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Supernatural Shakedown: Season 6 Episode 16 OR Beware The Ear-Worms

It's Friday night. It's 9 o clock. So sit your Ass-butt down and lets watch some Supernatural! 

Episode #16: And Then There Was None.
Previously on Supernatural...
Alternate universe mayhem! Sam was Jared! Dean was Jensen! Misha got stabbed! Kripke got shot! Yet we're still no closer to knowing anything more about this whole "Mother" business. What up with that, Supernatural?

We're at a gas station. Some dude is filling up his big rig. Bet that big ass gas tank is gonna cost him a fortune! 
Mama's back, y'all. She's walking across the gas station parking lot. She doesn't have any shoes on. Who does she think she is Britney Spears? She asks the big rig dude for a ride. i'm afraid this will probably be the last we see of Big Rig. 
Big Rig predictably lets Mama ride along. She tells him that her name is Eve. And she tries to make out with Big Rig. 
But surprisingly enough, Big Rig ain't having it. He pushes Eve away and hands her a Jesus pamphlet. She tells him that a mother would never abandon anyone unlike The Father. She wants to tell him a secret. She goes to whisper something in Big Rig's ear and he screams. 
Now Big Rig is back at his homestead. He looks at his wife laying in bed. Then he smashes her head in with a hammer. 
Glass Shattering. Supernatural Logo. Showtime! 
We're at Bobby's. Bobby found a pattern of hunters heading down to where Big Rig just hammered in his family's heads. 
Sam and Dean go to see Big Rig in prison. They ask him what the fug happened. Big Rig tells them that it was like he blacked out. He doesn't remember any of the family-head-bashing-in stuff. The last thing he remembers is picking up Mama. 
The bros go to look at the video footage from the gas station parking lot. They see Mama loitering beside Big Rig's big rig and then she turns to the camera and it's full on demon face! 
Another cray cray dude has decided to run a muck. So Bobby heads to the latest crime scene of the latest crime. And he finds his old hunting buddy Rufus! Y'all remember Rufus, right? Well turns out he's also investigating this case. 
Apparently the perp went balls ass crazy shooting people in the cannery where he worked. The police had to take him down.
Bobby and Rufus go to the morgue to look at the balls ass crazy dude's body for supernatural clues. 
Bobby swabs some black goo out of the guys ear. It's not ecto. It's nothing Bobby or Rufus has ever come across before. Apparently Big Rig also worked at the cannery. So now we have to go investigate it to see if it's haunted. 
It's nighttime. Sam and Dean are out front at the cannery. Bobby and Rufus show up. We're gonna break into the cannery and check this shizz out. 
Walking down Supernatural's Corridors Of Doom. 
Wait a minute! Someone else is here! 
Oh God. It's annoying girl cousin Campbell. 
And Gramps. 
Dean puts his gun in Gramps' face. He told him the next time he saw him he'd kill him for being such a dickface at their last family reunion. 
Rufus makes a funny!
Sam takes Dean in the hall to cool off. 
Gramps is a real douchenugget to Bobby. Shut up Gramps! Nobody likes you anymore! 
Sam comes back in. Annoying Girl Cousin is confused why Dean would wanna shoot Gramps dead in his face. 
Since Gramps and Annoying Girl Cousin were at the cannery first, Rufus thinks they may already know what the fuck is up. So he tells Gramps to just tell them what it is that they're hunting. He tells them about Eve. 
Meanwhile, Annoying Girl Cousin goes to talk to Dean. She tells him that she didn't know that Gramps tried to kill him. Dean shoots Annoying Girl Cousin in the gut!!! OMG! Why did he just do that? i mean, i know she was annoying but shooting her in the guts??? What the fuck?!?!
Sam, Bobby, Rufus and Gramps hear the gun shot and come running. Annoying Girl Cousin is bleeding on the ground and Dean is nowhere to be found! 
And now these commercial breaks.

Rufus is trying to give Annoying Girl Cousin CPR. Sam goes to look for Dean. Annoying Girl Cousin is pronounced dead. Sam comes back. He couldn't find Dean.
Rufus and Gramps are gonna move Annoying Girl Cousin's body while Bobby and Sam lock up the cannery so that Dean can't escape.
Sam and Bobby walk down some more Corridors Of Doom with flashlights and guns blazing. 
Gramps and Rufus walk down some other Corridors Of Doom with flashlights and guns blazing.
Sam smartly (and sexily) calls Dean's cell. 
Rufus hears it ring and finds Dean.
Dean says that he woke up on the ground and a worm thingy crawled out his ear. 
The worm thingy might be in one of them now. So now everyone is pointing their guns at everyone else. 
Bobby thinks that for safety reasons they should put their guns away so that way no one can shoot anyone else. Bobby starts collecting the guns, putting them in a bag. Gramps hesitates but eventually gives up his gun. 
Bobby puts the bag in a locker. 
Bobby thinks that they should figure out a plan. He and Rufus go to work calling other hunters to see if they know anything about this ear-worm business. 
Sam, Dean and Gramps are sitting down waiting for news. Gramps gets up to go pee. Dean and Sam go after him. 
Bobby and Rufus can't find anything from their contacts. Bobby says it's time for Plan B then. Plan B is going in, guns blazing, and grabbing the thing. Rufus says like in Omaha? Wait. What happened in Omaha? 
Sam and Dean corner off Gramps. They want some answers about why he feed them to Crowley. 
Gramps acts like a dick. Dean tells him the minute they kill the ear-worm Gramps is gonna be next. 
Then he notices that Gramps' ear is oozing! Gramps had a tiny gun stashed and he shoots but Dean grabs his arm and Gramps gets nothing but ceiling. They scuffle and Gramps escapes. 
The boys, Rufus and Bobby go to get the guns. 
They search for Gramps. Sam stops short. Sexily! There's a booby trap! 
They go around it. Trap averted. Well shit. They've tripped another trap. Sam gets stuck on one side of a door while everyone else is on the other side. Dean tells him that they'll go around. 
Sam finds Gramps. He tells him to put his gun down. 
Gramps is trying to bait Sam. He tells him that he'll fill him in about all that he did last year. Gramps keeps moving forward while trying to entice Sam with his tales of horror. 
Holy shit!!! Sam just shot Gramps in the head! 
Dammit! Commercial! 
The trailer for Sucker Punch. What are we thinking, guys? Does this one get the yay or nay?

