean, much like Jesus, takes the wheel. 
Dead nurse's husband plows into a parked car. 
Death's ring is off Dean's finger. Not. Good.
Time for a damn commercial.

Dean gets out of the wrecked car. Dean is calling for Reaper Girl. He tells her that he lost. Sam is screwed. He wants her to zap his ass back him. 
Dead nurse's husband comes to. So apparently he's alive, for anyone that may have been interested in his well being. 
Dean puts the ring back on & is transported back to the hospital. 
Dean is gonna kill the little girl. He has to or else all these other people will have to die instead. 
The little girl flatlines. 
She asks if she's dead. Dean tells her yes. The little girl asks what about her dad. She says she can't leave him alone. Dean tells her it's just the natural order of things. The little girl says that natural order is stupid. Dean agrees. Reaper Girl takes the little girl away. 
Bobby is tied to a chair. Sam's got a knife. 
Bobby says he's been like a father to Sam. Uh yeah Bobby that's kinda the whole point. 
Sam rears back his hand to stab Bobby. But Dean catches it, stopping him. 
He says "Hey Sam. i'm back." Then he punches Sam in his beautiful face. 
Commercials again.

Sam is tied to the bed in the panic room. (i wish he was tied to the bed in my panic room. You know, if i had a panic room.) He's still knocked out. 
Dean & Bobby are discussing what to do with Sam. They can't keep tying him up everytime he tries to kill someone. 
Sam comes to. 
Sam & Dean have long meaningful eye contact. Dean shuts the little window on the panic room door & goes up the stairs. 
Death is sitting at a table eating something greasy. Well sure, i guess if there's no way for you to die then you can just bacon it up whenever you feel like it. 
Dean admits to Death that he sucked at being him. 
Death asks if he could go back would he have just killed the little girl in the first place.
Dean says that knowing now what happened when he didn't listen, yeah he would have just killed the little girl. 
Death says that he's surprised by that. But also pleased. 
Dean thinks that this little challenge was rigged from the start. 
Death tells him that people usually show him more respect than that. He says that he has to go to hell now & get Sam's soul.
Dean is all huh? but i lost. Death tells Dean that he learned a lesson. & that it's all about the souls & he'll understand when he's meant to.
Death leaves.
Dean hauls ass to the basement. 
Death is now in the panic room with Sam. He starts to put Sam's soul, now with protective new siding!, back into him. But Sam doesn't want it. He pleads with Dean to not let Death put his soul back in him. 
But Death puts his soul back anyway. He tells Sam not to scratch at the walls, he won't like what he finds behind them. 
Sam is screaming in pain. 
Dean looks like he doesn't know if he's actually made the right decision. 

Next time on Supernatural...
Promise rings! Virgins! January 28th?!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!

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