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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 7 Episode 8 OR Going To The Chapel And We're Gonna Get Buried

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down and lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #8: Season 7, Time For A Wedding!
Previously on Supernatural...
Sam was butt hurt because Dean killed his monster friend, Amy and kept it a secret from him, causing Sam to strike out on his own. But not for long. The boys rejoined forces on a ghost case. Dean got his flirt on. Sam eventually forgave him. And now they're back together again!

Las Vegas! Dean's hitting on a waitress in a strip club. Talk turns to Dean's "friend's" "brother" aka Sam. Apparently Sam is off on a hike right now. Stripper/waitress talks some sense into Dean. Dean's phone rings. It's Sam. He texted an address along with the message Wear Fed suit. Hmm, intriguing.
Little White Wedding Chapel! Dean walks down the hallway in his Suit of Sexiness! The lights start going wonky so Dean draws his gun.
Sam opens the door also rocking his Suit of Sexiness! He tells Dean to put his gun away because he won't be needing it. Sam escorts Dean into the chapel and places him in the Best Man Spot at the end of the aisle. Dean is super confused. As am i. He wants to know what they're hunting in a wedding chapel. Sam drops a bomb. He says life is short, he's in love and he's getting married!
Say whaaaat?!?!?!
Dean has the same reaction.
Suddenly the wedding march starts up and a bride is walking down the aisle.
Say whaaaat?!?!?!
Sam pushes up the veil and it's...... Crazy Super-Fangirl Becky!?!?!?
Say whaaaat?!?!?!
Wedding cake. Time for a wedding. Cake explodes into black goo. Supernatural logo. Cake topper falls. Showtime!

Dean's freaking out. He asks how the eff this happened. Sam tells him the short version which is he and Becky met, they ate, they fell in love and now here they are getting married. Say Whaaaat?!?!? Dean's concerned because Sam's previous hook ups haven't quite worked out so well. But Becky's read all the Supernatural books so who better to understand Sam's fucked up relationships than her.
Dean is hilarious! He asks Sam if he even bothered to make sure Becky was actually Becky. Becky assures Dean that they used holy water, salt, the whole nine yards. She's not a monster. 
Becky exits to pay the bill. Dean is hilarious again. He can't believe Sam would marry Becky of all people. i know, me either. i mean, i'm standing RIGHT HERE. Sam explains that he felt the same way about Becky that Dean did until he got to know her. 
Dean finds it very suspect that Becky just happened to be in Vegas at the same time they are in Vegas and wonders if she "read" about their Vegas trip in Chuck's books and decided to stop by. But Sam insists he's for realsies in love with Becky. They're going to Becky's place in Delaware. He tells Dean whenever he decides to be more supportive he can give them a call.
Becky excitedly tweets about being Mrs. Winchester. She and Sam leave. 
Later! At night! Dean calls Bobby and tells him that he's headed to Delaware. He tells Bobby that Sam is there with his wife. Dean wants Bobby to call him back as soon as he can.
Pike Creek, Delaware! Sam and Becky pull up to a restaurant that's hosting a 10 year reunion. 
Becky enters the restaurant and talks to the girl at the table who's apparently in charge of the reunion. And is perhaps a bitch. 
Yep, she's a bitch. She used to call Becky "Yechie Becky" which isn't even clever. Bitchy Classmate acts bitchy. Becky tells her she's there to RSVP for the reunion. Bitchy Classmate assumes Becky is attending the reunion alone. Then Sam walks up behind Becky. She tells Bitchy Classmate that she needs to mark her down with a plus one. Bam! Take that, Bitchy Classmate! In yo face! 
Sam and Becky leave. Becky tweets her victory over Bitchy Classmate. Then she runs over to a guy named Guy. She proudly displays her wedding ring and introduces Sam. Guy is very impressed with Becky's new husband. (As am i.) Guy needs to get back to work though. He's an event planner and is planning the reunion. Becky runs after him. She asks if he got her message. He says yes and tells her to give him a hug which is when he shiftily hands over a vial of something to Becky. Guy's a Wiccan! Becky put some kind of spell on Sam. Say whaaaat- solved. 
Dean rides up in his stolen Dodge as Sam and Becky are leaving. Dean goes into the restaurant and plops down at the bar. He notices a newspaper article titled "Truck kills pedestrian in freak accident. Victim a recent lottery winner." 
Dean is intrigued.
Becky's house! Dinner is laid out and Becky enters in some kind of lacy nightie thingie. Sam is wowed by Becky's lacy nightie thingie. But then he gets a weird headache. Becky asks if he's ok. Sam looks like he's wondering where the hell he is and why Becky is there in a lacy nightie thingie with him. Sam gets very confused. Becky rushes over and kisses him. Sam gets headachey again. Becky pours the stuff from the vial into Sam's drink and hands it to him. 
Sam drinks it and is back to being Becky's love slave again. Lucky bitch.
Baseball stadium! Some Guy's practicing his hitting. A creep in a hoodie watches from the stands. Creep in the hoodie makes creepy hand gestures. Suddenly the speed on the pitching machine goes all the way up. Some Guy hits the ball and the impact breaks the bat. Some Guy's all "whaaaaa?" 
More creepy hand gestures. The machine moves to face Some Guy. A ball flies out and pops him. Another ball flies and pops him again. Some Guy falls to his knees. Another ball flies out and directly into Some Guy's face. Blood splatters from Some Guy's face and he falls to the ground. Creep in the hoodie looks very pleased with himself.
Time for commercials.

