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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 15 OR Lights! Camera! Alternate Reality!

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down and lets watch some Supernatural!

Episode #15: The French Mistake.
Previously on Supernatural...
Sam got his soul back but scratched a little bit at the wall and for a second had a whole lotta hell in his head. He's better... for now. Dean briefly reconnected with Lisa only to be told that she needs to move on from him. The boys are bummed that their last mission wasn't what you'd call a success. And we still haven't learned anymore about the Mother of All. Maybe we will...

There's a thunderstorm going on at Bobby's. Sam and Dean are inside researching and drinking.
Balthazar pops in. Remember him? Haven't heard from him in awhile.
He pours salt into some bowl.
Now he goes looking for blood of lamb. Which he finds in Bobby's fridge. Of course Bobby has blood of lamb in his fridge. 
Balthy is talking about The Godfather. Didn't know angels sat around watching movies. Perhaps Balthy has just subscribed to Netflix.
Now he's crushing up the bone of a lesser saint into the bowl. Man, Bobby has EVERYTHiNG!
Balthy tells Sam and Dean that he started all this Godfather speak simply to inform them that they are now at the top of Raphael's hit list. 
Balthy opens his jacket and we see that he has a HUGE wound. He says he's down a lung. 
Balthazar hands Sam a key and is suddenly thrown across the room.
Balth throws Sam and Dean through a window. They crash onto a set. WHAT?!?
Glass Shattering. Supernatural Logo. Showtime!
There's a whole crew and the director is calling Sam and Dean by the names Jared and Jensen. 
Sam and Dean stand around in confusion as the Supernatural crew discusses "the scene."
Sam is whisked off and so is Dean.
Dean is plopped in a makeup chair where a woman wipes off a shitload of bronzer from his face. Dean is very upset that he is apparently wearing makeup. 
Sam is being interviewed by some chick. She wants him to tell her about what's gonna happen in season 6.
Dean and Sam meet back up. Sam thinks they've been Twilight Zoned into a television show. 
Dean is some dude named Jensen Ackles and Sam is some dude named Jared Padalecki. 
The boys go outside and see numerous Impalas. They walk off trying to figure out where the hell they are. Dean tries to call Cass. 
Suddenly they see Cass across the parking lot. 
They go over to him. Sam gives Cass the key. Cass says that it opens the room that holds all the Heavenly tools.
And now it turns out that it's not Cass. It's Misha! He's reading a script and thinking that Sam and Dean are really Jared and Jensen.
Dean makes fun of Misha's name. He and Sam walk away frustrated. 
Misha tweets about what just happened! 
The guys find Jensen Ackles' trailer. They enter it and some New Age-y music is playing and there's a big ass aquarium and a toy helicopter. 
Dean picks up a copy of what looks to be Supernatural Magazine! 
Sam googles Jensen Ackles and finds a YouTube-esque clip of him from his Days of our Lives days. Dean does not wanna be some dude that was on a soap opera.
Dean thinks he can reverse Balthy's curse by going back to the window. 
So now we're back at the window. The guys find out that everything is just a bunch of useless props. 
They leave the set and get into a dirty as fuck Impala. 
They find out that the Impala too is just a prop. So since everyone thinks they are Jared and Jensen, stars of the show, they are given a swanky car with a driver. 
The driver asks Dean where to and Dean says that he'll just tag along with Jared. The driver seems to think this is odd. He also seems to think that the boys don't usually pal around with each other or get along in general. Hmm. 
The boys realize that they aren't even in the US anymore but are instead in Vancouver. 
Finally they arrive at their destination. They open the doors to a phat pad. Sam says "Wow i must be the star of this thing." 
There is a tanning bed or maybe one of those creepy things you get in to freeze your body so that you can stay young looking, right there in the living room. 
And an alpaca in the backyard. WHA???
The boys are muy confused by all of Jared's weirdness and wealth.
Enter Ruby. 
Except she's not Ruby. She's the actress that plays Ruby, playing herself. Which is Genevieve. Which is Jared Padalecki's wife. So, my mortal enemy.  
Are we thoroughly confused yet?
Ruby, i mean, Genevieve kisses Sam and says welcome home, hon.
i die a little inside.
Commercial time.

