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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 12 OR It's Good Bein' Easy

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down and lets watch some Supernatural!
Don't forget to drink along! 

Episode #12: Like A Virgin.
Previously on Supernatural...
Who the fuck can remember?!?!? It's been on hiatus so damn long! From what i recall, Dean died and became Death for a day in order to FiNALLY get Sam's soul back. Death kept his promise and returned Sammy his soul. But, uh oh, we don't know if Sam is gonna be fucked up now because Lucifer and Michael were playing hacky-sack with it. So now we're on Sammy-Watch 2011 as to be vigilant when it comes to even the slightest indication of demonic fuckery. In other words, Dean, Cass and Bobby are now proud new members of The Baby-Sitters Club!

There is a couple riding in a plane. The guy is piloting it and the girl is freaking out. Well sure, because they are flying during a thunderstorm. Not the best time to go for a joyride. 
The girl thinks she sees some huge, ominous, shadowy winglike thing out the window. Uh oh.
As faithful Supernatural viewers, we all know that ominous shadowy things are NEVER good and always lead to some sort of destruction.
So now the girl is super freaked. 
The guy is trying to calm the girl down. He tells her to close her eyes. She does. The windshield breaks, the guy is gone, the girl is REALLY freaking out now, and the plane is going down.
Glass shattering. Supernatural logo. Showtime!
Cass and Dean are arguing about Sam's soul. Again. Dean wants to pretend everything is gonna be just fine. 
Cass doesn't believe that it will.
Cass leaves. 
Sam is asleep on a cot in the panic room.
Bobby and Dean are now talking about a job. Bobby has a paper with the story of the airplane couple on it. It basically says that the guy was completely toasted and the girl is missing. So Bobby thinks this might be "supernatural-y." 
Sam enters the room. This is the first time he's been up since Death put his soul back in.
What's gonna happen?!?!?
Awww! Sam hugs Dean!
Awww! Now he's hugging Bobby! We got old Sam back, y'all! 
But Sam seems to have some kinda memory lapse. The last thing he remembers is falling in the hole and then waking up in the panic room. 
Sam wants to know how Dean got him outta the hole.
Dean tells Sammy that he made a deal with Death. Sam doesn't like that. 
Oh. Apparently Dean isn't gonna tell Sam any of the shit that has gone down since Sam got all resurrected. Not about him losing his soul, not about working for Crowley, not about Lisa, nothing. It's as if the first part of season 6 NEVER EVEN HAPPENED.
Bobby is out working on a car. Dean joins him and they talk about how Sam has done a complete 180. But,unlike Sam, Bobby can't just pretend that the first half of season 6 didn't happen. Sam tried to slit his throat, after all. Oh come on Bobby, bygones! 
Dean, however, wants to continue lying to Sam. Or not lying so much as omitting the truth. 
Dean and Bobby start to pack up for the mission. Sam joins them and wants to go too. 
Dean doesn't know if that's such a good idea but Sam convinces him to let him go. 
Bobby is uncomfortable and bails but does it in a way as to not show Sam that he's bailing because of him. 
So now it's just Dean and Sam. On a mission. In the Impala. Just like old times. 
The brothers drive off. 
Sam finds out that there have been two other disappearances. Both are girls. 
Sam shifts from "hunter talk" and accuses Dean of not trying to live a normal life while he was in the hole. Dean tells him that he did try. He lived with Lisa and Ben for a year. 
Sam asks what happened. 
Dean tells him that it just didn't work out. 
Now we're at the home of missing plane girl. Her sister answers the door. 
Sam is showing empathy again, y'all!!! 
They talk to the sister and search missing plane girls room.
Now we're at a motel. Just like old times!
Sam is doing research! Just like old times! 
He found a connection between the two missing girls. They were baking cookies for the Lord. Meaning they were apparently in some type of church group which was all for not fucking. 
Turns out Dean has stolen missing plane girls diary. 
They read it and find out that, like the other two girls, MPG (missing plane girl) was also a virgin. 
Cut to three school girls walking alone at night. This probably won't end well, especially since one of the girls is branching off from the group. Oh girl! i hope you're a whore otherwise your night is about to take a really bad turn. 
The girl hears a noise. 
She looks behind her. There's something in the air! It's coming right for her! She screams!
And now it's time for a commercial.

The boys are in a hospital room. They are interviewing the girl. Her name is apparently Melissa. 
Dean and Sam are posing as suits. Really hot, fine ass suits! 
Melissa tells them that, crazy as it seems, she was attacked by a giant bat or something giant and bat-ish. She shows them her back which has two huge scratches down it. 
She tells them that her promise ring is gone too. 
Dean is fishing to see if Melissa was actually a virgin. And he's not doing it very tactfully either. As it turns out, and luckily for her, Melissa is not a virgin. 
Sam and Dean leave the hospital and are awesomely quippy!
Back at the motel Sam googles a few key words pertaining to the case but all he ends up with are links to World of Warcraft sites. And all signs are pointing to dragons. 
Wait. Dragons? Say what?!
In a situation like this, the only logical thing to do is call Bobby. 
It seems that even though Bobby has seen a shitload of crazy stuff in his day, he does not believe in dragons. Then he makes a funny about Hogwarts! And on a sidenote, Bobby is still concerned that somehow Sam is gonna learn all that has gone down in the past year. 
Dean wants Bobby to relax. He is an excellent liar. Sam will be none the wiser. So quite harshin' his buzz, Bobby! 
Bobby needs to do some dragon research. 
He calls back and tells Dean to go see a doctor that he knows. Sam will continue with the web research. Oh, i'm so glad he's back to his nerdy sexy self!!! Click those keys, baby! 
Now we're in a dark room. Perhaps underground or in some kinda warehouse, after all this is Supernatural and we do love our abandoned warehouses!
There are a bunch of what i'm assuming to be virgins crowded into a small cage built into the floor. 
Some winged dude flies in carrying yet another virgin. She doesn't wanna go in the hole. 
He breaks her arm and pushes her into the cage. Then he welds the door shut- WiTH HiS HAND! 
But, wait, is this guy supposed to be the dragon? He looks more like an angel. Not that he's particularly angelic. It's just that he's got a dude body, dude face and then some wings. He just doesn't look all that dragon-y to me. 
Lets ponder that while we suffer through these commercials.