Dean rings the doorbell at Becky's place and gifts Sam with a waffle iron. He's ready to be supportive. And i'm ready for waffles!
He gives Sam the deets on a new case in- shocker- this town. The first victim won the lottery and then got hit by a truck. The second vic went from the bench to the majors and then, as we all know, was killed by a pitching machine throwing a ball full-force into his face.
Becky starts talking from the next room about how she and Sam thought that it might be a crossroads demon but there's a 10 year wait for cashing in on those souls so then they thought maybe it was a cursed object but they haven't been able to connect the victims to each other yet.
Dean's all fuck the what?!?!? He's baffled why Sam is working this case with Becky. Sam thinks that Becky's Supernatural book-reading might make her an asset. Dean isn't buying this Sam being in love with Becky bullshizz and calls Becky out by telling her that he's gonna find out whatever mojo she's using on Sam.
Sam doesn't want Dean insulting his wife like that.
Dean says obvs people's dreams are coming true in this town and isn't it a little cowinky-dental that Sam's all of a sudden in love and married to Becky. Sam tells Dean that what he and Becky have is real and that if Dean can't accept it then that's his problem.
Dean says if he were Sam he'd be worried about Becky cos so far the peeps whose dreams came true got snuffed out shortly after.
Dean starts to leave. Sam tells him maybe the reason he's so upset is because Sam doesn't need him anymore. Dean gets touche face. He leaves and calls Bobby. Bobby offers another hunter for Dean to work with because he's too busy on the case he's working to help him himself. Dean begrudgingly accepts.
Doodles! Becky's doodling Sam hearts Becky all over a notebook. Then she totally sniffs her book. Sam comes in. Becky quickly stops with the name doodling and book sniffing. Sam presents Becky with his and hers ID badges. Sam hands her a newspaper. There's an article about a guy at an insurance company that went from a junior sales position to CEO.
Becky looks over the article. Sam finds her notebook and hilariously gushes over it.
Sam and Becky are gonna go check out the CEO lead.
Restaurant! Dean's looking for his new hunting partner. And isn't too jazzed when he finds out it's a scrawny dude named Garth who is currently slurping a milkshake.
But Garth is hilarious!
Dean agrees to work with him since he has no other option. He shows Garth the same article Sam showed to Becky. Before Garth reads up on the case he needs to check in with Marmaduke.
Insurance office! Dean and Garth wait to talk to the CEO. A woman named Marsha with an s-h-a is being a total b-i-t-c-h to the secretary. Marsha with an s-h-a leaves.
Sam and Becky enter the room. Garth makes a funny. Dean goes over to talk to Sam. Becky gives him the stink eye. Sam tells Dean there's no point in talking to the CEO because he's clean. Sam asks who Garth is. Dean makes a funny. Sam and Becky leave.
Dean and Garth go to interview the CEO. Dean starts questioning him. Garth is non-subtly hilarious.
Dean asks the CEO what it felt like when his big dream came true. CEO reveals that this wasn't his dream. Marsha with an s-h-a enters the room and tells the CEO that his secretary is an idiot. Turns out Marsha with an s-h-a is the CEO's wife. Seems this was her wish.
Dean and Garth follow Marsha with an s-h-a. Dean tries to warn her that she might be in danger. Marsha with an s-h-a thinks Dean's threatening her. Garth is hilarious some more.
Dean asks Marsha with an s-h-a what exactly she did to get her hubby promoted. Marsha with an s-h-a tells Dean to leave her alone and walks off.
Becky's house! Sam studies their Wall of Research while Becky tweets about their impending honeymoon.
Sam gets headachy again.
Becky goes for the vial but she's out because it spilled in her purse. Rut row.
Insurance office! Marsha with an s-h-a waits around for her driver to pick her up. Marsha with an s-h-a has a really snooty voice. Anyway, she's positioned right under a big ass light fixture. Not a good place to be.
Upstairs it's creep in the hoodie and his creepy hand gestures! He makes the light fixture fall but Dean pushes Marsha with an s-h-a out of the way.
Suddenly Marsha with an s-h-a is all chatty about how her husband got the CEO job. She tells Dean and Garth that she was bitching about his job when a guy overheard her convo and offered her a trade, the CEO gig for her soul.
Garth's confused because usually with soul-swapping you get 10 years before the demon comes to collect. So what the hell's going on here? Dean thinks Becky might be next so they need to head out to find Sam. Garth lays out their next course of action. Hilariously, of course.
Becky's house! Becky calls Guy and tells him to meet up with her because she's losing Sam. Sam comes in all headachy and asks Becky what's going on. She reminds him they got married. Sam is confused and wants to call Dean. Becky can't have that so she whacks him over the head with the waffle iron that Dean got them as a wedding present.
More commercials.

