Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Peeta And Gale: Unveiled

So first they gave us a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and now Entertainment Weekly is giving the boys their turn. Here is a look at Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth as Peeta and Gale...  

And here is my reaction to this photo...
What the what?!?!
Why does Peeta look so pissed off? He's supposed to be the sweet bread maker! Instead he looks like he's about to bitch slap the photographer. And why does he look like a ginger? He's supposed to be blond!
And Gale looks like a pussy. He looks like a male model, not a hunter that wants to overthrow the Capitol and defend his family! And why the fudgesticks is his shirt tucked in?!?! It makes him look like some sorta sexy ranch hand on the cover of a cheesy romance novel! Like he would shovel shit and then grope your heaving bosom in the barn!

i wasn't really sure about these two as our Peeta and Gale to begin with and now i'm a little freaked because seeing them in their Hunger Games garb has done nothing to soothe my worried mind.
i just REALLY hope they don't fuck this movie up. i mean, think about it, this is all we have left to look forward to. There will be no Harry Potter salve to put on our hearts for bad book-into-movie end products.
Hopefully the odds will be ever in our favor on this one. *crosses fingers*

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