Dean pulls up to a big ass house. 
Oh. This is the doctor's house. Dean rings the bell. 
OMG! It's Ivy from the craptastic soap Passions! She's playing the doctor!
Apparently Ivy and Bobby had a little thingie-thang. And it did not end well. 
But luckily Ivy is willing to help and knows a lot about dragons. 
Dean tells her that there is a dragon in town. Ivy tells him in order to kill a dragon you need a sword dipped in dragon's blood. Well that shouldn't be hard to obtain. (Yeah right.)
Oh. Well apparently it won't be hard to obtain. Ivy's got one in the basement. That's rather convenient. 
They go down to Ivy's basement. 
The sword is stuck in a stone. Of course it is. 
Ivy says that to get the sword out of the stone you need a brave knight that is willing to step up and kill the beast. So Dean's like, well i guess that's me.
He goes to pull the sword out. Dramatic music begins to play. It's very hilarious! 
Dean falls. 
He goes to pull the sword out again. Dramatic music once more. Dean looking kinda constipated. The sword is still stuck. Apparently Dean is not the brave knight we are looking for.
Lets check in with Sam.
Sam is looking at a map of the area trying to figure out where in the hell the dragons lair could be. He calls Bobby for some help. There aren't any caves around so Sam is thinking maybe the sewers are where the dragon is hiding. 
Sam notices the awkwardness between him and Bobby and asks if Bobby is mad at him.
Bobby lies and then quickly hangs up. Sam is bummed so he decides to call Cass. 
Cass appears.
Sam tells Cass that Bobby told him everything so thinking Sam already knows what's happened, Cass inadvertently spills the beans and tells Sam that he has been walking around soulless for the last year. 
Sam has a sad. 
Now back to Dean and Ivy. Dean has an idea on how to get the sword loose. He's gonna blow up the rock! 
He hooks up explosives and him and Ivy hide behind the door. He detonates the explosives. 
They go back into the room and the rock is in several pieces. 
Dean goes to pull the sword out.
The sword has been broken in half. Womp-womp. 
Commercial time again.
I Am Number Four trailer. Don't know how i feel about this movie, y'all. i do love me some hot aliens. But i just don't know. 

Dean is back at the motel. He's got the sword and is showing it to Sam. 
Sam tells Dean that he thinks the dragon (is it a dragon, y'all?) is hiding in the sewer somewhere. 
So it's to the sewer we go. 
There's a pile of something. Assorted baubles, for some reason. i guess these are the discarded promise rings? 
Whatever they are, Dean picks up a handful and stuffs it into his pocket. Keeping it classy!
There's some kind of alter too. Candles and an old looking book. 
We can't deal with that now though because one of the virgins just screamed for help. 
The boys go to investigate and find the virgins locked up tighter than their own virginity. i wonder how many of these girls are gonna get out and immediately try to get laid after this ordeal.
Sam and Dean try to unlock the cage and free the virgins but Sam gets tossed by the Dragon Dude.
Man down!
Dragon Dude sees the sword and asks Dean where he got it from. 
Dean, wittily replies, Comic Con!
Then he slashes at Dragon Dude with it. 
Wait now there are two dragon dudes? Where the hell did this guy come from? Is he a dragon or just some bothersome demon? 
There's a big ass, awesome fight. The Demon Dragon Dude is all up in Dean's grill. Sam stabs Demon Dragon Dude in the back and saves Dean.
Meanwhile, Original Dragon Dude is so outta here. 
More commercials.

Dean is playing with the baubles that he stole from the sewer.
So i guess the virgins were rescued and returned to their homes? It's not really clear. We apparently no longer care about the virgins well being. 
Sam tells Dean he's sorry. Dean asks for what. Sam tells him, you know what. He tells him that Cass told him the truth. Dean is pretty pissed. 
Sam wants to know what he did but Bobby calls them inside to show them something. 
He's been trying to figure out what's up with the book from the alter. Turns out it's super old and made from human skin. Uh, yuck.
Now we're back to Original Dragon Dude. He's in the woods and he meets up with another Dragon Dude. 
They've got a van full of virgins! They take one of the girls and walk off with her. 
Back to Bobby and the Winchesters. It seems that the book is about purgatory. It's like an instruction manual on how to open the door to purgatory. And a page is missing. Original Dragon Dude has it. 
Back to Original Dragon Dude. He's reading something off of the missing page. He throws the virgin into a hole full of fire. 
Back to the Scooby Doo Gang. Bobby says that what he's been able to decipher is that it's about letting something into our world. The Mother of all. 
Back to the Dragons. Mother has flown her ass outta the hole.
Back to Our Boys. Dean asks what "mother of all" means. Bobby admits that he doesn't know. 
Back to Dragons and Mother. Mother tells the Original Dragon Dude that they have a lot of work to do. 
Seems like we've got ourselves a new baddie, guys.

Next time on Supernatural...
Sam seems to be reliving everything that he did in the year he can't remember. There's a sheriff, a whore and lots o' blood. Plus Gramps is back.

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