Monday, March 12, 2012

More Hunger Games Movie News And Other Movie News That Isn't Hunger Games Related

Here's yet another Hunger Games clip for you, my friends! Does anyone else get the feeling that we're one clip away from just about seeing the entire movie already? i mean, give us a little something to look forward to in ONLY 11 MORE DAYS, Lionsgate!!!!!!!!
Anyhoo, here's part of Peeta's interview with Caesar Flickerman. What do you guys think?

And i'm sure my fellow Hunger Games fangirls have already checked this out, but for anyone who hasn't, here's the link to find your Hunger Games name as well as the way you'll be killed.
i'm Beetee Bogsworth from District 4 in the 20th Hunger Games and i was killed by eating raw Jabberjay. Seems like kind of pussy way of dying, but whatevs.

In other non-Hunger Games news, another person i don't know has been cast in that movie i don't care about. i'm, of course talking about the Beautiful Creatures adaptation. The role of Link will be played by Thomas Mann.
Is anyone really fangirling it out over this movie yet? If so, please tell me what you think about the casting choices so far as i didn't really care for the book and thus i don't really care about the movie.

That's all the scoop i've got for you today but visit again soon for even more dish.
And don't forget, The Hunger Games movie comes out in a mere 11 days!!! March 23rd it's going down! Fangirl it out in the comments section.

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