Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You Are Cordially Invited To Watch The Trailer For Breaking Dawn Part 1

Behold, y'all: the trailer for Breaking Dawn!

So it looks a little more action packed than i remember Breaking Dawn actually being so maybe it'll be good?
i just don't know, y'all. To tell you the truth i haven't been that huge a fan of the movies. For one thing, i can't stand Kristen Stewart. She always looks like she's two seconds away from slitting her own wrists.
On the other hand though, i do like Robert Pattinson and i'm always in the mood for looking at great abs.
i figure since i'm on the fence then maybe some of you guys are too. So lets do what we do best! It's list time! i will now write down the pros and cons for Breaking Dawn after viewing the trailer. We'll start on a positive note:

*Sexy times.
*Broken bed sex. Which i guess would count as sexy times. So i guess we should only count that as one pro. 
*Shirtless hotties.
*Vampire babies. That's something new, right?
*There looks to be some kind of rumble.
*This will be the second to last movie.

*Kristen Stewart's suicidal face for, i'm sure, nearly 2 hours.
*As impressive as they are, it's kind of sad that awesome abs are all Taylor Lautner brings to the table.
*How totes tacky to address a wedding invitation to "Resident."
*i've had food babies bigger than Kristen Stewart's tum tum. i've got one right now brought on by too much cookie cake as a matter of fact.
*Lest we forget that Jacob is gonna fall in love with a baby. Eww!
*The Cullens bad dye jobs. It's your son/brother's wedding, y'all! Get some Clariol and get to work.

So we're tied. Wait. No we're not. Pro #2 doesn't count because it's basically the same as pro #1. So the cons have it. Which means? What? 
Ok well that didn't really help me at all. 
Lets get real a sec, ok. i'm totally gonna see this movie because i've seen 1-3 and i'm no quitter! However, my inane devotion doesn't guarantee that Breaking Dawn will be worth a shit. Guess i'll just have to wait til November 18th and see if all this vamp on virgin bed breaking sex- baby making- abs o' steel hoopla is actually worth it.

What do you guys think of the trailer? Excited for the fourth installment or had enough of the whole franchise? Dish your shizz any way you like in the comments!

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