Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Know The Snow (And Other Hunger Games Movie News)

Today we got another big piece of casting news for The Hunger Games movie! Donald Sutherland will play the evil President Snow. i never really thought of him as a possibility but now that i'm kinda forced to since he'll be playing him and whatnot, i gotta tell ya, i don't hate it. In fact i think he pulls off that whole charming yet kinda creepy vibe really well. So i think that he'll make a great addition to the cast.

In other casting news, Nelson Ascencio has been cast to play Flavius while the role of Venia goes to Kimiko Gelman. The Avox girl whom Katniss meets in the Capitol has also been cast. She'll be played by Amber Chaney.

And lastly, here are some ALLEGED photos of Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games set. She's wearing a blue dress which i find a little odd cos i don't really remember Katniss wearing dresses except when designed by Cinna. And this one looks kinda Dorothy Gale to me. Prim (or the actress that plays her) looks to be in one of the pics so i'm assuming it's when they were still together in District 12. WAiT A FUCKiNG MiNUTE! Didn't Katniss borrow a dress from her mother when she was setting out for the Capitol? Am i just making this up? Remembering it wrong? Damnit, i need to read these books again! 

Well what do you think of our President? The other characters? And what about those ALLEGED photos? Dish it up in the comments section, guys.  

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