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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 20 OR It's A Cass-tastrophe!

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down and lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #20: The Man Who Would Be King.
Previously on Supernatural...
Mama got ganked. Crowley's back and he wants all the souls he can get in order to be super powerful. Oh and apparently Cass is working with him now. WHAAAAA?!?!?

Cass is in a forest somewhere. He's talking to someone about good ol' biblical times. The most remarkable of which was the non-apocalypse.
By averting the apocalypse it left freedom and choice for all! Hooray!
But Cass doesn't know if he made the right choice.
Cass says to whoever he is talking to let me tell you my story. i have a feeling things are about to get real flashback-y. Cass is gonna tell us everything, y'all.
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime!

Dean is alone in the Impala. Cass enters.
Dean asks if Cass has gotten any word on Crowley and if he's still actually alive and kicking.
Cass tells him that he's still looking. He doesn't understand how Crowley could have tricked him. Cass! Liar liar thou pants are ablaze!
Cass asks Dean if they've found anything yet. Dean tells him no.
Cass asks oh btw where is Sam's sexy ass. Dean tells him that he's in Omaha tracking a djinn and that he's on his way to meet up with Sam right now.
Dean tells Cass to call if he gets into any trouble.
Cass leaves. Dean keeps on trucking.
Now Cass enters some kind of lab. Crowley's there. There's some dude strung up on a contraption. It looks like we're on the set of one of the Saw movies. Is Crowley the new Jigsaw?
Anyhoo, Crowley is doing an autopsy on Mama. Cass asks him what he's found.
Crowley tells him that Eve's brain is dead but somehow she keeps laying eggs. And they are so super gross. Plus Crowley has discovered something else. He picks up a hot spike-y thing and sticks it into Eve's brain.
The strung up dude (who appears to be a vamp) starts flailing and screaming. It seems that Mama's babies can feel whatever is being done to her.
Crowley takes the spike out. He tells Cass that he thinks Eve was the key to finding purgatory and he's pissed that Cass let the Winchesters kill her.
Cass tells him that it was unavoidable.
Crowley tells Cass that he reeks of Impala and he isn't happy that Cass is spending time with his homeboys. But Cass says that he needs to know what the boys know.
Crowley's mad that the Winchesters are gunning for him. So he jams the spike into Eve's brain making the vamp go cray cray.
Meanwhile, Cass is narrating the story. And it is very hard to write this recap while Cass is telling his own recap. So whenever Cass starts talking over the story, i'll hit you with one of these--- Narrator:  Ok. Got that? Good.
Narrator: Cass is conflicted. He still considers himself the Winchesters guardian yet he's kinda working against them by working with Crowley.
Flashback to the birth of the Ass-butt and Adam/Michael's demise. And Cass going kersplat. (See season 5 finale for more deets.) Ok clearly there are gonna be flashbacks a-plenty too. So whenever a flashback comes i'll do this--- Flashback:  Maybe this will help clear up the confusion. Back to the show.
At that point, (the whole going kersplat deal) Cass was done. But unlike Humpty Dumpty someone could put Cass back together again. And so Cass heals a bloody, puffy Dean and brings Bobby back from the dead.
They stopped Armageddon. But it was at a terrible cost. Cass says he knew what he had to do next.
Flashback: Sam is outside Dean's house that he shares with Lisa and Ben. Cass is standing next to him. He's the one that raised Sam up from hell. But he was arrogant in thinking he could bring Sam back minus any complications. Cos turns out, he didn't raise all of Sam.
Flashback: Sam beating the shit out of some guy, the Dean being forced vamp blood smirk, and nearly knifing Bobby to death.
Cass says sometimes you're lucky enough to get a warning and this should have been his.
Back in front of Dean's house, Sam walks passed Cass but doesn't acknowledge that he sees him.
Back to Crowley's Creepy Laboratory.
Crowley begs Cass to just kill the boys already. Cass says no and that if Crowley tries to kill them then he'll just bring them back.
Crowley's all oh no you won't. Not where i'll put them! Ew. What does that even mean?
Cass tells him no again and tells him not to worry about them.
Crowley goes down the laundry list of baddies that the boys have taken care of and thinks that he might be the only one that doesn't underestimate them.
Cass tells him to find purgatory. If he doesn't then they'll both just keep dying again and again for all eternity.
He tells Crowley that the Winchesters won't get to him.
Crowley yells "Let 'em get to me! i'll tear their friggin hearts out!"
At Bobby's. There is some kind of demon in a wife beater under the demons snare, tied to a chair. Bobby is interrogating him.
It seems wife beater demon, Redd, is a hunter. He killed a bunch of vamps. Bobby asks if he took them to Crowley. Redd calls Bobby a redneck and tells him that The King Is Dead.
Bobby chuckles and throws holy water on Redd. Bobby tells Redd that Crowley is alive and that he's been using Redd and other dumb demons as monster hunters. Redd gets mouthy. Sam breaks out a big ass knife and hands it to Bobby.
Dean walks in. He motions for Sam to follow him to the kitchen while Bobby interrogates Redd some more.
Redd is being sassy and unhelpful so Bobby jams the knife in Redd's leg. Redd screams. Bobby goes into the kitchen.
Dean tells them that Cass popped in on him. Bobby asks what Dean told him. Dean tells them that he told Cass they were hunting a monster. Cass is unaware that they're getting closer to Crowley. But Dean doesn't like lying to Cass.
Sam and Bobby aren't sure if they can trust Cass anymore.
Meanwhile, Cass is standing right behind them but i guess he's got on an invisibility cloak or something cos no one is commenting on his presence.
Sam and Bobby hope that they're wrong about him. But Bobby says if they're not then they've got a Superman that's gone to the dark side. We might need to stock up on kryptonite.
Dean looks unconvinced.
Bobby wants to get back to the task at hand. Which is finding Crowley before he can open purgatory. So Bobby goes back to question Redd.
Redd isn't really in a giving mood so Bobby turns the knife in his leg. Redd feels like sharing now. He says that he never met Crowley. He only worked with a dispatcher named Ellsworth.
Now we're at Ellsworth's house. Evidently, Ell is the demon equivalent of Bobby Singer. Instead of various phones, he has various blood bowls.
Two goons walk in dragging a body. Ell tells them to take the body out back.
Narrator: Cass says that these demons would lead the boys to Crowley and Crowley would tear their hearts out. And he can't let that happen.
Cass busts into Ells joint, grabs the goons by their heads and slams them into the floor.
Ell tries to escape his meat suit but Cass shoves his demon smoke back into his mouth, killing him.
Cass did it to protect the boys. Or himself. He doesn't know which anymore.

