Wednesday, May 18, 2011

First Glimpse Of Jennifer Lawrence As Katniss

Big news, y'all! Entertainment Weekly has Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of this weeks magazine! Oh and did i mention she's dressed up as Katniss?!?!? i can't wait to get my copy Friday and dive head first into any and all Hunger Games dish! Can't wait either? Here it is:

i mentioned in a previous post that i was totally for Jennifer getting the part of Katniss since i saw her amazing performance in Winter's Bone. And now that i've seen her in her Hunger Games garb i'm completely 100% sure they got the right girl!
Now if we can just see how they'll transform Peeta and Gale. ;)
Well, what do you guys think? Still a little iffy or totally convinced now? Dish it up in the comments.

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