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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 7 Episode 7 OR Watch Your Back, Simon Baker

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down and lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #7: The Mentalists.
Previously on Supernatural...
Bobby finally figured out a way to kill the leviathan--- douse them in sodium borate, chop off the head and bury the head and the body in separate locations. Sam learned that Dean killed Amy. And was totes upset about it. So Sam takes off on his own. We finally meet the leviathan big bad. Crowley pops back in wanting to work with him but Big Bad is so not into demons and declines Crowley's proposal. Big Bad is still all about destroying the Winchesters though.

Seance! A psychic is giving a reading to a very enthusiastic lady and a very unimpressed man. The enthusiastic lady and the psychic use a Ouija board to contact someone named Uncle Danny. Unimpressed man wants to know about some important papers. The psychic tells him to Ouija with her. The lights start flickering. The psychic seems a little weirded out. Which is weird since she's a psychic and should be used to flickering lights by now one would think.  
The fire in the fireplace flames higher. The Ouija planchette starts moving by itself. The psychic and the enthusiastic lady get Freezing Cold Ghost Breath. Suddenly the planchette launches off the table and straight through the psychic's neck.
Exploding black goo. Supernatural logo. Showtime!

Dean checks his phone but has no new messages. Then he steals an ugly Dodge. After Dean hotwires the car, the radio turns on and the DJ says that psychics are dying in a town called Lily Dale which is supposedly the most psychic place in America. Well this sounds right up our alley. So Dean heads off to Lily Dale.
Lily Dale! And Suits of Sexiness! Dean checks out the planchette-necked psychic's place. He finds buttons and switches on the psychic's chair and table which was what caused the wind and knocking noises from the psychic reading. So planchette-necked psychic is a big phony.
Dean leaves and walks down a street that's full of psychic shops and windchimes. He stops at Good Graces Cafe. This place is so not Dean. Then he hears Sam's voice, ordering coffee. Dean goes over and joins Sam. Dean starts talking about the case but Sam's giving the silent treatment. Dean says since they're both there they might as well work together. Sam agrees.
A lady walks in and she starts freaking out because she thinks Sam and Dean are the crazy killers that their leviathan doppelgangers were in last weeks episode. But they tell her they're not those Evil Winchesters. She starts babbling about their gentle energies or some shit and a man comes up and stops her, telling her that the boys are so clearly FBI. He hands Sam his business card. He's Nikolai and he's a world famous spoon bender. What a cowink, so am i. Not because i have impressive mind powers but because most spoons are easy to bend.
Anyhoosies, he picks up Sam's spoon and talks about harnessing the power of his mind. Then he and the lady leave.
Sam shares his case files with Dean. The first dead psychic was brained to death by her own crystal ball. Sam shows Dean a picture of the next victim, the planchette-necked lady. Her name was Goldy. The boys notice that she has on the same necklace in her picture as the first psychic. So this may be a cursed object case. The boys decide to head to over to Goldy's next of kin who is also a psychic. Sam goes to stir sugar in his coffee and his spoon bends. Sam makes a funny.
Next of kin's house! Suits of Sexiness continue!!! Goldy's next of kin is Melanie, her granddaughter. She's being comforted by a friend. The friend leaves. Melanie invites the boys in. She tells them she's not really psychic she just reads body language. Then she totally nails the bros current effed up sitch. Dean and Mel flirt a little bit. Sam asks her about the necklace. She says all of her grandmother's stuff was sent to a place called The Emporium.
The Emporium! Which looks like a dump. Dean and Sam stroll in. They ask the guy at the counter (who's name is Jimmy Tomorrow.) about the necklace. He tries to charge them waaaay too much for it. So Sam and Dean flash their badges and take the necklace as "evidence." Jimmy gives Sam a reading. He tells Sam a lose weighs heavily on him. Then he hands Sam his card in case Sam would like a private reading. Sam pockets the card and the boys leave.
Sam looks over the necklace and discovers it's a fake. So whatever is killing mediums is still out there.
Nikolai's house! He spreads cutlery out on his coffee table and he looks a little too excited about it if you know what i mean. He picks up a fork and starts stroking it (um, ewww.) He bends the fork. It straightens back up. All of his cutlery is standing at attention on the table. Nikolai gets Freezing Cold Ghost Breath. He starts levitating and is thrown into his upward-pointing cutlery. He bleeds like a mother.
Here's a commercial.