Dean and Bobby bust into someone's house, guns drawn. Sam enters from the back. All clear.
The place looks clean and demon-less. Oh. i just realized they're in Ellsworth's house. *smacks forehead*
They search the place. Cass is there in his invisibility cloak. He's been hiding and lying and getting rid of evidence and feeling pretty bad about it.
Cut to Cass in heaven. Turns out there are different heavens for every person. Cass is in an autistic man's heaven. It's very garden-y and kite flying-y.
Cass meets his angel peeps there. Hey. Isn't that Lt. Angel Bitch? She thought Cass was destroyed. She says God chose Cass. God brought Cass back to lead them.
Cass is all slow your roll sister. We're free now!
Angels apparently don't "get" the whole freedom concept.
Now Cass is in some swanky house. He's visiting Raphael. There is some crazy pic of George W. in Raph's heaven.
Raphael is calling a meeting. He wants Cass to kneel before him and pledge his allegiance to him. He wants Cass to atone for his bad behavior brought on by too much Winchester-following. Raphael wants to free Lucifer and Michael from the cage. He wants the apocalypse to happen.
Cass won't let Raphael do that.
Raphael is all oh reeeeeeally. Then he puts up his bright light angel hand and sends Cass back to his kite flying heaven with a nose bleed.
Cass starts coughing up blood. Raphael tells him that tomorrow he will kneel or Raphael will kill him and anyone foolish enough to follow him.
Back at demon Bobby's abode. Bobby thinks the place is too clean for demon living. Dean suggests they call Cass. Bobby and Sam aren't so sure. Dean says that after everything Cass has done for them they at least owe him the benefit of the doubt.
So Sam calls Cass. Dean calls Cass.
Cass is behind Dean in his invisibility trench coat (teehee!) He doesn't come because he knew they'd have questions that he couldn't answer.
So now they're back to square one with the Crowley search.
They start to leave to find other monster hunting demons, when suddenly a demon grabs Dean! One throws Sam over a table! One's got Bobby!
Dean's demon tells him Crowley says hi.
Time for some more commercials.

