Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Books Into Movies And Books Into TV News (Plus i Reveal A's True Identity!)

What up, y'all? i've got even more Books Into Movies and TV news for you. Plus two new clips from The Hunger Games! Only 3 more days, y'all! *squeals with Peeta-lovin' delight*

More casting news for the Beautiful Creatures movie. Jeremy Irons nabbed the role of Macon Ravenwood. Do you think this movie will be anywhere near as anticipated as The Hunger Games is now? i just don't know about this one, guys. 

Get ready to crap your pants, Twihards! Because here is 15 seconds of Breaking Dawn Part 2 which won't be in theaters until November 16th. But rumor has it you can see a full trailer when you catch The Hunger Games movie this weekend! In the meantime, enjoy this little tidbit (if you can. i mean, it's really short.)

Speaking of The Hunger Games, here's the link to yet another clip from the movie! In this one Katniss is saying her goodbyes to Gale before she gets shipped off to the Capital.

And here's a clip featuring an evil meeting of the minds between President Snow and Seneca Crane. 

i am so beyond ready for this movie!!!!!
BTW, you can prep yourself for the arena with the soundtrack which came out today and which i'm currently listening to! :)

And now for a little Books Into TV news:
Someone has been cast as the rival against Prince Maxon for America Singer's affection in the CW's The Selection. And that someone is William Moseley who will play Aspen, our heroine's "impoverished blond paramour."  William Moseley is no slouch when it comes to the whole "Books Into" thang. He played Peter Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia movies.
i have to admit, i'm getting kind of excited about this series. So far it's got a pretty decent cast, plus the premise sounds really interesting. i really wanna read the book too. It's written by Keira Cass and will hit shelves April 24th.

Lastly, i've got Pretty Little Liars news, A has FINALLY been revealed! And it was kinda lame. i mean, seriously, i was really disappointed. If you didn't see Pretty Little Liars last night and would like to know who the hell A turned out to be, stick around cos i'm about to drop that knowledge on yo ass. If you don't wanna know, then you've officially been Spoiler Alerted.

Spoiler Alert!

Here's the big ol' secret: A is......... wait for iiiiiiiiiiiit........... Mona!
Yeah, just like in the books. Very anticlimactic considering they've been kinda forcing her down our throats majorly the past few episodes, you know what i mean? There were several episodes at the beginning of the season where Mona was pretty much absent and then the last like 5 episodes it was Mona Mania. So that was a little disappointing. But those Pretty Little Liars, they're a tricky bunch because, yes, we did finally discover A's identity but now we've got all these other questions. Like what was up with Jenna and Lucas and that person in the black swan dress that may or may not have been Melissa? And was that really Maya's body? And did anyone else think that Aria looked like Wednesday Addams by the end of the episode? 
Well, all these questions will hopefully be answered next season which starts sometime this summer.

Not quite Wednesday Addams here.
So that's all the Books Into Movies and TV news i've got for you today. Come back soon when i'll undoubtedly be fangirling the fuck out over finally seeing The Hunger Games!!!


  1. I've tried to be so good. I haven't watched any clips from The Hunger Games except that short one with Cinna. I'm so stoked right now. Also, William Mosely in The Selection? I love it. Even though I haven't read the book I love that casting!

  2. You have waaaaay more self control than i do, lady! :)
    i've pretty much devoured EVERY clip that the internet has to offer of The Hunger Games.
    i can't wait! We're sooooo close!