Nikolai's house! Sam and Dean enter in their Suits of Sexiness!!! Dean makes a funny. Sam questions the sheriff. He tells the bros that he's had 36 calls claiming they know what happened to Nikolai. The popular theories are a ghost and an ogre that only attacks Russians. He tells them that apparently Nikolai had a vision of his own death, cutlery and all.
Dean's cell rings. It's Melanie.
Melanie's house! She asks if it's true that Nikolai had a vision of his own death. Dean tells her yes. She tells them that her grandma left her a message saying that she had a vision of her own death at the seance. She tells them that her grandma said the room was freezing. It's ghosts, y'all! Dean tells Melanie that there's fake whoo-whoo crap and real whoo-whoo crap. And this is most definitely of the real whoo-whoo crap. He tells Melanie that he and Sam aren't actually FBI either. Melanie needs a drink.
The boys leave. It seems that this town full of psychics could be in real trouble. Sam says they need to split up because it'll be faster that. Sam walks away. Dean leaves in his stolen Dodge.
Melanie's hugging friend! She's a psychic too. She makes her scratch my reading dim bones, mon. Oh and she's apparently Jamaican now. She gives a reading to a woman, then she counts her cash, then has a vision. She's being strangled while a cuckoo clock goes off.
Her doorbell rings. It's Dean and Melanie. Mel's Psychic Friend tells them about her death vision. Dean asks where exactly in the room did she have this vision. She leads them over to the cash box. Dean inspects the spot and notices a hidden camera in a wooden mask on the wall.
They look at the footage from the hidden camera for clues. On the screen there's a woman standing behind Mel's Psychic Friend while she has her vision. Dean tells the girls that no one's having a psychic vision, the ghost is giving them out for some reason. 
Mel's Psychic Friend is understandably freaked cos she's next. But in her vision she noticed that the clock said it was 2 AM when she was being choked out which gives us a little time to solve this mystery. Dean asks the girls if they've seen the woman ghost before. Melanie says she's seen her in a picture in the psychic museum. 
Psychic Museum! Dean and Sam go on the guided tour for as long as they can stand it. They wander over to a wall of pictures. There's a picture of two brothers. The tour guide comes up and tells them it never worked out too well with the sibling acts. Sam asks about the pic of two women. The tour guide says the women in the photo are the Fox sisters. Kate Fox is our ghost. She was very troubled but also a talented psychic. She could foretell people's deaths. The other woman was Kate's sister, Margaret. She was a phony baloney psychic with seemingly no real power. But she took care of her sister. The tour guide tells the bros that the sisters lived and died in Lily Dale. So Sam leaves, wanting to head to the cemetery.
Dean turns to go but the tour guide stops him and asks if he knows an Eleanor or an Ellen. Um, hells yeah he knows an Ellen! Or rather he knew an Ellen. *pour one out*
The tour guide tells Dean that Ellen is concerned about him and she says that "If you don't tell someone how bad it really is, she'll kick your ass from beyond." The tour guide tells Dean he has to trust someone eventually.
Dean joins Sam outside. He decides it's time to have it out with Sam. Dean tells him that since he couldn't kill Amy because of emotional ties and whatnot, Dean did the dirty work for him. Dean says he eventually would've told Sam about killing her but he was concerned about that whole Satan being in Sam's head thing. Then he calls Sam a bitch and walks away.
Cemetery at night! Sam digs up Kate's grave. They pour salt and gasoline over the grave. But Kate's ghost comes out of nowhere and shoves Sam. She wants them to listen to her. Dean tries to flick his Bic but it doesn't catch. Sam lights a match and tosses it in Kate's grave. Her ghost goes up in flames.
Diner! Melanie's on the phone with Dean. He tells her that they've taken care of the ghost. Mel's Psychic Friend is relieved but still shaken. So Melanie offers for her to stay at her house for a few days. Mel's Psychic Friend greatly accepts.
Mel's Psychic Friend's house! She's getting her stuff together. The clock cuckoo's. Vision montage! A fire in Mel's Psychic Friend's fireplace blazes up. Mel's Psychic Friend tells Melanie to call Dean and Sam back.
Mel calls Dean and tells him it's not over. She asks what to do. Sam takes the phone from Dean and tells Melanie to get to the kitchen. Mel's Psychic Friend goes to follow but when she turns around Margaret's ghost is all up in her business.
Sam tells Mel to get salt. Margaret starts strangling Mel's Psychic Friend. Melanie runs for some salt. She gets it and throws is at Margaret. Margaret disappears but reappears again. Sam tells them to get iron. The girls stand back to back with fireplace pokers as weapons. Suddenly a dresser shoots across the room knocking Melanie against a wall. Mel falls to the floor. Mel's Psychic Friend goes to check on her but Margaret approaches behind her! Margaret grabs Mel's Psychic Friend. As an aside, Mel's Psychic Friend was apparently named Camille. Not that we'll be using her name again cos she's totes dead now.
Commercial time.

