Friday, May 13, 2011

The Reaping Is Officially Over

All the Tributes have been cast. i was a little surprised when i saw the actors that will play District 2 cos i've actually seen them before. Cato will be played by Alexander Ludwig who was previously in Race to Witch Mountain plus he also played the main character in The Seeker.
And the role of Clove goes to Isabelle Fuhrman who you might remember as the wackadoo little girl who was SPOILER ALERT! actually a 30 year old small lady in that crazypants movie Orphan. 
i'm not so sure that Alexander can bring it but i think Isabelle was a totally good choice for Clove. 
What do you guys think of our final Tributes? Are you of the yay or the nay camp? Dish that shizz out in the comments section, y'all!     

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