Friday, March 7, 2014

How To Fangirl: How To Make A Mandrake Baby

Awhile back on Pinterest, I found this amazing cupcake idea for Mandrake cupcakes!  It's absolutely PERFECT for my Harry Potter themed Halloween party!  So I'm really excited about it!  Hence the exclamation points!!!

I'll show you how to make the whole shebang closer to Halloween, obviously, but for right now I'm going to show you how to make the adorbs mandrake baby in the middle of the cupcake.

What You'll Need:

- 1 package of plastic baby favors (You can find these pretty much anywhere that has a baby shower section.)
- 1 sprig of foliage (this can be found at any craft store in the flower section. Just look for whatever kind you like the best.)
- a glue gun
- glue sticks (obviously)
- scissors
- a plastic box (for storage)

And, I don't need to tell you this, but USE COUPONS whenever possible. (Michael's and Hobby Lobby almost always offer coupons for at least 40% off.  Just check their websites and click on "Weekly Offers."  I even linked them for you!)

How You Do It:

Step 1:  Plug in your glue gun and let that sucker heat up.

Step 2:  While you wait on that, start cutting your foliage the desired length. It's totally up to you if you want it a little longer or a little shorter. I went with a medium length.  When you're done cutting enough for the amount of babies you have, set it aside.

Step 3:  Take your plastic babies out of their packaging and try not to get creeped out by the ones with the crazy eyes.

 I'll have your souls!!!
Step 4:  Your glue gun should be good and hot by now, so we're ready to glue our foliage on top of our plastic baby's head!  Let's do it!  Use your glue gun and apply just a tiny drop of glue on baby's head.  Quickly, before your glue dries, press your foliage into the glue.  (Careful, cos that shit's hot.)  You might want to add one more little drop of glue just to make sure your foliage is good and stuck.  Reinforce that shit!  Feel free to add a little more foliage if baby looks a little too bare for your taste.  Let it dry completely and then peel off any of those glue strings that you get when using a glue gun.  You know the ones I'm talking about.

Step 5:  Now just repeat the steps for however many mandrake cupcakes you'd like to make.  And BAM!  You got yourself a mandrake baby!

Step 6:  Put the lil' guys in your plastic storage box and store it somewhere you'll remember.  Cos there's nothing worse than making something awesome and then forgetting where you put it.

Fangirl Pro Tip #1:  You'll more than likely have some foliage left over. Keep it!  You can always reuse it next year for more mandrake cupcakes and that'll be one less thing you have to buy!

The Damage:

Like any good crafter, I already had a glue gun and glue sticks. And like any good type A, overly organized, obsessive compulsive, I already had a storage box handy too. 
So I only needed to purchase the babies and the foliage.
After using coupons, I got 40% off each item and I ended up spending a mere $2.98 for the whole project!  Holla!

And with that, I'm now officially one step closer to being prepared for my amazing Harry Potter Halloween!  Don't forget to check back often for even more ideas!

Mischief Managed!      


  1. Too awesome. I'm going it for my son's birthday this July. Thanks for the instructions!

  2. Gratitude for sharing these tips on how to make a Mandrake Baby. It is going to be perfect for my sister’s baby shower décor. At one of the local event venues Chicago, I also would be hosting a do it yourself baby shower for my sister. If you have some decent ideas for food, please let me know.