Some house! Sam's tied to a bed. Becky tells him to calm down. But Sam is back to his normal self and doesn't know why he's tied to a bed as Becky stares on, so he can't calm down.
Sam tells Becky to let him go. Becky's computer beeps. She goes to video chat with Guy. Sam can hear Becky explain to Guy that she needs more elixir. Guy agrees to help and tells her to meet him in an hour. Becky goes to check on Sam. He tells her he heard her convo with Guy. Becky tries to convince Sam that they were happy together. Sam makes a funny. He asks if she's aware that Guy is the one killing all those people.
Becky tells Sam that Guy isn't killing people, he's only a Wiccan. Sam tells her she's wrong and she's on the to-be-killed list. Becky insists that Guy's her friend. Sam insists that no he's not. He tells Becky that Guy's her dealer and asks how much he's charging her. Becky informs him that Guy's been giving it to her for free and that the elixir wouldn't work unless Sam really loved her deep down.
Sam asks Becky to untie him. Instead she shoves a rag in his mouth. It sounds like Sam gives a muffled fuck you to Becky as she leaves for more elixir.
Reunion Restaurant! Becky meets up with Guy. Guy goes to hand her the vial but stops himself and informs her she'll have to pay for it this time.
Guy is meanly hilarious. Becky agrees to pay. Guy wants her soul. He gets a bad case of red demon eye. Becky realizes that Guy isn't a Wiccan but a crossroads demon.
Guy loves a reunion. People are willing to sign over their souls for practically nothing. He admits to killing the other people. Becky's afraid if she hands over her soul a piano will fall on her head the next day. Guy schmoozes Becky and offers her a one time only deal. 25 years. She can keep Sam but she'll have to give up her soul and promise not to tell the Winchesters about their little deal. Becky agrees and Guy hands over the vial.
Becky's house! Dean and Garth break in. Garth finds Becky's computer which has her Twitter account displayed on it. Her last tweet was about her honeymoon with Sam. Garth hilariously recounts the tweet. i'm really loving Garth, y'all!
Dean notices a pic of Becky at her parents lake house. He takes the picture out of the frame and finds Loon Lake Family Cabin written on the back.
Family Cabin! Becky's back. She has a sad cos she can't show Sam off at her reunion like she wanted to. She tells him that she knows he doesn't really love her. She also knows that she's a loser. The only place she ever fit in was on the Supernatural message boards. And then she got to meet the real Sam and Dean and she nearly shit her pants over that. And she started dating Chuck, the writer of the Supernatural series and her life was amaze balls. But then Chuck dumped her. And she had another sad. All she wants is someone to love her for her. Sam keeps mumbling answers so finally Becky takes the rag out of his mouth. Sam tells her if she wants someone to love her for her maybe try not drugging them.
Becky gets upset and takes out the vial.
Sam tells her she's better than this.
Becky isn't so sure.
Reunion Restaurant! Becky's drinking. Guy walks in to a bar. Ha! Sorry i couldn't help myself. Actually Guy just walks into the bar section of the restaurant. He asks Becky what's up. Becky agrees to the soul-swap deal.
Time for a commercial break.