Dean is very confused. Then he sees a wedding photo and realizes that Sam is married. Then he exclaims, "You're married to fake Ruby!"
Genevieve is wondering what Dean is doing at their house since he has apparently never been there before. 
Apparently Jared and Gen are super green people and so Gen leaves to go to some otter fundraiser. 
The bros are still very, very confused.
They go to a study and start doing research. Sam is sitting at a desk and above said desk is a giant pic of Jared as a cowboy. What the what?!?!?
They order some doohickey online. With their credit cards! Which seem to have VERY HIGH limits! Being a TV star is soooo great! 
Since the ordering of the doohickey is now done, Dean jumps on the couch to take a little nap.
Sam walks down a really long hall. Gen reenters. 
Sam asks her about a bunch of disasters that happened last year. He wants to know if she remembers any of them. Gen says yeah she remembers them. From the show last season. 
Gen leads Sam upstairs and into a room, ostensibly to bone. i die a little bit more.
Next day. Sam and Dean are at the airport picking up their doohickey. Their driver is nervous that they may have ordered something illegal. 
Now they're back at Bobby's fake house. They start to open the box but the director comes over. 
Dean tells the director that he and Sam need the set for awhile for "actor stuff."
In a roundabout way the director tells Dean to cheese off and get his shizz together and stop acting like a ginormous freak. 
The boys go sit down. Misha is sitting behind them and asks what's in the box. Sam tells him that he's acquired a dead person's body part. Misha thinks that's cool.
Oh no. Now the guys have to act. They fuck that up royally yet hilariously. 
They are forced to do take after take because their acting is so bad. 
i love watching the boys crap acting! Sam is pointing all weirdly and Dean is looking around all weirdly. Finally Dean just mimics Misha's voice thinking that's how all the Supernatural actors are supposed to sound. 
The crew is all WTF, guys.
The director calls cut. The boys go sit down to look over their lines. Misha tweets! 
The director calls Sera (presumably Gamble) to talk about the boys shitious acting. Everyone keeps saying "Well, at least they're talking." 
All of a sudden, Sam and Dean crash through the fake window. 
Whatever they were going for didn't work. 
They go back to Jensen's trailer. Sam did research and found out that there are no hunters here. Maybe no ghosts, no demons, no angels. 
Cut to set. An angel busts through the symbol drawn on the window. 
Commercial time take two. 

Sam and Dean are back on the set walking in front of a green screen. 
They run into the angel. The angel tries to use his mojo but it doesn't work here.
The bros start kicking the angels ass. 
The crew breaks up the fight. They want to keep "Jared" and "Jensen" from "beating an extra to death." But at least they're talking. 
The angel vamooses. 
The crew has a meeting over the phone with Sera about J and J's poor behavior. They think that maybe she or Kripke should come and talk to the boys. 
Meanwhile, Misha gets into his car. And tweets! 
The angel is in Misha's backseat! And now he's holding a knife to Misha's throat! 
Dean and Sam are back at the Bobby's office set. 
The director comes by and tells them that they can't come to work on drugs or smuggle body parts or make up their own lines. 
Sam leaves and Dean gives the director the whatall.
Sam returns and says that he thinks Virgil (the angel) might be the key. 
Dean tells the director that they quit.
Virgil has Misha in some dirty alley. Misha is awesome. Virgil stabs Misha in order to call upon Raphael. 
A bum on the corner watches all this shizz go down.
More commercials.

And we're back at Jared's mansion. 
Gen is crying because she just found out that Misha has been stabbed to death. Sam asks her where this happened. Gen looks all incredulous.
The boys are now at the dirty alley. The homeless guy is telling the cops that a scary man killed the attractive crying man. He also heard that Raphael plans to pick Virgil up at the window at Bobby's fake place.
Virgil is at a gun store. He totally hits the store clerk in the face with a gun and then shoots an unlucky gun store patron. 
Dean and Sam are back on the set. Dean says that they've got it pretty good here, do they really wanna go back. They're bazillionaires. They don't have to hunt. Sam says yeah but we're not brothers. That's it. They have to go back. 
The director meets with Eric Kripke on the lot to discuss the boys odd ass behavior. 
Virgil strolls over and shoots Kripke. A bunch of times. Then he pulls out a smaller gun and shoots the director. Now he's on the set shooting the crew. 
Sam pops out as a distraction. Virgil shoots at him but misses. 
The boys scuffle with Virgil. 
The symbol on the window glows. Raphael is opening the door back to the actual Supernatural world. 
Dean and Sam jump through the window.
And now a word from our sponsors. 

The boys fly through glass.
There's some black lady standing in front of them. Apparently she's Raphael. And she wants the key.
Balthy's back! He tells her that the key the Winchesters have is a fake. 
He talks a bunch of smack to Raphael. 
Raphael advances on Balthazar. 
Cass appears. He's got the weapons, baby! He tells Raphael to leave or he'll kill him/her. 
Raphael hauls ass.
Balthazar leaves too.
The boys find out that Cass was in on Balth's plan to make them look like a couple of bitchninnies. They are not pleased with this shizz.
Cass exits stage left. 
Sam knocks on the wall to make sure it's solid and not a set. 
Yep. They boys are back in their own world. 
Dean's all "we're broke again."
Sam counters "yeah but at least we're talking." 

Next time on Supernatural...
It's all about spooky hearing. Wait. What? Truthfully, i have no clue what this episode is gonna be about. But Bobby's gonna be in it! And maybe we'll finally learn some more about Mama.

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