Outside Camille's! (i stand corrected about using her name.) Dean and Sam pull up. Mel runs out and into Dean's arms. 
Next day! Turns out Kate was just trying to warn the psychics about her totally cray cray sister. Melanie comes downstairs and asks the guys to leave. Sam tells her that Margaret is still out there and asks if there's anything Melanie remembers about her that stood out. Melanie tells them it seemed like Margaret was all about Camille. And she also really seemed to enjoy killing her. 
Cemetery during the day! Dean digs up Margaret's grave. But there are no bones in it! 
The boys head back to the car. Dean throws the shovel in the trunk and pulls out a flier for the psychic festival. All the headliners are dead. Cowinky-dink? i think not. 
Back to Mel's! Dean shows her the flier. She tells them that after Nikolai got forked they asked Camille to take his spot. Dean asks who they would have asked to fill in for her G-Maw. Melanie says probably her. Rut row. 
The Emporium! Sam gives Jimmy Tomorrow The Stupidly Named Emporium Owner a list of things someone would use for a ghost-binding spell and asks if anyone came in wanting said items. Jimmy checks his receipt books and finds a match. Someone payed with a credit card. He gives Sam the address. Sam hauls ass. 
Melanie's house! Dean makes a Salt Circle of Protection around them and preps for Margaret's arrival. 
Back to Sam. He finds the address and busts in. Jimmy Tomorrow has lead Sam to a whoo-whoo lamaze class. Sam realizes that he's been duped. He realizes that Jimmy Tomorrow is the real culprit. He calls Dean with the news and heads over to find Margaret's bones. 
Melanie's house! Margaret stands at the window.
Sam goes back to the Emporium but it's locked up. He takes out Jimmy's card, It's got his home address on it which is only a few doors down from the shop. Sam enters Jimmy's house. He finds an alter with a skull in the center of it. A trigger clicks. Jimmy Tomorrow is behind Sam! With a gun! 
More commercials.

Jimmy Tomorrow tells Sam to put the skull down. Sam says alright. He makes like he's going to do just that but pulls some quick move and disarms Jimmy.
Mel's! Margaret is gone for the moment. But suddenly the windows shatter.
Jimmy's! Sam knocks over the alter. Jimmy says it doesn't matter. Margaret helps him because she wants to.
Mel's! Dean grabs his gun. The wind has fucked up the Salt Circle of Protection. Dean tells Melanie to grab the salt. Margaret's behind Dean. Melanie yells out to warn him. Margaret blasts him across the room and turns to Mel. 
Jimmy's! Jimmy explains that he and Margaret are the same. They're the "real thing" but sometimes the real thing isn't pretty or entertaining enough.
Mel's! Margaret advances on Melanie. Dean shoots Margaret and she dissipates. 
Jimmy's! Jimmy's mad cos he's a real deal psychic but no one would listen to him or take him seriously. 
Mel's! Melanie draws a line of salt between her and Margaret. Dean aims his gun at Margaret.
Jimmy's! Jimmy tells Sam that Margaret likes to kill for him. Then he magically takes the gun from Sam!
Mel's! Margaret busts up the floors with her mind magic. Which splits the salt line. Dean shoots her again. She dissipates again.
Jimmy's! Sam asks Jimmy where the rest of Margaret's bones are. Jimmy doesn't answer but not so subtly shuffles in front of an open door. 
Mel's! Margaret reappears. And Dean's outta ammo.
Jimmy's! Sam tries talking some sense into Jimmy. He tells him that those people didn't deserve to die. But Jimmy's all butt hurt cos he's living in squalor cos unlike those other psychics, he can't put on a decent show. Have you tried simply taking acting lessons? i'd try that before i raised up a witch, bound her and started using her to kill off my competition. But that's just me.
Sam asks if the bones are in the bedroom. Jimmy says no although they so clearly are. Jimmy fires the gun but it doesn't hit Sam. Jimmy glances back at the room containing the bones, while his back is turned, Sam pulls a gun from behind his back and shoots Jimmy.
Mel's! Margaret continues kicking Dean's ass.
Jimmy's! Sam finds the bones in Jimmy's bed. Ew.
Mel's! Margaret's done with Dean for the moment so she moves on to Melanie and starts strangling her.
Jimmy's! Sam lights the bones up.
Mel's! Margaret flames out.
Commercial time once more.

Cafe! Sam tells Dean about the bones being in Jimmy's bed. Dean makes a funny. Mel enters the cafe. Sam leaves so Dean and Melanie can get their flirt on. Melanie thanks Dean for saving her from the ghost. She also came to tell Dean goodbye since she figures that he won't wanna stick around. Dean says you never know, it's not like you can tell the future. Melanie pretends to read Dean's palm. She gives him an eight ball answer. i'm really liking Dean and Melanie together, guys.
Dean meets Sam outside. Sam is loading up his stuff in Dean's stolen car. He tells Dean that he figures they can just take one car. Sam admits that Dean was right about Amy. If she had been just some monster and not a friend Sam probably would've done the same thing as Dean. But Sam is concerned for Dean's well being what with his excessive drinking and all. He wants Dean to be honest with him. So Dean tells Sam that he didn't trust Amy and that he's had a hard time trusting anyone since Cass. Dean says he's been acting drinky and such because he doesn't like lying to Sam. They have a heart to heart and make several funnies and leave Lily Dale.

Next time on Supernatural...
Sam...... is....... GETTING MARRIED!?!?!?!?!? What the hell indeed, Dean. This better not be for realsies, y'all. i mean, who the fuck could he possibly be marrying? i'm here.

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