Dean, Bobby and Rufus finally come out on the other side and find Sam. They see Gramps lying on the floor.
Bobby tells Sam to drop his gun. Sam complies. Rufus tells Sam they're gonna cuff him just to make sure he's not ear-worm cray cray. 
Bobby swabs Gramps ear. Rut row. No goo. 
Rufus and Bobby go to get a saw so that they can saw through Gramps' cranium to see if the worm has maybe burrowed deep into his head. 
Dean and Sam talk over Gramps' dead body. Sam is starting to feel guilty. What if the worm wasn't in Gramps' head when he shot him? 
The lights come on and Bobby and Rufus are back from Bobby's Truck O Wonders.
Rufus is killing me with his funniness. 
Bobby tells Sam and Dean to take a breather while they crack into Gramps' grapefruit. The boys leave. 
Rufus plugs the saw in. Bobby brings up Omaha again. He says it was his fault. Rufus doesn't wanna talk about it. Apparently Rufus lost someone because of Bobby. Rufus tells Bobby he'll never forgive him for what happened. 
He starts sawing into Gramps' head. Gramps' eyes pop open! 
He's off the table and has locked the boys outta the room. He goes about kicking Rufus and Bobby's asses. Bobby pushes Gramps against an electrical socket and fries the fuck out of him. The worm crawls out of Gramps' ear. 
The worm either bailed or is now in one of the guys. They're all suspicious of each other now. Sam says to check for goo. Everybody digs in their ears. They got nothing. But lets make extra sure, shall we? They cut the electrical cord and start electrocuting each other to see if the worm slithers out. 
Dean gets electrocuted!
Sam gets electrocuted! 
Rufus gets electrocuted!
God! i feel like Oprah! And you get electrocuted! And you get electrocuted! Worst favorite things EVER!
It's Bobby's turn. He's awfully fidgety. 
Oh my God! Bobby just stabbed Rufus! Rufus goes down! Bobby! What did you just do?!?!
Damn you commercial's at super tense moments! 
Trailer for Battle For L.A. with the awesomesauce Aaron Eckhart. i heart him so hard! The movie looks kinda stupid though. But i still love you, AE! 

Bobby's waving the knife at Dean and Sam. He lunges at Sam. Misses. Sam grabs him. Dean punches him. Lights out for Bobby.
Now the Winchesters have Bobby tied to a chair. Dean shocks Bobby with the electrical cord. 
Bobby starts talking in a weird voice.
The boys wanna ask Wormy some questions. They wanna know what the fuck he is. 
Wormy says he's new around here. Eve cooked him up recently. He tells them that Mama lead them here. That she's here and she's pissed. 
Dean shocks the shit out of Bobby again. 
Wormy tells them that they can't kill him without killing Bobby too. 
So the boys tape Bobby's mouth shut with good ol duct tape. Dean shocks Bobby again. Black goo starts seeping out of Bobby's nose. 
Sam takes the tape off. The worm falls out of Bobby's ear. Sam calls to Bobby but he doesn't respond. 
More commercials.

The bros stand over a fresh grave. No they did not just kill Bobby off!?!?!
Ok, thank God. They didn't. Bobby walks up behind them. He's alive, y'all! 
Aw. It's Rufus's grave. 
Bobby talks about the day when his wife was possessed and how he had to stab her and that that didn't work and then all the sudden Rufus busts into his house and douses her with holy water. That was the day they met. They became partners after that. They were kinda like Sam and Dean. 
Bobby starts to talk about Omaha and tells the boys how Rufus told him that he could never forgive him. 
Dean says that no matter what Rufus should have forgiven Bobby. They were practically family. And family always forgives. Dean says whenever he kicks the bucket not to worry over anything that was ever said or done, they'll just be squared. 
Bobby pours some liquor from a bottle for his fallen homey. 
Sam and Dean walk away.
Bobby raises the bottle in a toasty sorta way and then takes a swig. 

Next time on Supernatural...
Balthy's back. Cass is back. Mama is back with a vengeance. And we're in..... the Wild West? Wait. What the fuck is this April 15th bullshizz? We have to suffer through YET ANOTHER HIATUS!?!?!? Why CW?!?! WHY?!?!

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