Wednesday, July 4, 2012

JK Rowling's New Book Look! Plus Books Into Movies Linky-Dinkage

Yes! We FINALLY get a glimpse of the cover of JK Rowling's new book! Which we'll get to in a minute. But first, it's time for more Books Into Movies news! Are y'all ready for all this booky and movie-y(?) (that doesn't sound right.) goodness? Alright, well here we go...

i'll start off with the news that i'm not all that jazzed about, to tell you the truth. So the latest Catching Fire casting rumor is that Jena Malone has been offered the role of Johanna Mason. Are y'all like me? Are you thinking "do huh?" i just don't know about this one. She's not even remotely who i pictured playing Johanna. Although, yes, truth be told, i didn't actually have an actress in my head that would be the perfect Johanna but i know that if i did it wouldn't be Jena Malone. i'm dying to know what y'all think about this news. Do you think Jena is a good choice? Do you have a better chickie in mind? Hop on down to the comments and tell me who you think deserves the part. 

Johanna Mason? i don't think so.
While we're on the subject of The Hunger Games, i'm sure you all know that the DVD will be out soon. August 18th to be exact. You can preorder it right this very instant from loads of stores. If you preorder from Best Buy you can get a free District 12 keychain. Target boasts an exclusive 3 disc deluxe set. While Barnes & Noble offers up a cloth poster of Katniss for their preorderers.     

We haven't had any news on the Mortal Instruments movie in awhile so how 'bout i give ya a lil' dish. The role of Isabelle Lightwood has been cast. It goes to an actress by the name Jemima West. Never heard of her but we'll see how she does. Truthfully, Isabelle was one of my fave characters from City of Bones (the only book in the series that i've read so far. i know! Don't judge me!) But i'm guessing everyone is all set to drool over the Clary/Jace coupling. i think i'm in the minority of liking Isabelle and being firmly on Team Simon.
Anyhoo, what do you guys think of the cast so far? Are you excited to see the Shadowhunters hit the big screen? Tell me your POV on the whole sitch in the comments.

LoTRers get ready to lose your shizz cos The Hobbit is on the July 13th issue of Entertainment Weekly! There's a HUGE spread with pics galore. Plus, geeky added bonus: there's also a Comic-Con preview! (P.S. the Oz the Great and Powerful poster art is super a-mah-zing!)   

The last little bit of news i've got for you involves this lady, i don't know if you've heard of her, a Ms. JK Rowling? Yeah, turns out she's got a new book coming out called The Casual Vacancy. Even though there's very little known about the book, peeps are already clamoring to get any piece of info they can on it. This week's bread crumb? It's the cover, y'all! Take a look and tell me what you think.

Well. It's very simple. And gives us exactly, um, NO CLUES as to what the book could possibly be about. But i'm still super duper excited! Oh and btw, the book will be out in stores September 27th.

So that's the news ya needs to know this week. Come back very soon cos i'll be dissecting the latest trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2. There might be jokes made about Kristen Stewart's inability to look non-constipated. Oh hell, who am i kidding!? OF COURSE there will be jokes made about Kristen Stewart's inability to look non-constipated. You know you don't wanna miss that!

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