Monday, April 18, 2011

Meet District 11!

Slowly but surely the cast for The Hunger Games is coming together. This week we discovered the two actors that will play District 11's Tributes, Rue and Thresh! And good news! They actually look like what you would expect after reading the books! So score one for The Hunger Games movie casting peeps!

Rue will be played by the super adorable Amandla Stenburg.
And Thresh will be played by super intense newcomer Dayo Okeniyi.

i think these two are a good addition to the cast. And i'm also beginning to feel a little better about Jennifer Lawrence being cast as Katniss. Over the weekend i watched Winter's Bone and while i didn't really care for the movie that much i thought that Jennifer Lawrence did a great job with the character Ree. It makes me think that she'll do well playing Katniss because she can look vulnerable yet tough at the same time. Plus she can skin a squirrel, take care of younger siblings while also looking after a seemingly useless mother, shoot a gun, and come off pretty badass-y.

So, with my confidence in Katniss renewed and my excitment over these new Tributes, i can feel myself getting pumped once more for the movie version of this awesome trilogy! 
Now if they can keep from jacking up Haymitch, Cinna and Effie, then i'll be very pumped for the movie!
What do you guys think of our newest Tributes? Dish in the comments section.

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