Thursday, May 5, 2011

YA Books Into Movies News (Lets Be Honest. It's Mostly Hunger Games News)

The Reaping is almost complete, y'all! That's right, two more Districts have been cast, which means we only have six Tributes to go.
The Tributes of District 7 will be played by Sam Ly and Leigha Hancock.
And District 8's Tribs are Samuel Tan and Mackenzie Lintz.
And finally i've got some non-Tribute related info for you. The role of Head Gamemaker, Seneca Crane will be played by Wes Bentley (aka the perv with the video camera in American Beauty.)  

So what do y'all think of this pick? For it? Against it? Still just obsessing over who will end up playing Haymitch? Well i can tell you who won't be playing him. According to this, John C. is out and Woody Harrelson is perhaps in. Maybe. There's no word for totally sure yet but Woody is apparently at the top of the list. i feel about Woody about like i did John C. i think he's a good actor but i don't think he's Haymitch. My problem is i only know who i don't see as Haymitch. i couldn't give you a pick for the perfect Hay if i tried.

In Not Hunger Games Movie News, i have news about The Host movie adaptation.
Y'all know The Host, right? It's Stephenie Meyer's other book that they're now turning into a movie. Saoirse Ronan has been cast as the main character Melanie Stryder. You may remember Saoirse from Atonement, The Lovely Bones and most recently Hanna (which i totes wanna see!) It's been awhile since i read The Host and i can't completely remember what it was about or what Melanie looked like (i just remember that it was very desert-y. And i remember thinking that Jim Beaver would make an excellent Jeb. But that's kinda all i remember about that book.) So i don't know if Saoirse is a good pick or not. i'll go with yes simply because i think she's a talented actress.

Well. What do y'all think? Get dishy-dishy in the comments section. And would someone PLEASE hit me with a good Haymitch suggestion!

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