The demon is beating the shit out of Dean.
Narrator: Cass says Crowley sent his best hitmen. Cass has been caught off guard. Now he has to make a decision- to smite or not to smite. Crowley wouldn't like the smiting but dammit! these are his friends.
Cass enters sans invisibility trench and smites the ever loving shit out of the demons.
Dean verbally smites Sam and Bobby for not trusting Cass since he just saved their asses and all. Bobby apologizes. Sam explains that they've been looking for Crowley behind Cass' back. Bobby tells Cass they thought he was working with Crowley. Cass tells them they could have just asked him. They apologize again to Cass for thinking he's a lying liarface that works with demons. Cass is all fuggitaboutit.
Then he says that it's absurd, Superman going to the dark side. He's still just the same ol' Cass. Dean says i guess we can put away the kryptonite then.
Cass says exactly and you are so busted Cass cos they had that convo while you were in your invisibility trench!
Back to Crowley's Creepy Laboratory. Cass busts in. He can't believe Crowley sent his demon hitmen. Crowley's all you kill my hunters, i'll kill your hunters. He tells Cass that the Winchesters are starting to see that Cass isn't good or righteous. Then he calls Cass a whore.
Cass shoves Crowley against a wall, tells him to quit messing with his boos. If he doesn't then their arrangement is over. Cass out.
Narrator: Cass says that Raphael is bigger and stronger than he is and that there is no way he could win against him. So he went to ask his friends for help.
Cut to Dean raking the yard. Cass enters wearing his invisibility trench. Crowley appears with a proposition for Cass.
Cut to some dude taking a number and heading to the back of a line. Cass and Crowley enter. We're in the new and improved hell that Crowley masterminded.
Hell is waiting in line. You ain't just whistling Dixie, mister.
Crowley and Cass talk about what to do about Raphael. Cass isn't strong enough to defeat him alone. Crowley tells Cass that, much like a Gllimore Girl, where he leads the angels will follow. So make an army and attack Raph's ass already. Start a civil war in heaven. Crowley tells him that God loves him and brought him back so that he could be the new sheriff upstairs. It'll take a lot of power though.
The answer to all our problems? Purgatory. There are tons of souls ripe for the taking. The only problem is finding it.
Crowley thinks they can get the bros to help but Cass tells him that Dean is retired and not to be bothered. They could just use Gramps then. They need to get the monsters and the monsters will lead them to purgatory.
Cass wants to know what Crowley gets out of this deal. Crowley wants half the souls.
But Cass thinks this plan will take entirely too long. Crowley says he'll float him 50,000 souls so Cass can impress his angel buddies. And butters him up further by telling him God has chosen him to save us.
Back at Raph's. Cass enters. He goes all bright light angel hand and momentarily blasts Raphael. Cass tells the goons there'll be no apocalypse and that they are either with him or Raphael.
Back to the bros. Dean calls Cass. Cass comes.
Sam tells him that they've figured out a way to track down Crowley. Cass asks what is it.
Bobby's all it's you mofo and throws a match on the floor and it ignites an angel snare. Cass looks all whaaaaaa?!?!?
Damn commercials!

Dean is all you're busted, homeboy. Sam asks Cass how long he's been spying on them. Cass is floundering. Dean tells him to look him in the eye. He wants Cass to look him in the eye and tell him he's not working for Crowley. Cass looks down. Dean has a sad.
Cass tells them he did it to protect them. He can take care of Raphael but he needs them to trust him. Sam wants to know how they can trust him now.
Cass tells them he's still Cass. He's still their friend. He tells Sam that he's the one that raised him from perdition. Sam is all you did a pretty shitty job of it and wants to know if he brought him back soulless on purpose. Cass asks him how he can think that but doesn't really answer the question.
Cass says that Raph will kill them. So he had to make a choice. Dean tells him he made the wrong one. He tells Cass that when the shit hits the fan you work together you don't go and make a deal with the devil.
Suddenly there's a breeze a-blowing.
Cass says he can't turn back now. He tells the boys to run.
The boys haul ass, leaving Cass in his angel snare.
Another commercial.

The dementors descend on demon Bobby's house. Cass is still trapped. Crowley's home! He snaps his fingers and extinguishes the fire circle.
Cass advances on him, saying if he messes with the Winchesters he'll be in a world of trouble.
Crowley's all please, not this same old song and dance again. He says that he won't hurt them and they've proven his point for him.
Crowley sees the new God and the new devil working together in perfect harmony. Cass tells him that's enough. Tells him to get out of his sight.
Crowley's all you're welcome for saving your ass.
As a parting shot he tells Cass that at least he knows what he is. Who is Cass? What is Cass willing to do?
Crowley leaves. Cass has a sad.
Back to Bobby's place. Dean is asleep. He wakes up suddenly. Cass is there.
Dean wants to know what Cass wants.
Cass wants Dean to understand. He's doing this for them. Cass tells him he knows what he's doing.
Dean asks him not to do it. He tells Cass that he's like a brother to him and tells him if he asks him not to do something it's for his own good.
Cass asks him what he'll do.
Dean says he'll do whatever he has to do in order to stop Cass.
Cass says he can't. Dean's just a man. Cass is an angel. Dean tells him he's taken out stronger people before.
Cass tells him he's sorry.
Dean says he's sorry too then.
Cass is gone.
Back to the forest. Cass has been talking to God. He wants to know if he's on the right path. He wants a sign and if he doesn't get one then he'll do whatever he has to.
Wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit...
No sign. Cass hangs his head.

Next time on Supernatural....The 2 hour season finale is coming May 20th.
A bloody Sam is talking to a clean one. Cass asks Balthy if he's with him or not. Crowley's back. Lisa has a knife to Ben's throat. Dean is super concerned. Crowley's talking about breaking contracts. And some building somewhere explodes.
Holy shizz, y'all! Only 2 episodes left. How's it all gonna end? Who will make it to season 7? Will the apocalypse go down yet again? Will we see more of Sam than we have in the past few eps? Grab your popcorn, Ass-butts, cos it's all going down next Friday starting at 8pm!!!
*totally geeks out*

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