Becky has to kiss Guy to seal the deal. She goes to do so but instead flicks a lighter, drops it to the floor and ignites a demon snare. Sam, Dean and Garth enter from the wings. Becky is super proud of herself for double crossing the crossroads demon.
Dean wants to know how Guy is cheating the 10 year deals. Guy informs Dean he's not a cheater but an innovator. And he's killing people because he found a loophole in the contracts. They're called accidents, people. Sam asks if he's been arranging accidents in order to collect early. But Guy doesn't care to get his hands dirty. That's why he's got a demon intern.
Enter demon intern. It's creep in the hoodie! He shoots Sam, Dean and Garth across the room, then smudges the snare.
Dean drops the knife. So he throws holy water on Guy and starts chanting Latin. But this doesn't really faze Guy. He grabs Dean by the throat. Sam comes to and tells Becky to run. Creep in the hoodie starts choking Sam with creepy hand gestures.
Suddenly Dean's knife is thrust through creep in the hoodie's chest. Becky just straight up stabbed him! Sam takes the knife out and passes it to Dean who holds it up to Guy's throat. Power shift!
Dean asks how many deals Guy's got in this town. Guy's got 15. Dean tells him to call them off or he'll cut his own loophole in Guy's throat.
Suddenly Guy notices someone behind Dean and doesn't look to pleased about it.
It's Crowley! Dean gets behind Guy and continues to hold him at knife point. Crowley makes a funny.
Dean tells Crowley he'll slit Guy's throat. Crowley doesn't think Dean should let Guy off that easily. Guy's all "whaaaaaa?"
Crowley's not happy about Guy breaking the rules. If they turn into a bunch of cheating cheaters who cheat then who would wanna make a deal with them?
Crowley tells Dean to hand over Guy. He'll cancel every deal Guy made and he'll make an example of him to boot.
Sam has a hard time believing Crowley will do this out of the kindness of his heart. Crowley asks them if they find it odd that they haven't encountered a demon lately. It's because he's told the demons to stay clear of the Winchesters. Crowley's no fan of the leviathan and thus is all for Sam and Dean killing them all. He'll stay out of it.
Dean tells Crowley to rip up the contracts first. Crowley snaps his fingers and the deed is done. Dean hands over Guy.
Crowley takes him and splits.
Garth finally comes to and asks what he missed. Dean throws his hands in the air.
Again with the commercials.

Sam signs an annulment. Becky says it wasn't all bad, right? Sam concedes that she did save his life but she also tricked him into marrying her and then drugged him and tied him to a bed Misery-style. Becky signs the annulment too and has a sad. Sam feels bad and tells her that she's not a loser and someday she'll find the right guy for her. No elixirs required.
Garth looks betwixt by Becky. Dean tells him no.
The boys leave.
Sam and Dean bid farewell to Garth. Garth bear hugs Dean and then leaves. i hope we'll get to see him again. Dean and Sam bust each others balls for their various predicaments in this episode. Sam apologizes for saying he didn't need Dean when he was all doped up on Becky-lovin.
But Dean says he was right. Sam doesn't really need Dean, he's a grown up and maybe it's time Dean started treating him like one. Then he calls Sam a hippie.
Sam tells Dean that it might be nice now that he feels like he doesn't have to watch over Sam, he can finally concentrate on taking care of himself.
Dean doesn't look to excited by this prospect.
Stolen Dodge out.

Next time on Supernatural...
It's time to hunt the infamous Jersey Devil. No, not Snooki.

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